A series of UNFORTUNATE Events...

Well, there are some people who wonder why is it that Kianhin is M.I.A....well, I mean really Missing In Action...no where to be seen on Facebook, Twitter, MSN...no updates from blog...

Alright, sorry peeps...I went to a camp known as the Facilitator. Well, it was a camp under one of the course in University Malaya. I was hoping that I could blog more about this camp once my camp had over but instead, I had food poisoning. (I couldn't believe that it happened but it was extremely painful, up to a point that I don't have the appetite to eat).

Anyway, the likely cause of my unfortunate condition would be the OldTown Kopitiam....ish!! I pledge never to go there again....not even for gatherings among my friends.

Well, back to the camp, it was pretty interesting especially since the lecturer is good at making jokes...a lot of photos have been taken but I'll only be able to post those photos during the mid of July when my university starts because only then can we take the CD from the university SKET department.

My friends and I went to KL a day earlier because the camp will start at 8.00 am the next day. (no public transport can reach KL so early the next day) Well, the initial plan was to wait for Ming Yee at KL Sentral and then take KTM to meet up with Chin Sian at Salak South KTM station. Well, I was there at 12.00pm...(supposedly the earliest) but then Ming Yee had to wait for the pengesahan course in UM(she did it for all of us, so no complaints...hehe). I waited until about 1.00pm...gosh!! 1 hour wait...luckily I ate my lunch in McD first. Then, when I wanted to check the KTM station, then i realized that all train is not operating...

I asked the guy and he told me, "Kabel putus.". And I was like, "OMG!!" So, change of plan...Chin Sian already reached KTM Salak South so Weoi loong and Aaron already fetched him go makan...Ming Yee took the cab from UM to KTM Salak South and I took the cab from KL Sentral and the fare was unbelievable....RM13.

Well, you wouldn't believe our luck...we thought of going for karaoke but then Weoi loong's power window suddenly got problem...so instead of singing karaoke, we went to Mamak for a drink while waiting for the car to be fixed...once the car is fixed, we got about an hour before it's time to fetch Weoi Loong's mom back. Thus, we walked around in LOWYAT...(nothing interesting to buy or maybe because I was on budget...hehe!!)

That night, we went out again...I bought a new shoe...Nike Free Run...(no photos at the moment, peeps!!) and then we went yum cha (with Naruto along). After that we sing K during midnight...Ooh lala....and by 5am...we're all zzz....zzz.... at Weoi Loong's house.

Then off we go for the camp the next day...updates on the camp will be together with the photos...(don't have any at the moment...)
And on Friday, that's when I was so eager to watch the first match of the World Cup....and it was that day that I got food poisoning...and I slept for a few days.....without doing much...

Anyway all of these will be in the past...this holiday has been a bit unlucky...the other day allergy, this time food poisoning...I must be more careful at my choice of food..

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