June 26, 2009

TImes up for MJ

Probably we will never be able to hear from another better singer than MJ. The King of Pop is gone today. I'm a bit sad as well...erm...let's say I'm sort of a fan....anyway...farewell to Michael Jackson!!

June 10, 2009

After fetching sis for exam...

Yesterday was the first day of my sister's exam.

Well, after fetching her all the way to Sunway, I went to visit my aunty's place with my mother and eldest sister...

This is how my cousin's room look like after renovation:

Well, you might say that the room looks pretty simple...but the design, painting, all done by my uncle and aunty. Now that's the effort they have for their son, Jovian.

and this is me, KianHin signing off...

June 09, 2009

Exam season for my sisters....

Well, what do you do when you're on holiday but your sisters are having exams??

eldest sister studying in style..

my brother busy setting something for my laptop

YenLeng studying, but I'm disturbing her with the camera. (why is she studying? well, she's studying for her banking stuff...:D)

My second sister did not allow me to take her photo while she studying for her ACCA...what the heck!! aiks!!

Now, this is me when I'm lazying...

I love my soft toys....;-)

one more snapshot

last snapshot!!

I guess this is all the updates for now...signing off, KianHin

steamboat with family at home!!

Was having steamboat with my family the other day.

I was very full by the time we finished and really, I felt like I don't need to eat for a few days.

after we almost finished everything.

Not only that I had steamboat, I was happily playing with the camera.

this is me after steamboat!!

the soft toys in my room!!

And now introducing my brother's Dragonball buddies(I'm so jealous!! He got it for his birthday present)....upclose snapshots:

1) Saiyan prince, Vegita

2) The famous Trunks

3) Goku, when in normal form

4) Goku, after becoming Super Saiyan

I also have a lot of Pokemon collection. I guess you may said I'm childish (who cares! I like what I like)

June 08, 2009

What happen in May...

Yup...I know.
May is a holiday and I should have a lot of experience to share.
Here are some of the details:

the watch that my siblings and I bought for my brother...nice!!

my brother trying to pretend to be a model for the watch.

That's right. One of the things that I do beside going KL with YenLeng is spending time with my brother for his birthday.
More photos here:

my brother and his usual self snapshot.

this is my mother.

these two ladies are my sisters..

Father and mother..

Now where is ME here??

I'm the cameraman. So it's sort of normal to see less of my own photos.

Well, this is the update from KianHin on my brother's birthday 09!!

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