Nike, just do it...

Nike products have always been one of my favorite. But I guess the theme is part of what really inspires me in a way. So often, people talk about ideas, dreams and visions but without any actions, all of those will only be dreams, words, thoughts and meaningless wasted time.

I guess all of us tend to do the same at some point of our lives. We no longer have the same passion as we used to while we were younger. I guess that's what growing up means as tend to slow down, look at things in a more detailed manner before venturing into it. 

While there is definitely nothing wrong with all that because being adult also means being responsible to our ever actions but we must not pause at the thought and thinking...there is also a great need for us to learn to say I want to do it and I do it...the kind of passion that differs the outliers and the ordinary. 

There is still a long road ahead but I guess I'll just stick with the theme...just do it. At least then I could see the results...and it was with that thought that I'm taking the MLC paper. I want to do well and I think it requires more than words and boastful's really time to do more.

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