Reading about my brother's trip to US

I couldn't really sleep again tonight. So, while I'm chatting with Weoi Loong, I read my brother's blog. Probably because my brother was in US, I kinda miss him. Or maybe it was because no one is around to talk to me at night, which is probably the time that I'll talk more
Anyway, here are some of the photos that I stole from his blog...loL!

in the airport..

I didn't know where he got these photos but I took it from his post on his can check it out in his Justblog-it.

I really appreciate that I have a brother like him. To be honest, one of those people that is always there to support me regardless of my mistakes is my brother. I wouldn't say he is the perfect brother but he's sincere in lending his help and in guiding me.

There are a lot of things that I disagree with my brother.
We have a lot of difference in our characters and yet, I knew I could not find a closer friend and brother. Probably it was due to the zodiac sign with him being the Taurus and me the Scorpio. Apparently, this two signs tend to have a good relationship with one another.

Reading from my brother's blog about his trip in US, I'm so damn happy. Because I knew that US is his dream country. This may just be the beginning for him and I'm hoping for more good things in his life while I am about to start my own journey. At times, I feel the pressure.

Maybe I am just not as good as my brother. Maybe I couldn't make it BIG when I'm out in the real world. So far, there have not really been much problem for me but I knew that things will be different when I'm working. What about relationship? Will I be able to maintain and handle this relationship wisely? What about time? Will I be able to balance my time between work, family, YenLeng as well as friends? Maybe I will somehow neglect some relationships?

Or maybe all these maybes are not going to be real concern?

There are just too many maybes.

Was reading a lot from other people's blogs. My brother's, friends', some popular icon and some articles. I am really not sure if I am ready for the real world. Just another year and I'll be out there...but when I read my brother's blog, I knew that there will be someone to guide me. Someone to support me, despite of our disagreement.

Anyway, enough of all these serious stuff...time for something more casual here...
Since this is the World Cup season, I have been following on the football news although it doesn't affect me in anyway due to my team being kicked out as early as the first round. (gosh...sad for the Italians...)
Well, I just read about the comment by Germany coach, Joachim Low regarding the ineffectiveness of playing defensively. He was saying that the Italian strategy no longer works and I was like..."What arrogance!"
I am not saying that the Germans are not good but if you look back at the previous few World Cups, you will realize that the Germans have been in the semi-final stage at least. However, they have failed to win any of those. This could indeed be their year but I think it is a bit too early to think of themselves as superior. There is still Spain and also either Uruguay or Holland to go.
Hopefully, the unexpected happens!!

and that sums up the thoughts in my mind at the moment...

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