back to KL in the right mood...

It has been only on several occassion that I got back to KL in the right mood and I believe this time is the one and I seriously need it if I want to do well in my MLC paper. I've already submitted the application form and feeling rather nervous about it. Anyway, now that I'm back in KL, I'm feeling the right mood is there...everything seems right this time around and I'm gonna do it.

Things have yet to change much for me but I believe I'm going to make the right decision and do things in a better way. I want to focus on my dreams and I'll make it a reality. 

Well, the photo was taken while on the way to KL with my housemate, Wai Ping...a very quiet but brilliant girl. A good friend to mix with. In a way, I thank God for the people that are around my life because these people have been a constant inspiration. 

The journey ahead is a long one but I'm back here in the right mood and I'm going to make it right!!

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