I like what I do...and I do what I like..

I was a bit tired today but there is this need to go to Starbucks for some reasons.
It was just one of those days when I felt like drinking Starbucks coffee...this time, I drink Latte!!

Well, my sisters and mom eventually decide to accompany me along. I was happy just being there with the drink and online. I know it was pretty lame....but then I like what I do, and I do what I like.

I am thinking about a story to write...it actually came into my mind...but I'm not good at writing stories...sucks!! Will try to update in Fabula...

I know that I'm not a good writer...neither am I good at blogging...but then I enjoyed doing this stuff...it's fun to be able to put my thoughts into words. (although I have stopped expressing so much about myself) Sometimes YenLeng will ask me where is it that I got all the strength to do the things I do...I guess it's because of the passion...

Alright, I wanna do something else...so will post more updates here some other time.

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