October 28, 2009

21st birthday thoughts...

I hope I can sound as enthusiastic as Siew Wei when she called to wish me a Happy Birthday!! I was tired so sorry for my lack of excitement and enthusiasm. Now, I must admit that I truly appreciate these wishes and for everyone who remember my birthday, here is my BIG THANK YOU to you guys.

Flashes from the past:

It rarely happened that I would be onlining at home during the eve of my birthday. (is there such a thing like that?) And I normally don't think much but for some reason, this year is different...well, partly because I'm finally 21. An adult and a new journey for me. Maybe for many of my friends and buddies, they had their finest celebration and all those are cooL!! But part of me know that none of that are my desire....at least no longer are my desire. Let's just hear a story from me...I know I'm not good at this but bear with me.

A young man who just attended the church service for the first time felt that there should be a higher calling in his life. He spent his youth doing church stuff and he made great friends....friends that he would call 'brothers'. Together they had great time together, doing some community work, street feeding, visitations etc. But good things don't last forever. The cell group, Timothy, Silas and Titus were hardly heard of anymore in the church. But not all were lost as there were still connection between this group of dejected brothers. As each of them went on a different path, the community grew...the young man had his own scattered communities here and there. But the young man is no longer as young as he thought he is....he is 21 today. An age where many officially considered as an adult. He took his time to recall good memories and take to heart things that he learned along the way. That he is me...and I sincerely want to thank those who have come along the way to be part of this big community. I appreciate the little stories that we shared together and no matter how fucked up we might be at times, I am glad that these people have been the strength for me one way or the other. I just wanna say that there are many good buddies who are far away from me and even you, but really no matter what happened, these friends have left their footprints in our lives and let us continue to share those "values", "ideas", "experience" and "stories" with those coming in our lives. I think the one gift that truly means much to me is the "friendship" I had with you and that is enough... A big part of me still want to do the "good work" I once did with the cell groups but things have changed and the platform to do things are different but it is still possible to do good work without any established community. For me, going into adulthood means more than drinking snow beer or wine (although I would love that) but it means sharing the value of "generosity" in a bigger meaning. Well, I said that all good things don't last forever but now I realize that it does not last forever because eventually we became self-obsessed. Probably that's why there is a need to have the word "generosity" because it speaks so little about our own self.

And the more recent photos:

This is really the first time I started my birthday with a post...well, guys...thanks for the patience in reading...Of course, if your photos are not here, it doesn't mean you're any less closer to me...it simply means we must take more photos the next time we meet...
Love, sincerely...KianHin

October 27, 2009

Congrats Lionel!!

Well, congratulations Lionel in starting your own family!!
I'm sure you'll be a good husband...

It's just great to be there to see a happy couple getting married. Marriage actually brings the meaning of a legal union between two couple in order to live together and most of the time, to have children as well. Of course, I prefer the word marriage that means "an intimate union".
I find it more meaningful and perhaps more accurate.

I really do hope that this new journey for Lionel will be more meaningful and purposeful. There are some who ask "Why Lionel didn't married in church?"
Now I might not be the right person to answer this kind of question but honestly, is that the most important question? No...I don't think so and I'm happy to be part of this celebration although the marriage ceremony takes part in a culture (Chinese culture and some Buddhism) that I lack understanding, knowledge as well as enthusiasm.

Well, goodbye to your bachelor days Lionel and I sincerely hope you'll embrace this new journey...

October 24, 2009

Go green

Have you been following on the latest news in Malaysia? If you have, then you will read about the Budget 2010. Well, I'm not one of the experts in all these economic stuff but my brother has sum it up in his blog...so for those interested to know, you can look at "1Malaysia, Together we prosper"

However, I must said as much as I am not into the Malaysian politics, the new budget has one thing that interests me....

"RM1.5bil fund to promote green technology by providing soft loans to companies that supply and use green technology."

Now, for entrepreneurs, it should be an encouragement for them to go green....let's look at some of the CEO that commented on this.

BMW Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Managing Director, Geoffrey Briscoe sees the Government's initiatives in addressing green technology as a step forward in developing clean and sustainable technology in the country. This perspective is very much shared by BMW Malaysia and we demonstrated this when we introduced BMW Efficient Dynamics to the market. In support of the Government's strides in the areas of green technology and sustainable development outlined in Budget 2010, BMW will continue to introduce more clean technology offerings to our Malaysian customers.

Johan Dennelind who is the CEO of DiGi.Com Bhd also has his say here.
The broadband done right company is happy that this broadband-friendly budget is a step in the right direction for Malaysians. DiGi views positively the Government's move to encourage the growth of green technology in Malaysia, as announced under Budget 2010.

Alright...enough of what the entrepreneurs could do...my questions here is what about you and I? Is there a part that we can play in helping with the environment? Now, I know that many of us are not using NGV. And also not many of us could afford hybrid car here in Malaysia....so what is it that you could do to GO GREEN.
If our BOLEH LAND politicians could see the need for green technology, why can't we see the need to GO GREEN??

Here are the simple 10 ways you could do to drastically make an impact:

Save energy and save money.
  • Install compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) when your older incandescent bulbs burn out.
  • Unplug appliances when you're not using them. Or, use a "smart" power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts "phantom" or "vampire" energy use.
Save water.
  • Take shorter showers to reduce water use.
  • Make sure that there is no pipe leak.
  • Don't waste water whether you are washing cars or anything...use when neccessary.
Borrow instead of buying
  • Borrow from libraries instead of buying personal books and movies. This saves money, not to mention the ink and paper that goes into printing new books.
  • Share power tools and other appliances. Get to know your neighbors while cutting down on the number of things cluttering your closet or garage.
Make recycling a Habit
  • Students always have a lot of rough papers, notes and etc...make use of these papers in your notes...if possible, try ebook instead.
  • Papers that have been used...recycle them....it's not that difficult
  • You drink can drinks? If you do, make sure you recycle them as well....
  • There are more things when we talk about recycling...you can definitely do this in your daily lives.
Now of course there are more than this.....carpool, walk in short distance and many others....if you are willing to take one step at a time, what's the difficulty in it right? Let's not be Hypocrites that continue to kill our Earth without us noticing it.

Windows 7

I know much have been said about WindowsPhone and while we are talking about mobility, I couldn't resist the temptation to blog about Windows 7. Well, after all, it's been years since the devastated Vista been the talk of the town. Critics, complaints, frustrations seem to sum it all.
However Vista probably was the turning point for the company to start everything afresh.

With so many issues to deal with, Steve Ballmer must be glad that finally the results might just be starting to come in. The company known for their competitiveness in all fields, from PC OS, we see the challenge in the browser where IE finding hard to beat rival Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. Then Microsoft did well to be in the game industry with XBox. Then there is the new search engine Bing that is up for the challenge against Google for the first time...and now, we have Windows 7.

Why the need to talk about Windows 7 here? Simply because Microsoft must come in a package. Which is why they probably remain of the biggest company that could bring revolution in the phone industry. If you have been following the news, you will realize that WindowsMobile 7 will come with Xbox Live. Which is why the development of Windows 7 is important because that will also determine the direction of WindowsPhone.

Now, I would like to start by CONGRATULATING the company for their consistent effort to put Vista into their history books and with Windows7 out on the street now, response have been nothing but a thumbs up!! Critics love it...business needs it...here is the revival of Microsoft!!

Now comes the hard part: ensuring that the product is the sort of substantial hit that Redmond needs in order to reverse 2009's declining revenue trend, as well as prove to both the tech sector and the public at large that the era of the desktop operating system has not yet passed.

That might be a tall order, but Microsoft took steps during the Windows 7 development process to ensure that the platform wouldn't be Vista, Part 2.

Early signs seem to indicate that they've succeeded in creating something that people find usable, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Reviews of the operating system have been generally respectful. For what it's worth, Microsoft also conducted its own internal survey of "thousands of people" involved in the Windows 7 beta process. Of those surveyed, they said during a pre-brief before the Microsoft launch, 90 percent of those who tested the operating system thought the system was "good or very good," and 80 percent of "people self-identifying as Mac users" said they would recommend the system.

Some 8 million people participated in the Windows 7 beta process.

Now I can go on about it in my blog here but what's the fun of reading about it and not having one for yourself?

Let's talk about applications...

I know I have mentioned about some of the important application that you must have in your device...I mentioned 5 applications that you must have in your device and really that will help your WindowsMobile run better. Now of course, there might be some of you who are not convince of the reliability of WindowsPhone...well, what the heck...there is always an issue with lagging right? and what about the UI that most people hate so much when they talk about Windows Mobile 6.1. Of course, 6.5 has come with the solution. You can read an interview regarding 6.5 here...

Anyway today, while I want to talk about applications, I want to share a few software company that has been the producing cooL apps, whether it for Windows, Blackberry or even Iphone.

Now the first one that I would mention is definitely none other than SPB Software.

Among the cool softwares introduced by the company is SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5.
Besides that, the other cool softwares available are:
2) SPB Wireless Monitor
3) SPB Phone Suite
4) SPB News

Of course, there are also softwares like SPB Weather, Wallet, Traveller and many others.
In fact, I have all of these softwares. But if you are not sure if you want to purchase them, try their trial download version first from their webpage.

Now, another software company that I would recommend is VITOTECHNOLOGY.

Among the popular softwares here are:

* Audio Notes
* Audio Notes Touch
* AstroNavigator
* Communication Suite
* EyePhoto
* FunContact 3x
* GoodWin
* RingtoneEditor
* SoundExplorer
* SMS-Chat
* Task2Gather
* Voice2Go
* VoiceDialer
* Weather
* Winterface
* ZoomBoard

Well, from some of the websites that I have gone through and as I learned from the XDA developer forum, I realized that sometimes, applications are not about numbers alone. No doubt about the great number of applications in Iphone and how it could easily be searched by Itunes...Windows Market Place is a long way to go in comparison to that but maybe all that is needed are the popular apps and making sure that there are more of these cools one coming in.

Now, when I said talk about applications, I did not mean we just simply talk about any...we pick some of the best and we talk about it here...just as we pick some of our favourite and purchase it. So, for those with Windows Phone, don't feel down if you don't have that much apps in WindowsMarketPlace...google what you need and you might just find it as easy as you do it with Itunes.

Windows Mobile 7

Now we know many have been talking about 6.5 recently and in fact, while I just finished updating on my latest post regarding 6.5, I'm already being amazed by something more that will be coming up with Windows Mobile 7.

We know that we want our mobile phone to be user friendly...that we could be using it for multi-purpose, any time any where....that sort of functionality seems to make life easier. While 6.5 might barely able to do that, Microsoft is rumoured to be adding some new features to the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 operating system as part of their mission to make the OS the most user friendly yet. We have just learned that the new platform will include Xbox Live – something that there has previously been a lot of speculation about, but has now been officially confirmed thanks to two job postings by the company.
One of these ads read as follows: “We are seeking a technically savvy Developer Account Manager to own and drive the relationship with our top mobile entertainment development partners. You will work closely with our Business Account Management teams, Engineering support teams, Windows Mobile and Xbox LIVE platform teams as the advocate for your partners to drive solutions to their development needs. You can be a key part of making gaming on Windows Mobile a continued success!

You will help raise the bar of gaming on Windows Mobile, and help drive adoption of our unique platform features in our partner’s games.” – Short of Microsoft issuing a press release stating the fact that this is happening, it really doesn’t get any more official than this.
We don’t actually know right now exactly what Xbox Live and the Windows Mobile 7 operating system will share, but it is likely to be pretty impressive. Microsoft is becoming more and more aggressive in their attempts to make Windows Mobile 7 perfect, which is understandable considering the “Meh” reaction that the recent release of Windows Mobile 6.5 was met by.
If they continue their devotion to making the platform truly spectacular we’re sure they can achieve success with it; and actually win over some new customers, something version 6.5 did not do well at.

Now if you think 6.5 has missed the mark, then what about windows mobile 7?
I bet we wouldn't be seeing anything with XboX for iPhone or Android?

So, why am I stating my case strongly for Microsoft...not because I'm a fan of the company, or neither do they pay me a single cent but let us know that this corporate giant has what it takes to create a NEW GENERATION of mobile phone...bringing MOBILITY into the next stage...the WindowsPhone is the future phone...that would be my verdict.

Windows Mobile 6.5

Is the new Windows Mobile good enough to compete with Iphone, Android and other smartphones? But surprisingly enough, Microsoft admit that they are not there to compete with Apple at the moment.

Below is the interview from TechRadar.

TR: How does Windows Mobile fit into the current market?

AR: It's aimed at people who want smart device for work, then when they're on their way home, they want a great smart device too.

This means Exchange email, company database access, IM through company system, then at home you want Facebook, Windows Live Mail, Gmail instead. It's not about the phone, it's about who wants to use it, most people who I know who are interested in a Windows Phone want it for both work and home.

It's easy to make assumptions about people, and then we don't deliver for actual, real users. They want these services, being able to sync to the cloud if they lose their phone, can then get their stuff back, share photos without a degree in IT, have the same browser favourites on PC and phone. It's not rocket science what we're trying to do.

DW: If look at today's marketplace, Microsoft is traditionally positioned with RIM with BlackBerry in terms of enterprise devices. If you look on the extreme other side, we've got Apple and Android coming in, and Nokia too. Everyone is now trying to move towards the middle, so when you walk into work you only have one device [that is good enough for both work and home].

That way you can get email, have a good UI experience, and still install some good applications that you discuss with mates in pub. We no longer see it as a consumer or business device, we're terming it as "life maximiser", where people maximise their life in work and maximise their life at home.

We see Windows Mobile 6.5 as a long term strategy, with future releases coming up, so we're not competing against Apple at the moment, because they've got a vertical strategy where they've got one phone, they can write software to exploit all that hardware on that device and they can do some really whizzy stuff which we can't do.

Why aren't you competing with Apple?

DW: We currently work with 55 OEMs who have 155 devices running Windows Mobile, with each different hardware component written by a hardware manufacturer. To write the software to exploit all those manufacturer IDs, well, you couldn't write it, as you'd just end up with a PC.

Our competitor in the market is RIM and Nokia, even though doing some stuff with them [the recent deal to install Microsoft Office on future Nokia handsets].

At the moment, Nokia is losing market share left, right and centre; it's gone from 63% to 46% [worldwide] in just over 18 months. Competitors are stealing a march, and we need to do that with 6.5 too.

Would you agree Windows Mobile 6.1 came in for a lot of criticism?

AR: 6.1 was a successful product for us, sold a lot of phones as a 'rational' purchase [ie users who needed the Windows Mobile features] and to business. Now we need to earn consumer trust and affection, we have their trust through our brand but they probably don't love what we do [in the mobile space].

But the user experience is now very nice, and we're stating 'We know we've got to earn everyone's trust in this market, and we've really got to set out to do that and build awareness, desire and trust for device.'

The fact consumers only have a 10 per cent awareness of Windows Mobile is very low, and that's probably because we've aimed primarily at the business user. The reality is if we're going to drive market share and gain a stronger position with consumer, we need a more emotional connection to the mobile brand.

Windows mobile 6.5

Is Windows Mobile 6.5 not just a touch-friendly upgrade from 6.1?

DW: While the UI is important to consumers, Windows Mobile 6.5 is more than just that. There's been fundamental engineering going on around the OS, it's got better battery life, better handling of services, we've improved the number of apps it can run, so it's more than that.

Is it revolutionary? No, it's an evolutionary part of the journey, but we've got to start somewhere. Yes, the UI is more touch-friendly for people to use, and we're exploiting the capabilities of 6.1, it's just we haven't exposed those in the way people want as yet.

How do you react to the early criticism of Windows Mobile 6.5, with some stating it's still not good enough for users?

AR: I would implore anyone to use it for a while before passing judgement, as I don't understand the criticism. It's just a nice product to use, it doesn't claim to be anything it isn't, if you only have negative feelings about it I would say use it – use MyPhone, use Marketplace and use the new UI and then come back and tell me it's not good, because it is.

For instance, my wife is a user of the product and she doesn't work for Microsoft or anything. It's easy to use right out the box, does what it says on the tin.

Are the skins being put on top of the OS, for instance Samsung's TouchWiz and HTC's TouchFlo 3d, annoying?

DW: Yes, it is frustrating, but all these manufacturers are looking for differentiators in the market. However, we hope that customers will go to the phone's settings [to see the original Windows Mobile 6.5 UI], we're going to push the marketing on that, to educate them about the fact that option is there. The they can decide whether they like TouchWiz, or TouchFlo, and choose for themselves.

Windows mobile 6.5

How will Bing be integrated into Windows Mobile 6.5 phones?

DW: Bing mobile will offer local search and location services, so if you were in London and wanted a pizza, you could search and get directions from the phone. It's all about finding locations.

It will be a Windows Mobile marketplace download, we actually finished the OS before they made Bing, so it will be made available for OEMs to install on their phones too.

However there are core things that have to be installed on every Windows Mobile 6.5 handset, such as Marketplace and MyPhone, and these will also be available as a download to Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 devices.

What do you make of the likes of Samsung, which supports five operating systems in its handset range?

DW: It's good for the consumer, as they get choice. But we're now at this inflexion point, which you see in multiple industries, where there will be multiple players jostling for position.

And we're very good at competing in area, so while there will always be a place for alternative systems, like Linux and Apple jostling with us, the number will be down to two or three major players in there market over the next three or so years.

There's no world a mobile operator can sustain and test all mobile operating systems, and there's no way a hardware manufacturer can exploit or continually keep testing five or six operating systems.

At the moment everyone is investing in that marketplace, creating an opportunity where a good open platform is available for people to develop on top of.

Android has done well, and now the Chrome OS has been announced, there will be plenty of connection. How do you react to that?

DW: Well, Google is our number one competitor, in terms of the PC space, but not mobile. However, we are keeping a close eye on developments [with Chrome OS], although our number one competitor is RIM.

Windows mobile 6.5

Will we see any 6.x updates to Windows Mobile before the release of WM 7?

DW: There will be service packs for Windows Mobile that we'll be releasing. There will be things like new hardware with capacitive screens coming down from some companies, and we can exploit that by tweaking the OS to allow Windows Mobile to have capacitive touch.

But essentially for the end user, 6.5 is the release, and there will be some minor maintenance updates for OEMs. Is there a major release or another update will be made known to consumers? No, it will only be tweaks.

Apple do very good job [in hyping up incremental firmware updates], they release a new version of the firmware and it's got cut and paste in it, which we had for years, and the media love it.

But our next major release will be Windows Mobile 7.

AR: The production line of software is never ending. In the the olden days you developed software, you launched it, then moved on to the next one. Now you can't do that, it's a constant production line of innovation, not just waiting for next big thing.

Doubtless one day we'll get to the point where we can attach another integer to the product, and we can say we're at the next version, but really have to stop thinking about the OS in that way.

It is hard because we know we've propagated this way of thinking, but the truth is the whole market will be about constant innovation, and if you don't, you will be left behind.

Does the media coverage of the Apple iPhone firmware updates annoy you?

DW: Yeah, and they do a great job at it. We need to learn from it, to be truthful about it, we should be doing the same. But I don't think we've been in a position to do it, for instance with 6.1, we were never in a position to do updates or make important announcements.

How will you differentiate Windows Phone when there's WM 6.5 and 7 on offer?

DW: Consumers are moving away from versions – they don't want speeds and features, they want to know what it can do for them. So each phone will be sold as having these capabilities, whatever feature set, so it's positioned in the market as what it can do, not what version it will be, because that means nothing to consumers.

All the research we've done shows that, yet still see it with PCs; we still see them advertised with Pentium processor, or Core 2 duo processor. But it should be whether the device is great for photography, browsing, gaming, which is what we're trying to change in the market.

But surely, like with Vista and Windows 7, they'll want to know what version is under the hood?

DW: Will be branded as a 'Windows phone', and then the retailer can say it's 'powered by 6.5 or 7' etc. The primary brand is Windows phone, and retailers can use the operating systems for differentiation. It is a difficult one though.

As much as people might criticize the development of Windows Mobile 6.5...after all, it took them quite a long period for this upgrade but while many felt that it is only a cosmetic upgrade, Windows 6.5 definitely set the direction for Microsoft in the phone industry.

And yes, much has been said about Windows Mobile 7 and although many felt it will be a little too late for Microsoft...but let us not say so much until it really happens...

October 21, 2009

Things can be tough but I will put it through

Things have been rather difficult for me lately.
Studies have been more difficult than ever...partly due to my own lack of effort. Then, I was struggling emotionally...yah...I guess it's just how some of the past stories that still affect me. I wouldn't want to say I am okay....but I know in the eyes of many people, I should be okay.
I am not going to talk as though the whole world owes me one because the truth is, this is the reality and I am going to face it.

Then, I have the need to manage a few things, time management and finance. But I am going to sit through this year exam doing well, and I will take the next step to my Financial Mathematics paper...I had this talk with a friend, and we were talking about manipulation or maybe I was talking about manipulation. Anyway from the outcome of it, I knew one thing is certain: In this life, only the one at power have the right word to say.

I wouldn't want to pretend that I am good and I don't manipulate people because I know that I did and maybe this is truly the biggest hypocrisy in each of us.

Well, I don't care what happened in the past...those memories I will embrace but moving on from there, I will see myself taking a giant leap of faith into the new world, the world of reality. And I pledge that no matter what it takes, I will put it through...

October 03, 2009

Laughter is the best medicine

Now I know I am not as creative as my buddy, KenWooi in creating funny posts. But then I still know the importance of laughter and it will be an important criteria to have a blog that not only provide knowledge but also joy and laughter. Well, but before I continue I would like to promote my upcoming CONNECTwithMOBILITY blog, which mainly focus on smartphones and other gadgets that could be of extreme importance.


Anyway enough of promoting blogs here...that's not my priority....
This post is about some jokes and random images that put a SMILE on my face.

Now life has been random and at times, sucks....some people believe that their lives are at their own hands...but check this out:

Now another joke that I came across the other day:

Last June, my friend told me about her plans for our upcoming prom. "I'm renting a stretch limo and spending $1000 on a new dress, and I've reserved a table at the most expensive restaurant in town." she said.
Our teacher overheard her and shook her head.
"I didn't spend that much on my wedding."
My friend answered, "I can have three or four weddings. But a PROM YOU DO ONLY ONCE!!"

Well, I hope you enjoyed this simple post of mine...
(Jokes found in Reader's Digest)

October 02, 2009

Turning your WindowsMobile into super SMARTPHONE

First of all, what is the one difference that most smartphone users don't realize about WindowsMobile? Well, simple: you can see LG using the same OS, as well as HTC. But does that happen to the Apple Iphone?? No!!

Anyway that's for another post.

Well, if you felt that WindowsMobile ain't providing the kind of cooL touching feel, then think again because with just a bit of genius in you, you could create a super SMARTPHONE.

The first software that is a must for your WinMo to challenge Iphone cool touch effect is: SPB MOBILE SHELL...and the latest version 3.5 brings some HERO sense to you as well.

For those of you who wanna know some of the stuff about SPB Mobile Shell 3.0, then feel free to look into my post here: SMS like an IPHONE

Well, of course it was mainly about VITO SMS CHAT but how I modify and integrate it with SPB MOBILE SHELL.

1)Anyway, like I said, the first important software that you need to have is SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5. The few reasons why this is important is because it is touch friendly. It helps to make your user interface friendly and thus, making it extremely easy to navigate your SMARTPHONE.

the improved weather widget...

Now you can have favourite photos for you, and check out what happen when you click on it

and you can slide it into this NEXT:

Well, it is very smooth and you can slide it easily, something like what you do with your iPhone!!

2) The number 2 priority: VITO SMS CHAT
Well, this is what will help you to have a nice threaded sms. And if you look through my previous post, you can actually have an iPhone SMS skin...you could easily monitor your messages through this software.

3) Skype Mobile
Now you might wonder why Skype is important. At this age, you will find that there are so many inlimited GPRS usage being provided by Telco companies. For one example, I'm using RM30 per month for an unlimited DATA usage with my DIGI CAMPUS. Now, practically, you are turning your pocket pc into a skype phone except that there ain't any video call. Wouldn't this mean free calls if everyone start practice this? Sounds too good to be true? Well, you can try it on your smartphone and see the difference!!

4) WindowsLiveMessenger, Facebook and Twitter

Now, who could live without connection with the outside world and now, all these three apps are easily available for your pocket pc and it is convenient for touch usage...


Now another important and crucial part that WindowsMobile lose on is the Keyboard. It is never convenient for people and it has been difficult to message without looking at it. But with SPB Keyboard, you can actually message without looking at your screen...Helpful when driving? Lol!!

Well, you will find more details about these softwares in the UpCOMING Post...while we anticipate for the lauching of Windows Mobile 6.5.

October 01, 2009

Now what about iPhone? Is WindowsMobile out of the picture already?

So you've heard about it...the craze and hoo haa over the

Well, it might have been a while now since the launching of iPhone 3GS and many fanatics of Apple are talking about the cooL features in the new iPhone. I won't deny that....Apple is always the pioneer for cooL and excellent interface, be it for smartphones or for PC.
I remembered that just the other day, Addie told me that HTC launched the HTC Hero which is also very cooL! Now I don't have anything against cooL features but sometimes the word cool is not enough. We must look at how the usage could impact and be of usage to us.

Now who wouldn't be fascinated by the awesome look in iPhone.

Well, personally I'm not an iPhone user so it would be extremely unfair for me to critic one of the most popular smartphone in the market at the moment. But here's a piece of advice for those who are totally crazy about iPhone.

The first issue with the new iPhone: OVERHEATING!!

Some owners of the iPhone 3GS are finding their devices overheating, MacNN can confirm. Public accounts of problems originated in France, where one 16GB 3GS user has noted that his phone ran unusually hot during recent testing. The owner later discovered pink-tinged marks on the white backing of his device, roughly surrounding the location of the battery. A MacNN staffer has meanwhile encountered the problem independently, with discoloration noticeable on the back of a white 32GB unit. A PC World author, Melissa Perenson, claims to have experienced a more serious incident while playing The Oregon Trail. Though her 16GB black phone's backing did not change color, the device as a whole is said to have heated up dramatically, to the extent that placing it against her face would have been painful. The phone was plugged into a wall socket during use.

Now if this is not an important issue, what else could it be? Of course I believe there are people following up on such reports and the issue might be fixed within months.

But what about USAGE?

Now, overall, what you can do with your iPhone, it can also happened to another smartphone although interface wise, iPhone wins it all for sure.
But bluetooth....what about bluetooth....can you imagine a SMARTphone without Bluetooth to still be called smart? No way...it is one weakness that will always haunt iPhone until they change it.

And who could imagine that iPhone will have issues with BATTERIES!!

Continued complaints by iPhone owners about fast-draining batteries have prompted Apple to ask some users to install power-logging software on their smartphones in an effort to diagnose the problem, according to messages on the company's support forum.
"Some of you may already have been informed via e-mail [by Apple], but for those of you that haven't, I can assure you that Apple is trying to get to the bottom of this problem," said a user identified as "mikefradette" Friday on a support thread dedicated to poor battery performance. "Let's just say they have selected a beta group to help solve this issue."

Now this is bad news!!

Others reported that technical support representatives had asked them to install Apple software that logs application usage and power consumption. Apple technical support has also used an 11-item questionnaire in its discussions with users in an attempt to figure out the cause of rapid battery drain, including questions about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and e-mail use.

"There's still no smoking gun," said Aaron Vronko, the CEO of Rapid Repair, an iPhone repair shop. "But the processor in the iPhone 3GS can use 50% more power in some situations than its predecessor. I'd bet that Apple missed some key interactions between the iPhone's software and the processor in the last update that causes it to over-utilise the CPU, especially since [the complaints] came after the software update."

And what about MICROSOFT??

Now, regular readers of my blogs would realized that I personally prefer to use Microsoft. Of course, this bias opinion has everything to do with my admiration for the founder, Bill Gates. Despite the lack of touch functionality, it has been rather efficient.
Of course if I were to talk about the buggy softwares with Windows Mobile, there probably will be more than the iPhone issues here.
And lately, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a rather frank admission, not to the press of course, that Microsoft "screwed up with Windows Mobile." Is this bad news then??

Well, there is one thing that we all should know...Microsoft has the money to keep them alive in this battle. They also have the resources. Therefore, to say that WindowsMobile is out of the race would be a bit too early. And of course, there have been good news about Windows Mobile 7 and although Windows Mobile 6.5 has yet to be released, talk has been going on about WinMo 7 and hopefully, it will be good news.

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