gadgets...something to follow??

If you are one of those geeks who are into new gadgets, you will probably feel that there are a bit too much to follow these days. Just the other day when we heard about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, we have the Blackberry Playbook, and let us not forget about the rumour of the upcoming Ipad generation 2. Well, we also heard that Microsoft is going to launch their tablet pc based on Windows phone 7 soon. If you think that this is only the war between tablets, what about cameras? You probably be seeing new models coming out monthly. 
It is hard to imagine how young people are going to follow up with all these. Just about a month ago, we have the iPhone we are hearing about iPhone 5. and don't forget that HTC also has their own superphone coming, the HTC Desire HD. 
Well, we also have the Microsoft company rebooting their mobile OS with Windows Phone 7. Reviews have been good and it seems that each of these devices are lacking something. It probably mean that there are too much models to choose more Android smartphones are also on the rise. 
The competition is tight and more gadgets are coming up. 

The question remains is this: are these gadgets gonna make mobility a convenience or simply a cool factor? The other day I was pondering on a new phone for myself but I couldn't really make up my mind due to the vast options available. At the end of the day, it is important to know which gadgets suit you and is it worth it to buy a gadget that probably would be out of date in the coming year? 

I am considering buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab but with the heavy price tag, I might eventually opt to buy a cheaper smartphone instead. I know a lot of people have been talking about Apple products but seriously, the Apple products ain't my first options....after all, with the antenna issues, I don't think I will splash my cash on the new iphone 4....after all, there might just be something new in the coming months...are you following?? Maybe that's why the Windows Phone 7 ads are actually quite revelant these days....if you have time, go and view it...i might be blogging on that soon...

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