Sem break...I am lookin' forward to it...

Well, after today, there will not be any classes and I'll have 2 weeks break although I'll only be going back to Ipoh on Saturday. Anyway, it has been such a long time (at least I feel that it has been such a long time...) that I actually have enough rest, sleep and just relax and do nothing.
Probably it was just me who is trying to go beyond my limits and I do hope that people around me that felt neglected will learn to understand that everyone can only have 24 hours in their lives. 

However, I must admit that it was not all work over in KL. In fact, I have a lot of time to do things that I wanna try doing and learn. For example, ice-skating. 
Anyway, I went there because there was an offer...only 5bucks and I couldn't resist the offer although I spent another RM8 on the gloves. Well, at least I had some fun. I'm also glad that I went there because I always wonder if I could ice-skate. Well, I could but I think there's still a lot to learn if I really wanna be good at it.
Group photo...;-)
Mine is with the watch...;-) 
Clement and I, feeling freaking tired...what a day!!

Besides that, I also wanna post a bit about my housemates and roommates. First of all, I'm glad to be in the same room as Soon Aik and Kwai Kiek. They're both very quiet in comparison to the normal group of buddies of mine but seriously, they're both very friendly and helps me to relax a lot!!
Then, there is the always reliable Weoi Loong when it comes to important matters and others as well in the house. 

The newest people in the group is Lee Fong and Wai Ping. Both of them are funny and also glad to have these people as my housemates. So for those of you who are wondering how life is for me at the moment, it's pretty great with great people around my life.

I am also playing basketball around my neighbourhood...on my own though as I'm not good yet. I wanna train first...haha!! And I also go for jogging quite often lately. I even jogged in the rain. (luckily I didn't fall sick).

Well, as mentioned in my previous blogs, I was really busy with studies and all...sometimes, it's freaking tired because I don't have the mood to study as well. (it takes longer time when you're not emotionally stable) but I'm trying to put the past behind me and move forward because I knew that the second half of the semester will be the real deal!! 

I'm looking forward for this semester break though despite of all the things that are happening in my life. I wanna meet up with some close friends, listen to some of their stories, and maybe start to get my life back on track as well. This is definitely the holiday and break that I need and I'm sure it will help me be a BETTER PERSON. 

Happy holiday!!!


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