Just watched Prince of Persia

the tickets for the movie

Just watched Prince of Persia with my family (excluding Chiew Lian, she needs to study for ACCA) and YenLeng.
Well, one thing that will always remained clear to me throughout the movie was that there was a lot of jumping scenes that are really cool! As usual, Disney movie...predictable and a happy ending but I still love how the fighting scenes and the how show progress.
For those of you who have yet to watch Prince of Persia, the movie started with how Prince Dastan was being adopted into the royal family of the Persia empire. The reason why a King will want to adopt someone into the noble family is simply because of his action, his willingness to do what is right despite of him going against someone who is more powerful than him.

Although his blood was not royal, his character was noble.
"Prince of Persia".

Well, after that, the movie fast forward to the time when Prince Dastan and his brothers are grown up. They attacked Alamut, of which unreliable intel says it’s harboring weapons of mass destruction. Again predictably, that too is a lie for all there is in the city is a gorgeous princess, Tamina, who is the guardian of a magic Dagger, which can turn back time by just one minute by releasing some of the Sand of Time. The Dagger is also the only object that can break a huge glass-like vessel underneath Alamut, which contains enough of this mythical Sand to swipe everything on Earth and bring it back to Big Bang. Understandably, all villains want the Dagger and will stop at nothing to get it, which sets the two unlike allies, Dastan and Tamina, on a terrific journey through the desert, which is as fun as it is apparently lacking real substance.

It is also interesting to see how the love relationship develop between the two main characters in the movie although I couldn't agree when they all said about the beauty of the Princess.

Well, if you are the type who like fantasy and adventure, this movie is for you. The casts of the movie have done an excellent job.

I watched the movie with YenLeng and my family...hehe!! played with PSP before that but was suck at the Fifa World Cup. Was happy to be out after sick for some time due to allergy....

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