September 27, 2009


The internet has been the source of entertainment, information as well as connection for the Y-Generation. In fact, it is almost impossible to have any young adults to be computer illiterate. Of course, all these contribute to the hot demand of new products to keep up with iPhone features such as the new Nokia N97.

Celcom is also offering more promotions for mobile phones like Blackberry Curve, N97 and others which normally requires a high usage of data plan.

Looking at the mobile phone trends, we can see how the demand goes towards CONNECTIVITY. Even Telco companies such as DiGi realized the importance of connectivity that they introduce DiGi Windows Live Messenger. The online community has been so established that people kept going for more. Another established online network can be seen through Facebook. The importance of keeping in touch seems to be enhanced with this network. Not to forget about the popular Twitter that also updates the latest news for superstars.

There are also the bloggers who consistently update their post, contributing to the crowded network.

Now of course, all these might be cool but the question that really should come out of this realization is how much effective and useful is all these connectivities. Is it really matter to be in CONNECTION constantly? Now that is something that we will attempt to answer in the long run....keep this post in mind while I post more on the latest features for WindowsMobile, Symbian OS as well as the iPhone. Of course, other gadgets that is interesting will also be mentioned but let this be a reminder for us as we continue this journey of CONNECTION. How important is all these?

You can connect but you can't move...what's the point!! Now, everything will change...

Imagine if you are in Paris, waiting for the countdown for the New Year celebration...
The atmosphere and the surroundings are cooL and you thought of showing it to your buddies back in Malaysia. But you know you will need to wait to get right back into your hotel before you post updates of photos in your Facebook, Twitter or even chat with your buddies on MSN.
But now that is of course something of the past.
In recent years, we have seen a new appeal and need for data connectivity with mobile phones. In fact, iPhone and AT&T in the USA are offering such fantastic deals for unlimited connectivity. Back in our hometown, we have Maxis offering a great deal to customers as well. And clearly, the battle is obvious between the three biggest telco company in Malaysia, Celcom, Maxis as well as Digi. Not forgetting the existence of P1WiMAx in Malaysia has also offered a more competitive market.

I am a user of Digi and thanks to DigiCampus, unlimited connection has been made possible with only RM30. Of course, the speed of connection ain't explosive but bearable. After all, it wouldn't make much difference since I'm using my HTC for connection, meaning simple update of status, checking of emails etc.

The world is changing and it is only a matter of time where connectivity will be even easier and faster. It might even come cheaper.
It was only a few days ago that MICROSOFT announced the new WindowsMobile 6.5 will be released by end of October but what is even more exciting for Mobile users is that the biggest and most successful company, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer has continued to stress the willingness and participation of this company.
Rumours of the coming WindowsMobile 7 is even more exciting. With the fundings and capital that Microsoft has, it might not be long before WindowsMobile be on the challenge against Symbian OS and iPhone as well.

Credit must of course goes to these developers that continued to be innovative in their research.
The iTune offered by Apple that comes with so many applications for iPhone has caused Microsoft to attempt a similar effort although all of these has yet to be finalized. But it is really interesting to see how these companies will continue to develop in the next few years.

September 25, 2009

Frustrated with celcom

Yesterday was a terrible day as I couldn't even use my celcom number for sms or call. I also couldn't receive any messages from others. It is frustrating when I have to be paying monthly for such a service. And it is not cheap.

Anyway I'm learning how to play with Adobe Photoshop at the moment.

And I decided to change celcom logo:

Well, was feeling a bit unhappy with the service but today, the line seems to be back to normal...if not, another day of no connectivity with the outside world will be terrible!!!

Alright...will be back blogging for more after I learn how to use the Photoshop in a more professional way first...

September 17, 2009

Karaoke session with UM kakis...

That's right. You have a whole day class, what? That's when my buddies decided to go for KARAOKE!!

Well, there are 8 of us who went to Red Box in The Gardens. Those superstar wannabes are my two roommates, Hau and Weoi Loong as well as my other buddies, Pok Chizn, Clement, Tom, Kwaik Kiek as well as Chee Leng. So, we took 2 taxis to go and reached around 2pm....non-stop singing until about 7.30++ although I officially stopped at 6.00pm already. After karaoke, I went to ta pau McD...BIG MAC....luckily not too many people. (I don't like waiting!!)

By the time I reached my room, it's already 8 plus.....couldn't believe it. I spent almost RM30bucks just for this one outing but I guess it's a once in a b
lue moon kind of thing so shouldn't complain too much when it comes to money.

Now I'm totally not prepared for this first shot...

Second snapshot: Now I'm ready!!

We actually sang quite well...should record it next time...lOL!!

Well, there are more photos but I ain't uploading it here due to connection speed. You can check out more photos in my Facebook account.

Anyway I'll be contributing more to the ideas at these websites:

(Most of the content will be with resources from Bloomberg, CNN, Times and FORTUNE magazine. Of course, I have yet to post any of these up on the blog at the moment. I'll post about it here once update is done and there will be an upcoming gadget blog coming. I'll explain more on that later...)

September 16, 2009

Ever wonder what uni life is about for me?

This is somewhat my first official blog post on the activities I did in University Malaya. I know that from my previous posting, I made UM a rather boring university. I think I should correct that perspective. In UM, there are a lot of things that you can do and in fact, if you're involved in it, then you won't even have time to FB, blogging, as well as twitting. Anyway it's not that I'm doing any of those often as well. In fact, by the time I graduated, I probably will be looking back and wonder why I missed out on the interesting/exciting stuff that are happening in UM.

Anyway, while I must clarify that UM is actually quite full of life, I also need to justify my choice of forgoing such activities. It's not just about being busy due to my own activities (tuition, studies, sports) I'm not keen to participate partly due to the language. It's either the Chinese Community(CC) which is full of Mandarin speaking people which somehow alienate me. Or a rather predictable type of activity. I felt that I've gone through all those enough, both in church and school. So what is it that I'm doing...

At gym today,

I started with dumbell...

Low quality camera phone...isH! (something that I still regret about buying HTCP3600i)

my friend (Weoi Loong) and I taking snapshot of ourselves..

Now this is Pok CHinz here....super serious while we take photo of him...he looks constipated.

Now is this sms session or gym session?

Clement is just posing for the camera....lazy ass!! (he's a great swimmer!!)

Now back to serious time...

Hmm...anyway by the time I finished, I hurt my leg and strained in too hard....(damn!! most likely couldn't play futsal on Wednesday (weekly game)

Well, of course lately we are more into taking photos:

My roommates and I...the first one is ME la, second one Chin Sian, third one Weoi Loong....
(trying to pretend to be cool!!)

There are more to be honest but just wanna introduce some of my uni friends or my UM brothers....well, putting a pause here, will be continue to post more soon...I've been reading cool stuff lately!!

September 11, 2009

What do you do in the market with your mom?

Today I went to the market again with my mother. Let's say it's a weekly routine on Friday morning. But somehow today, I was playing my mobile phone while waiting for my mother to choose whatever she wanna buy in the market.

Playing with the camera on my HTC:

And then my mom went to buy fruits. The aunty was like saying "this is very sweet...that's very sweet..." Seems that the fruits are extremely good there....

Well, I was even more surprise when I saw Jing Yee in the market...we said "Hi!" and exchange short conversation....couldn't believe it...of all places to meet a the market...

Then while I was driving back, I saw Aunty Lindy and Uncle good!! So much time to enjoy...loL!! Can't wait for my turn though...;-)
Anyway I'm just being random here...

September 10, 2009


I just reached KL Sentral and was feeling really hungry....I still have 1 hour plus before my train departure. And it took the train 3 hours to reach Ipoh...Anyway, I decided I need to feed my stomach first before going into the train....I chose KFC this time around.

After I ordered and while waiting for my orders, I saw this advertisement about DONATING to the poor who do not have enough to eat by buying a notepad....RM2.

I felt that I need to play my part and yup...I bought myself that small notepad which I'm sure doesn't cost RM2. Anyway I think it's all part of what we can do to make this world a better place. Giving a little space to make a better place!!

And here is the food that I ate: Jom Jimat SET B...

Probably I was hungry but the food really was fantastic!!

Alright...another story that really hit me today was how people get all excited about "FREE" stuff. As I was walking to KFC, I saw this lady who kept avoiding those people who are recommending or selling stuff in KL Sentral. In fact, she was rushing...until another girl that suddenly said "free". And she stopped. Then the girl explained about the free H1N1 Prevention Medical Kit.

I took one myself when another guy approached me.

I guess I'm gonna bring it home for someone else to use...loL!!
Well, that's all...signing off from KFC in Sentral KL...

September 05, 2009

Finally my Pocket PC can sms like an Iphone style...loL!

Well, first of all, let's make it clear...while I adore the icons and themes from Iphone, I definitely feel that Windows Mobile is a better option. Let's admit it...iPhone was made for people who are no geek when it comes to computer's all "simple"!!

And of course thanks to GoogleTalk, iPhone seems like one of the coolest thing's the app...not iPhone that's rock. But let's remember that Microsoft is getting TellMe to do something. Anyway if you read and do some detailed research then I believe you'll put a stop on your plan to buy an iPhone and wait for the Windows Mobile 7 which is coming out next year...the next COOL thing most likely..with "gesture" control...well, who could forgive Apple for their incapability to have a bluetooth in their iPhone.

Now, I hope you understand that I do love iPhone for their features but certain things are really lame with "Apple". (That's why I prefer to eat orange...asked my roommate and you'll know that I prefer eating orange!!!) Now that's another story....

Alright...enough of my comment on iPhone since I don't have one...loL!!
Well, I'm more attracted to WindowsMobile nowadays is because I believe having a PDA is suppose to make life easier for you. After all, what is smart phone right?

Here is the look of my VITO SMS chat:

Now I know it is not fully an iPhone look but it does make things easier for me when it comes to sms...

Now a better lifestyle layout than the iPhone theme for my Pocket PC...and the best part is that it is very convenient.

the page that shows the InternetPage!! (that's what I call it)

Some of the icons for my Programs. (Can you see it? Sims2 game is in PocketPC!!)

This is the page with touch icon for Documents and Program...and some other features!!

And I've just edit the Registry to make it 7pages for my LifestyleLayout...

Of course the "cool" factor is not really that important. The important part is the features within the PocketPC. Now although there are many cool and useful programs as well as functions, it would be quite useless because third party application such as Skype, MSN, facebook, Google or even SPB Online needs me to go online. It would be pretty lame to need to depend on 'wireless' all the time. You need to understand that Malaysia is not fully "wireless" after all.

That's when DigiCampus comes in handy!!
Unlimited Data plan after usage of RM30 per month ain't too much to pay for...


Now, with all these features that I have yet to even elaborate, I believe my HTCP3600i has been the Coolest feature!!

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