The devil within

It is difficult to be blogging lately with the devil within seems to be growing larger.
Hmm...sometimes we do wonder what love is.
I am sure Christians could easily quote from a Bible verse which is very true in a lot of is patient, love is kind, love is....bla bla bla!!
And then there is this quote: Love is a verb, and I'm pretty a strong believer in it.
But then it was only lately that I come across another definition of love.

Love is nothing more than a vestigal feeling that a human race is feeling after millenia of evolution. We, humans no longer feel it in its truest sense. The only thing we feel is the virulent strain that is left among us. A feeling so subtle as the ether itself which is on the verge of extinction.
Love is only a mask.. The faces beneath the mask are people so vindictive and malicious. The kind who can be despised when masks are stripped off. Love is not a coincidence but a sheer illusion of coincidence. The Illusion of a purpose. A Purpose of conceit and selfishness which slowly consumes the people itself.

Well, I couldn't disagree entirely with what is being said here. That love is a mask...or maybe should I put it this way....our lives and actions is the mask we wear everyday. And at times, when we express love, it is only part of that mask we are wearing.

Everyone who loves art, poetry and who are artistic would easily recognize the man by the name Shakespeare, William Shakespeare. This line, taken from his work 'As you like it' probably speak a great volume of what I mean here:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

Probably we could never find a better metaphor to describe human life as the performance of actors on the stage. And looking back to an even ancient days, Plato words, attribute to the Greek philosophers, Socrates, who died in the year 399 BCE, saying "So now our argument shows that in mournings and tragedies and comedies, not merely on the stage, but in all the tragedy and comedy of life and in countless other ways, pain is mixed with pleasure”

Isn't that what life is about. A stage. And we are the actors...some play it well and better while others probably are more emotional and not as good. Life is a stage...let us play our role....that is the devil within...and we are all wearing a mask.


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  1. love this post...great sharing =) answer to your question? what mask I am is constantly changing...=)it is just a defense mechanism to protect ourselves i think..coz most of us live in fear...


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