KianHin after recovery...

Finally recover from allergy. Haha!! Well, I couldn't believe my luck....went to KL with Addie and ate the wrong food...ended up with allergy that eventually spoiled my few days break...hehe!! (luckily I have about 2 months of holiday)

Well, today went for breakfast with mother and sister in McD at town.
Forgot to take camera to capture the snapshot of the moment. Anyway, I managed to finish 3 articles in McD...took me about 30 minutes plus.
After that, we went to settle the Celcom bill...(no more Celcom, time for Digi Internet...)
Well, I had lunch at home...

Guess what I had...


Now that I'm full, time for continuing my work...will need to clean and pack my room later...


  1. take care.. get well and then start eating good food again! :p

  2. Yup yup...thx!! Looking forward to starting work out as well!!


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