January 30, 2009


I wanna runaway,
Where my past cannot reach me,
To stay away from all the pain in me,

I wanna walkaway,
Into a new and peaceful place,
That no one knows me...

Where the past is history...

I am in need of a new world,
Where I never have to face this pain,
I wanna walk away,
And never looking back,
Far away,
Away from all that hurts me

I couldn't face another day,
I need to walkaway...
I will runaway,
Run into a new space...

I want a brand new story,
That I long to embrace,
But I know the truth,
My past will not stop haunting me...

I will walkaway,
I will runaway...
I will runaway....

I read of a friend's blog and honestly, it hurts me more than I imagine it to be.
Somehow these words just came out from my mind.
Runaway, walkaway...really, I hope I could just do that.

January 28, 2009

Yen Leng's family

I felt like blogging a bit about Yen Leng's family here instead of always about my family, friends and I.

These photos are part of the celebration I had with her for her brother's birthday.

the cousin brother, brother, cousin sister and Yen Leng right at the back.

The one behind is ME!!

the cake...for the birthday, we had cake and KFC....haha!!

Me and the cute cute cousin....loL!

I think when one is involved in a relationship, that includes the family and I really believe the good sign of a relationship is how one relate to their family members as well.

January 22, 2009

I need to have motivation to move forward.

It was funny how I find myself going into the library borrowing this book: College, Becoming a Strategic Learner Study Skills.

Anyway I must be honest. Although so far I'm still doing fine with my studies, but I'm really lacking that certain passion to excel in it. Just today, I went into my tutor class for Statistic without any preparation and while the tutor ask questions that require logic, I could easily answer but when it comes to definition and formulas, I have no idea at all. Simply because I did not prepare.

Sometimes, I wonder how those students who have that sort of stamina to be rushing from one class to another, while I struggling to stay awake inside the lecture hall. I finish one chapter of that book in a short time...and I am currently reading a book about Aristotle by an author by the name G.E.R. LLOYD. It's funny how I can be so into other books and not my own study materials.

Well, tomorrow will be going back Ipoh for CNY break. In a way, I'm anticipating my comfort at home but I know tomorrow will be a long day for me once I reach Ipoh. A tuition class at 5.30 and then a dinner with Samuel and friends for his 21st birthday.

I couldn't believe that we're actually 21 this year. I wanna achieve so much before I reach 21 and yet now that I'm 21, it seems there's nothing much that I could achieve.
Was reading about Barrack Obama just today. The new President of the United States. In a way, I hope this man will bring a positive change to this world. So much of killings, wars, and innocent lives being taken as if there's nothing wrong with it.

For one reason, I'm excited and always full of energy when I'm reading and writing about such articles, stories or events. In a way, I felt that my passion is towards writing but probably it's too much a risk for me to take this path.

I remember about the MPH writing contest that Evon told me about. I'm planning to join it but with only about 2 months, I'm not sure if I could write anything good for it. Anyway that's the plan for now.

Can't wait to be back....

January 21, 2009

Books aside, it's Chinese New Year!!

Is that the kind of perspective that should be in my mindset as the holiday is coming?
Well, just a week holiday and yet so much to do. Sometimes I wonder if I have that amount of time to do so many of it.
Anyway, most of my mid-term exam will begin after the CNY break. Honestly, I wonder why they don't choose some other dates. At least we don't have to be so pack during our one short break. After how much can one do in a week?

Well, I guess it's kinda difficult to put the books aside even though it is a break and holiday.
By the way, I would really love to be back in Ipoh soon. I'm getting more sick here everyday with the lousy food and lame lectures. Oops...I can't believe I'm complaining about lectures here but I can't help it. I kept falling asleep inside my Calculus 2 class and I was really trying real hard to stay awake.

Just this week alone, I had a sore throat, headache and a diarrhea. I really don't like the spicy food here....ish! It's making me crazy.
Alright, I wish I could blog more here but I've got my tutorials to do.
Btw, Addie...if you're reading this, I wanna apologize for that for not being available for you. Will talk to you more when I'm back this week.
CNY!! Here I come!!

January 07, 2009

My new time-table

Here is my new time-table for this semester and I'm trying to make sure I attend the lessons this time around:


10-11: Probability and Statistic
12-1: Statistic
1-2: Probability and Statistic (Tutorial)
2-3: Linear Algebra 2 (Tutorial)
4-5: Linear Algebra 2
5-8: English for Academic Purposes



2-4: Calculus 2
4-5: Kemahiran Maklumat



10-11: Probability and Statistic
11-1 PM: Statistic
4-6: Algebra Linear 2



9-10: Statistic (Tutorial)
1-2: Calculus 2 (Tutorial)
2-4: Calculus 2
5.30-7.30: TITAS



10-11: Probability and Statistic

I wouldn't say it's a schedule that I enjoy too much. Nevertheless, I guess I don't have much choice left...aiks!!

Won't go away...keep going strong...

The first week back to UM seem to rather too long for me. For one thing, I have much more classes to attend now, thanks to the tutorials. And 5 subjects are core subjects and it's kinda difficult. Of course, I personally was struggling in managing my finance, especially now I'm no longer teaching so many classes and yet, the transportation fees seem to be still as high as ever.
Well, just this week alone, and the week has yet to come to an end, I already spent about RM50. Gosh...no matter how I save, it seems the same....kinda pressure...aiks!!

I was seriously considering going away, as in stop my uni life. To be honest, I don't really find much inspiration to go on, besides to improve my CGPA. The classes seem meaningless to me. The travelling is also a bit of a burden to me and I don't like some of the useless university course, such as English and some Kemahiran Maklumat (for library usage) and honestly, it sucks and only a waste of time.
Then, I am too used to being connected in the internet that staying in the hostel gave me lots of headache. The connection works at times but was extremely slow.

But I guess I'll have to learn to endure through these 2 and a half more years. I guess it's a good time to train me to be more discipline.
I'm starting to wash my own clothes here...sucks! Haha!

Anyway that's all for now from me....

January 06, 2009

Back to university....

Was back in university and the feeling and enthusiasm is there. A good thing I believe. At least this time around, I don't dread myself to study.
I also have a new cupboard. Of course my roommates are still the same....the funny and playful group. In a way, I enjoy that much better than spending time with nerdies who only talk about theirs studies.
While I myself am the type who would study for good grades, I believe there is a need for other more crucial stuff in life....love, friendship, freedom, conversation...etc.

My new cupboard

This time I pack everything nicely...in a good mood for a new season...haha!!

My parents fetch me to UM....in KL, we ate in Domino's Pizza....funny how I find it more meaningful to take their photos than having one for myself...

The two of them busy looking at the phone, the food and ME!!!

This is how you eat when you're hungry!!

I'm taking my cap with me, cause my hair is a bit too long and messy...look nice here??

Well, for this sem, I'm kinda organize and plan out the schedule as I wouldn't want to be skipping too much classes for no reason and I started doing my tutorial....OMG! it's like months since I did any mathematical work.

Well, yesterday the class was good but way too long. I ended my class at 8pm...and I had dinner with my friends in KK3, Kolej Kediaman 3...the best Mamak inside University Malaya and guess how much I ate? RM7.10....Gosh!! A bit too expensive for me as I'm supposed to be saving more money this year. Anyway, I guess that's all for now....hopefully, I'll learn to enjoy my time both in Ipoh and KL...

January 03, 2009

Keep the Good FAITH

I recently watched a TVB series that has a rather tragedic ending. And yet throughout the series, I realized that sometimes in life, not everything is fair and sometimes good people might not be getting the reward they deserve.
Look at the corrupted world and we can easily see so many people who are not honest and yet earning big bucks. And the fact is that most of them get away with it.
I am definitely not promoting corruption nor am I saying that doing evil is good. But all I am saying is that if doing good ain't going to promise a great reward, does it mean we should give up on all the good values that we know deep down inside need to be practised daily?
We are not saints. None of us are...and in fact, sometimes we do the very things that hurt those that are close to us. It is only through that constant trials and efforts that matters.
Imagine if you are a runner, no matter how fast or how good you started off, what matters is how you finish the race. The endurance and consistency.
Probably that is what we need to keep remind ourselves, so that we will keep the good faith.

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