April 03, 2010

The long absence from my blog...

It has been some time since I blog about anything here. There are a few reasons for that. One of it is that I am running of inspiration on what to write. This is of course due to the hectic stuff that is going on both in university and at home.

For some reasons, there are so many mid-semester tests and assignments for the subjects I am taking. Anyway, so far I have been doing average for most of the subjects and there is about 2 weeks from now before the final exam. Well, then there is YenLeng and her preparation for her exam, CCP. She's in KL today and is now staying in University House. I'll be going to find her tomorrow by 8.30am before her exam starting at 9am.

I had bought 2 tickets for the two of us to watch CLASH OF THE TITANS in GSC in Midvalley. I bought the Gold Class tickets and it cost RM40 per ticket. I felt that it was a bit too expensive but then again, it is not like she's going to come up to KL all the time.

Well, it's already 4.12am now and I couldn't sleep yet. I'll probably update more about life in the next few days. Sorry for the long absence from my blog...aiks!!

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