November 29, 2009

Decorating the Christmas tree..

It's been some time since I blog...let's say I'm pretty busy with a lot of things at the moment.

Anyway, I managed to spend some time to decorate the Christmas tree with my brother....a bit of early preparation..

Here are some of the snapshots:

my brother with the glittering Christmas tree..

and me decorating the Christmas tree!!

I guess that's all for now...I still need to rush for my Actuarial professional paper...

November 26, 2009

Feeling moody...

Just check the results from ISM...I done terribly for my last sem finals...feeling rather moody now although I sort of expected the disastrous results. It makes things worse when my favourite football club suffered another unexpected defeat in the Champions League.

Terrible day...guess it's time to focus on my Actuarial Paper...wanna do well in my Financial Mathematics paper...gosh!! I'm feeling terrible now...

November 25, 2009

More from Windows Mobile

What is more from Windows Mobile??

Patches from Microsoft...

You probably are thinking that you will have to wait for Windows mobile 7 to come out to enjoy the best from Microsoft but the company has been constantly upgrading Windows mobile 6.5 ever since the launching.

With so many negative comments, it is normal to see the company response.

As of now, we are already hearing about the leaked Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

It is surprising because so far, Windows mobile 6.5 is out less than 3 months.

The series of leaked builds for Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system seems to be adding newer items, with the latest leak being Build 28004, reportedly part of the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 variant. Those of you who kept an eye over the leaked series of builds for the platform should know already that the new one follows shortly the leaked Build 28002 for Windows Mobile 6.5.3 that surfaced only a few days ago. Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Build 28004 is said to come with rather minor changes, nothing striking, yet there are still a series of graphic enhancements, as well as performance improvements that should be noted. One of the main features of the new build is said to be the finger-friendliness it adds to Microsoft's mobile operating system, though this is actually a characteristic of the entire Windows Mobile 6.5.3 flavor. Previously leaked builds, as many of you might already know, came from the 6.5.1 branch of the platform, and there are no exact details on why the numbering scheme jumped straight to 6.5.3, leaving 6.5.2 aside. However, the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 flavor seems to come with touch enhancements, including gesture support, a Start menu placed at the lower left corner, with enlarged menus and rebuild sub-sections. The new Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Build 28004 is dated November 19, something that, according to the guys over at MWExperts, suggests that it includes the latest changes in the platform. The WM 6.5.3, which is said to be the latest branch of COM builds, aimed mainly at testing various features on the OS, is somehow faster than the Windows Mobile 6.5 version that reached the market on October 6. A series of cooked ROMs for different Windows Mobile-based mobile phones on the market already emerged, one of which has been 'developed' for Sprint's Touch Pro 2 and which reportedly includes HTC Sense 2.1, Office 2010, Opera 10, and a series of graphics improvements. Those who are not familiar with the installation process of these ROMs should think twice before starting the process.

Of course until today, we know that blogging from Windows mobile and Iphone are totally different is filled with satisfaction and another's something that Microsoft will still need to work on. Hopefully we'll see the solution in the Windows Marketplace.

November 24, 2009

blogging from mobile

While waiting fr my friend in the train station... I decided to blog using my mobile...It feels different especially it's more difficult to blog...Anyway i'm just being random here....don't really like to wait...Anyway I might just read an's quite interesting...Might share it here once i'm done...

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November 21, 2009

"What is Next?"

It is surprising to be reading about the development of technology today because at one point we talk about Iphone 3GS, then the next, we talk about Android Phone, then we have Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.5 and in a matter of time, we will talk about Windows Mobile 7.

No wonder Apple CEO, Steve Jobs are known for his approach: "What is NEXT?" He is constantly thinking of what is next to make our lifestyle more convenient. No wonder he deserved the award as FORTUNE's CEO of the decade.

We’ve seen the odd Windows Mobile 7 leak popping up over the last few weeks, but now Microsoft has hinted at when we’ll be seeing more details get the red stamp and made official. Read on for the full details.

Neowin is on the ground at the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles at the moment, where it reports Microsoft Office VP Kurt Delbene said that Windows Mobile 7 will be unveiled in March next year, at Microsoft’s MIX conference in Las Vegas.

Expecations have been high on Windows Mobile 7...especially since news about the success of Microsoft Windows 7 seems to suggest that Microsoft is finally ready to launch the mobile OS that is competitive enough with Android, Blackberry and even Iphone.

We also have news about Microsoft Natal Project and so far, it seems that the company is finally back at the right track under Steve Ballmer.

There are of course more to come...and I believe even for us as consumer the right question to ask would be: "What is NEXT?"

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