Some of the good things that we can do...

Surprisingly, I am in the mood to blog today. There are some good things that we all ought to do.
So many of us are too preoccupied with our own "Agendas" that we neglect the importance of others. The other day, I was feeling very tired....(out of breath and steam). There are times we ask the questions like "why on Earth is this happening?" or "why am I so unlucky?" and if we focus on our way of saying things, it has always been about us.

Some of the good things that we can do. If you are studying, you could probably help by spending quality time with your family. Hear their stories. People need their voices to be heard, not just you or me.
Make drinks for your family...clean the and have the awareness about the people who are less fortunate than you. Maybe website like World Vision could help...

I'm still thinking bout it myself??

Well, there are still a lot of simple ways that one can do to make this world a better place...are you ready to do your part?

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