Growing up

Growing up is definitely not an easy process. It is even more true when you are left on your own. I finished reading the book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. In a way, I like that book because I know that in life, to be successful, it takes more than just hardwork, the genius in you but it takes a bit of luck and a bit of support from people close to you.

There have been so many people (close friends included) who look at me as though as I have everything. A close family, a job secured (thanks to the bond under Great Eastern), a love life (girlfriend) and money (maybe not too much, but enough...thanks to the scholarship with Great Eastern and also during the time when I tutor in Ipoh). I won't say that God has been unfair to me because in every way I know I am better than many others. But it is when you have set a certain expectation that you felt that it was never enough. And then there are problems that others do not see because they are not part of my life.

I wouldn't mind if people don't see those problems in me. I would be happy if others look at me as happy-go-lucky, because I guess that's how I used to look up to my mentor. I'm not sure about now but growing up tells a lot of different stories to me.

There are problems and stories that are unheard of. There are people who gone through pain alone and I would learn to be part of those stories. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time with a friend of mine, who work to support for herself. I guess there is an amazing passion and love in that life because she works every night until at least 1 to 2am. She would also need to be out there working during noon and evening. I knew that there are more than just money that motivates these people.

It is sometimes about family. It is sometimes about love for someone. It is sometimes just circumstances in their lives that this has to happen.
Looking at these untold and unheard stories, I just hope to be part of the pieces here and there. Some people might be wondering why I did not just use all the scholarship money. Why the need to work? There are of course more than just one reason, and at times, things are best left untold.

I am growing up....many of us are growing up. It's just the different path we choose. And I wish you all the best in your road ahead!!

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