Bla bla's blogging after all...

Couldn't think of the right simply bla something out of nothing. 
Anyway, just want to update a bit of the previous blogs. Initially, I was thinking about trying my luck with the Nuffnang and Digi offer to win the iPhone 4 but the final challenge was something that I couldn't do...taking photo and telling the world about how much I want the iPhone...Well, guess I'm not that crazy over the Apple smartphone. Hehe...

Well, thought of going to buy the Bamboo Pen and Touch but couldn't find it in Ipoh. Was a bit disappointed because I thought of using it to study so I could transfer everything into soft copy instead of always using paper and pen. Anyway, I'm going have to put this on hold for a while. 

Am still waiting for my GE scholarship money for this a bit desperate actually but then, I guess it's something good...I'll learn to save money.

Today, I went for running...wouldn't call it jogging because I felt I was running at a pace that could be quite competitive. Anyway, I ran for 1.8km and it took me about 9 minutes. I could actually push myself faster during the last 800metres but I thought it might be better to take it step by step. After all, it has been quite a long time since I push myself in run like this. Before this, I could take about 6minutes plus plus for 1.5km. Well, I guess it's good to start somewhere this speed. 

I have been doing a lot of sit ups and probably it might not be enough for work out but this is the little time that I could give away for exercise. I want myself to remain fit when I come out into the working world. Finding it tough to focus on my studies. SPC is quite boring...SPC stands for Statistical Process Control. 
Anyway, I am going back to studies as soon as I finished this blog.

One more important changes is the email that I will be using. I will focus on the hotmail instead now that Microsoft has done a lot of things to upgrade MSN Live and hotmail. 

Guess that's all the bla I have for today....

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