kianhin with his random stuff...

First of all, I wanna wished those of my friends taking ACCA papers (including my own sister, Chiew Lian)...All the Best in their exam!! For Jian Yao and Vemal especially...

Anyway, back to my own stuff...what has been happening? I had made a lot of changes with my's the new addition.

And this is what I used it for:

I'll be putting more things into the new cabinet...hehe!!
Well, this is the process of completing the furniture...

Well, besides the additional cabinet in my room, my next 'treasure' would be a speaker or amplifier (not going to buy those extremely expensive but gonna buy those averagely good one). Then I'll just lie down in my room, with my toys and treasures helping me to relax....imagine, the music softly playing at the background while you lying down, allowing your brain to absorb the POWER OF MUSIC!!

And this is what I'll do in the dark....

Let the music heal your soul!!

Well, I wanna get back to playing guitar...hehe!! (need some time to start getting used to it again).

Before this, I bought the Time and Fortune magazines...they are coming to an expiry date and I won't be having any more of them delivered to my doorstep...the next thing that I want is the National Geographic magazine...hehe!! (can't wait to send in the application for the magazine)

And of course, hanging out with frenz...

Will be posting more photos of other people soon...for now, I wanna fetch my sis to take her ACCA paper...all the best to her!!

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  1. playing guitar in the dark.. great! yesterday i "curi" one song book from my sis's house..old songs.. oldies but goldies and i m going to play them songs with my guitar too!


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