A love poem for YenLeng

I am sorry,

There are times I fail to love,

There are times I fail to care,

If there were time I neglect you,

I ask that you forgive me

And teach me to love you even more

I am sorry,

Because I fail to keep my word,

Because I fail to make you smile,

If there were time I cause you to drop tears,

I ask that you forgive me,

And I will catch every drop of those tears

I am sorry,

For my arrogance,

For my ambition,

If there were time I chase after my own dream,

Forgetting that you need me too,

I ask that you hold my hands and remind me that I need to slow down

I am sorry,

If I couldn’t protect you,

If I couldn’t give you everything you wishes for,

If there were times I failed to see what you need,

I ask that you share that passion of yours,

So that I will know how happiness looks like for you.

I am not perfect,

I am not a good person either,

But what I have is this,

I promise to walk through the dark and pain with you,

No matter how far and how difficult this journey would be,

I will hold on

And stay with you till the very end.

P.S: I love you


  1. This is just too shweeeeet! Aww! She'll be so happy to read this. All the best to you guys. Stay strong together! :)


  2. haha...so sweet lol!

    all the best to you!

    just try to care...care abt what u care!


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