Glad to be hearing about Haiti's survival stories

I wonder how many of us are just glad to read and hear about the Haiti's survival stories but I'm definitely one of them. With help pouring in from everywhere, it makes me realize one thing, that despite of our differences (skin colour, religion, race, perspectives, ideologies, beliefs, etc.), we're one family and part of humanity.

Being in Malaysia should be an opportunity to learn to embrace these differences but I guess we're all too caught up with our own stories, our own beliefs, our own perspectives, our own ideologies that we neglect others. Of late, we heard about the attact towards churches in Malaysia due to the usage of the word "Allah".

While I know that word stands and gives great meaning to probably Christians and Muslims alike, we all should know better that the simple rule of loving our neighbours, loving our friends, loving people around us means more than using the word "Allah" to call on our God. I don't know if it is right to defend the usage of the word, but if I am indeed to defend the usage of the word by all Malaysians, I would rather learn from Mahatma Gandhi. Let us not respond evil with evil. While so far things have been pretty in control in the country, at times there is a longing that people would see a more important thing than "being religious".

Let us not be talking about religion and God but acting otherwise. Those who are responsible for the attack to the churches, you should be ashame of that action because that action shows you simply do not understand your own God. What kind of God would encourage the attack towards another human being?

I guess the only thing we can do is pray. Pray and learn to live a life that reflect of love so that somehow or rather along this journey, that love would be shared with others of different beliefs, cultures, religion, ideologies.

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