Mother's Day

Well, every year, we celebrate Mother's Day. Although I know that the celebration becomes more like a routine with annual celebration, I think it is important. Firstly, it is because it is the time of the year to appreciate what your mother has done for you. I think it is important to at least buy your mom dinner or buy some simple gift. It is something that you showed to your mom that you care. And that is what my siblings and I do on Mother's Day each year.

This year, we went to BlackCanyon for dinner on Saturday as a simple celebration. Then, on the actual day itself, we take away Pizza and eat at home as a family, served with a white wine. I know it probably doesn't match. Pizza and white wine....but what the heck!! It is about the time spent together that matters.

I had a great time with my siblings and my parents. Yen Leng joined us on Saturday but did not join us on Sunday as she thought it was important for her to stay with her family on that night. I think it is important too. But then again, we still managed to celebrate together on Saturday night. Before the dinner, we went for the Iron Man 2 movie. Initially, I asked my entire family to watch together but then my parents was not into the idea for the movie. So, we went for dinner instead. (still had a great time!!)

Here are some of the snapshots on Sunday. (the Saturday photo will be posted some other time later...cause the photos are in YenLeng's phone.)

the white wine we had..


  1. Black canyon in IPOH? my girl likes the ice blend coffee there..

  2. Haha!! I love it too!! But I don't really like the food there..


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