I'm not sure what to put for the title here. Eventually, I decided not to put any. After all, this is a very random post of mine. I hardly have much time lately for blogging and exploring with the internet. With assignment deadline drawing closer and mid tests that seem to be coming continuously, I really find it a bit difficult to juggle my time. Not to forget that during CNY, there was a lot of family event.

Well, it was this week that I had more extra time, thanks to the test that ended on a Monday. I'll only have tests coming up next week, which means I have some time to cover for other things such as the assignment. Was busy doing Ethnic as Aaron asked for favour.
That aside, I just realized something new from Windows Live Hotmail.
For those of you who do not know, you can actually send and receive emails from gmail account using your Hotmail account. It was pretty cool as all you need to do is add an email account in the Windows Live page.
I've also been playing with some of the features in Windows Live, which I find it more convenient to use in comparison to Google account. Well, probably it was the Gmail, Google search engine and Blogspot that Google has the edge over Microsoft. Aside from that, Microsoft has a lot of fun stuff to show with Windows Live.

Look at the left hand side bar and you will see a row with gmail - jesusury
And that is my gmail account in Hotmail...

And I also try uploading photos with Windows live gallery...adorable!!

Well, that is basically what I've been doing lately...with laptop, camera, studies, assignment....
I need to get back to my studies now...NERDING mode...hehe!!


  1. ei why u so funny.
    ppl import mails from hotmail to gmail. ur the other way round :P
    dont u think hotmail is damn bulky and slow compared to gmail? :P



  2. I think sometimes people tend to look at Microsoft and say everything negative about the company products. I personally find it convenient to use Hotmail myself. While Gmail might be good, but with the latest addition of Buzz, there has been error whenever I try sending photos. Not only that, the chat box is totally not cool in comparison to MSN, which is part of hotmail. I find Hotmail good in a way, because there is so much integration being done thru Windows Live. Perhaps you should start playing with Windows Live before giving any negative feedback on it.


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