A pleasant surprise by Carey...

Well, I was feeling very tired when Carey called me at night. She was thinking of calling me out for a drink and then I explained that I was in Section 17 house, the place where I stayed in KL now. 
Then, her immediate respond was that she was nearby and she asked for the direction and within a few minutes, she was right in front of my house.
She was in the house for a while and I showed her my room, introduced to my housemates and after a few minutes, we went for yum cha in the mamak nearby. 
We had a great time talking and I really do enjoy those moment. 
Appreciate the friendship much and I was even more happy with Manchester United winning 3-1 against Chelsea during the Charity Shield game.
Such a satisfying night...definitely a pleasant surprise given by Carey...maybe I should just use the word that she said, "spontaneous"!!


  1. Spontaneous is the spice of life! :-)

  2. Yeah, isn't Carey just wonderful! :) She does that all the time. I guess that's why we all love her :)

  3. wish i was there too...this is what i miss most about being in kl..spending time with u guys...=))

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  5. oooo... kian hin is talking about carey....keke~



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