I couldn’t understand why

There are so much things that I couldn’t understand why. For example, I don’t know why is it that the tale of Christmas has turn into a tool to promote consumerism. (although I am very much part of it) Then, there are things that seem to bother me.

Relationships. I’ve seen so much broken relationships and seriously as much as I would love to defend the “men” species, I found that sometimes we lack responsibility to go through the pain in it. (although I believe there are many of these people out there who make decisions that at times hurt them even more) At times, I wonder what is love if that love could so easily turn cold. But then again am I saying that every relationship must work out…definitely not. After all, it is a process that two people work out together.

Then there is this one BIG question mark: RELIGION and GOD. At times I wonder why is it that such FAILED SYSTEM in this world was allowed if GOD is indeed LOVE. Another question mark.

My brain need a bit of rest la….aiks…been thinking too much lately….


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