DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter

Just the other day I was talking about Blackberry Torch 9800 with Addie and now I am hearing that Digi is coming out with a new offer. Honestly, I must give credit to Digi for coming out with offer that is affordable to most people...look at iPhone 4 today..almost everyone is holding one. (I'm not one of the lucky people).
Well, the Blackberry Torch 9800 plan has been revealed...pretty simple and straightforward, especially for those of you who are already well aware with the DG Smart Plan. 

For the benefits of those who have never heard about the DG Smart Plan, all you need to pay is RM68 per month and you can go online unlimited. Call usage, SMS and MMS will be based on your usage. Voice call to all networks will be RM0.15. RM0.10 for SMS to all networks and RM0.20 for MMS to all networks. Well, basically, it is smarter for those of you who are always connected to the internet to take this plan but if you prefer to use your BB to call, sms and mms, you will also get the benefit of 25%discount of the RM68 that you need to pay if your total billed is from RM100-RM199.99. and if your total billed is RM200+, you do not need to pay the RM68. 

Well, in addition to that, Blackberry Torch will cost about RM1749 under one year contract (you get to save RM550). On the other hand, if you want a longer contract of 2 years, the phone will only be at RM1499. (save RM800)

If you want Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), you will need to pay an addition of RM10. Not that cheap after all the additional add up right? 

But then, it is consider cheaper in comparison to Celcom plan. The cheapest monthly commitment would be RM118 and the phone will cost RM 1688. Generally, I think if you want to surf smart, the Digi package will be more suitable for you.

Anyway, I don't intend to compare the prices for both of these packages...just for your information. I have heard people who prefer to use the Celcom package...according to them, it will be cheaper as they need to make phone calls quite often and they feel that the package is quite cheap in comparison to Digi...I think it is very subjective but I personally feel DG SmartPlan is better. 

So, how hot and smart is the new Blackberry Torch? I have mention about some of the features of the Blackberry Torch in another blog. But then, that was before the Digi plan was revealed. I guess the easiest way for you to know if a new smartphone is hot or not is to simply compare it with the benchmark setter, the iPhone 4. 

Now, not everyone is a BB fan but here is the news for those of you who want a new smartphone, the Torch has the latest OS (Blackberry 6) and tests have shown one thing that the Torch is better at in comparison to iPhone 4 or all the others Android phones on the market at the moment...the browsing speed of the Torch is amazing and unbeatable. So, Digi online package will definitely make this smartphone an amazing one...constantly connected to the internet at a high speed...

Display quality wise, the Blackberry Torch is not as good as the Iphone 4 retina display. So, do you really care about the display? I mean how many people really look at the difference. Maybe you will spot the difference if you put both the phones side by side but if you are a professional looking for a smartphone that makes you look elegant and cool, this is the one for you. 
Some people might be cursing me...the Blackberry Torch is smarter and hotter than the iPhone 4...what the heck!! But hey, Apple has apps and that is the major difference but professional users will be more interested in the effectiveness of emailing, messaging and doing some simple work while on the go. The QWERTY keyboard in the Torch give this device an amazing advantage...

There are a lot of people who are probably looking at the lack of front camera for video chatting but I personally own a device that could use video call and what the heck! I hardly use it and I believe most people will not be doing video call while on the go. If they need it, I am sure the Blackberry fans will buy the Blackberry Playbook (I'll leave that for another post). The 5MP camera would be enough to convince professional users to use it. 

With the ability to connect to the internet all the time, you could surf for important information while on the go, check on your social networks and you could even read news via the web. And all this could be done at an amazing speed...so that's SURF SMART.

There won't be minimum usage required for you, which means you are only paying for what you are using. Sounds good? I think it's smart because I realize that with the internet available, a lot of people are looking at alternative ways to connect with one another via the web...this will definitely decrease your needs to keep making phone calls plus the discounts offered help to make you call others for cheaper. Now, that's CALL SMART!

As mentioned earlier, there will be discount for you if your total billed reach RM100 and also RM200 and above. For RM100 above, you get 25% discount of the RM68 you pay for and for RM200 and above, you save RM68 as the internet usage will be consider as free...now this is call SAVE SMART!

We all know that when we are in the working world, there comes a need for us to travel overseas for working purposes. Both my brother and sister have been travelling due to work reasons and this is why I think the unlimited data roaming for only RM36 a day is worth it. Now this is call ROAM SMART!!

Argh...after blogging about this, I really want to get the TORCH for myself...but then, I am still studying and I guess it is important to manage my finance in a wiser manner as I have yet to work. I must learn to control myself. I guess it is not about chasing after the latest gadget but it is important to buy gadget that could help us in our daily lives...making life smarter and more convenient for us. 

So, if you want a HOT and SMART phone, the TORCH is the one for you. and Digi definitely make it cheap for most people...just as how they do it with iPhone 4. A big thumbs up to the Yellow Man. Now, I can't wait for the Yes network to be launched...hopefully, it will be as good and as competitive as Digi but then that will be another story. 

That's it folks! Go grab your TORCH especially for those who are coming into the working world soon....give me another 6 months and I will get one myself...haha!! I'm graduating soon as well...alright...gtg!! 


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