Yen Leng and Tuck Yuan's bday

I always believe that in a relationship, there need to be more than just 2 person loving one another. That love needs to be beyond that. That love needs to reach out to others. I cannot said that I am doing anything big to help people but I believe a joint celebration with friends are good. That is why this year, instead of going on a date with YenLeng on her birthday, we decided to celebrate with our friends, since one of our classmate has the same birthday as her. (Tuck Yuan)

Well, we did not do anything particular special. We just go and celebrate together at Pappa Rich. It was fun to be meeting up again and there is a lot of catch up to do.
Well, here are the some of the snapshots on that night.

this is the birthday girl looking for the right food...

Teik Tzuan and Carey

I can't believe the girls take snapshots of themselves in the toilet...gross!!

some of the drinks..

the three beauties...ahem!! (haha!!)

and this is me playing with the camera...

There are more snapshots and those of you who know me could easily find it from Facebook.
Well, going for the birthday celebration together with some of these close buddies brings back wonderful memories to me.
I remembered the joy of organizing birthday celebration for people in the cell group and how there seem to be a big family together all the time.
Well, hopefully more of these would come and maybe I'll learn to give more of my time for things like this...just maybe...


  1. OMG>..
    the toilet photo ther..

    chip like wearing a pregnant shirt. haha.. dun tel chip oh..
    then how come they can pose like this..

  2. ya lor...unbelievable...chip is pregnant adi oh!! haha!!


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