Think before you buy

I blog about this before in my brother's blog. Anyway, some of you might be wondering how could someone who spent money on two different shoes in a month talk about savings.
Well, first of all, I must made sure that people understand the importance of having the right shoes for certain occasion. Before this, I only had one shoe at a time. And this cause my shoe to be get worn out easily because I wear shoes very often and I run a lot. (jogging/walk) Thus, it is important to make sure that I buy shoes that can last for longer time. Anyway I am sure Nike Mercurial and Nike free Run can last for a long time. (alright...enough of justifying myself).

Some of the things that I am doing to cut on spending. I bought a new battery to replace the old and almost rosak battery of my HTC P3600i. Initially, was really tempted to get HTC Legend (especially my cousin, Ben already had it in UK) or the new HTC Evo 4G or Iphone 4 (cause my brother will be going to US...could get it for slightly cheaper) but then I decided not to waste my money on it. So, I'll make sure my current HTC P3600i is in good condition and I will probably use it for a few more years to come. (see, I am saving here...) I also bought a new stylus because the old one also spoilt.

the new battery...already inserted in the phone.

Some of you might probably be wondering why the sudden blog about thinking before buying.

Well, I am actually reading a lot about going green although I'm not doing too much to save the environment myself but I guess one of the most important things that we must learn is to reduce, reuse and recycle.
I am trying to make sense of a lot of things that I could use again...papers and a lot of other stuff.
I am still a long way from making an impact to the world but I am learning.

Was just looking at WorldVision site and thinking about the possibility of playing a part in supporting a child. Give me some time to think about it....if I'm keen about doing something, I'll do it but then, I'll need to work more...means less time for enjoyment and there goes my plan for DigiBroadband...

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  1. very good example of keeping environment clean.. ! :p


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