In the comfort of my home

Now that I'm back in Ipoh, I'm really beginning to enjoy being here. Home sweet home! I guess this is the place that gives me the strength. This is the place that builds my character and of course, this is where I find my refuge when I am tired. 
After studying for quite a while in my room, I decided to take a break...take some snapshots of my room and how they are giving me the comfort that I need. First of all, I must say that I'm beginning to enjoy sugarless coffee. I have been drinking it for quite a while at home...

No more coffee mate, no more sugar...just coffee

Well, things are definitely great with the company of the coffee...and I could easily access to my email to check on updates in blogs as well as other important stuff...not to forget about FB and twitter...ya...i prefer using mobile device to connect when I'm I could sms as well...

 mobile phones that will always be my side...

Then, I also like the surroundings in my room...with all my favourite stuff around...since I was resting, I decided to take snapshots of it and post it here...tada!! 

More updates later....haha!! ;-)

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