Just buy a new PSP

Well, I have bought myself a new PSP. Not really for me, but it's a gift for YenLeng.
But before I gave it to YenLeng, I already played with it...Test try...

This is the PSP when I first got it....

Since the only game that I love to play is FIFA 2010, I test try the game on the PSP.
I use the Manchester United team and it was an interesting game...I played against Tottenham and yup, I win....wakakaka!!

Well, I love to play the PSP honestly especially the FIFA 2010 but I guess it's time to give it to YenLeng. I hope that she love the game as much as I do although I believe she'll prefer other games. So my next task will probably be to look for PSP games online....


  1. waaa, how much u bought it heh?

  2. OMG, so sweet of you :) Hehe. She's one lucky gurl! :)

  3. bro, i admire your commitment in your relationship! indeed, yenleng is very lucky..

  4. hey, did u just said u wanna get one yesterday and now u got one already?? wow that was fast?? where did all your money came from ya???

  5. Work for it la...putting in the best effort that I could in a relationship and leave the rest to God...;)


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