Bad results but not gonna look back in disappointment...

Well, just check most of the results this semester and I did pretty badly but then I won't look back in disappointment although I must said I felt a bit sad for some of the results. While I won't deny that I have not been at my best lately but I believe I really did try my best during the one week I have. Well, the results did show that I need more time and no doubt about that, I should learn to focus more but I believe there is more learning in this semester than before.

You can check this from ISM website..

The results are quite a nightmare given that there is a need for a certain CGPA under Great Eastern scholarship but I believe all of these will help me to be more focus and better in dealing with emotional struggles. A friend of mine, David Ho once post this on fb, a man who can master emotion can master everything...something that I totally believe in.

Well, holiday is coming soon, after the 23rd and I'm not gonna let this ruin the short break that I'll be having this time. It's time to look forward and I have already been looking forward by going for the 3P program. Initially, there is a great reluctance to go for this program but I believe that the time frame of the course persuade me to go, to learn about sitting in a place from 9am to 5pm although ther is a short break and an hour plus lunch time. Up next on the schedule is the Exam P.

I also learn to set my be honest, at times, it hurts me to say no to a certain group of people, especially people close to my heart but I think there is a need to put aside certain things in order to go beyond one's capability...I'll focus on the positives...and I believe the small victories will inspire me to go further...Am really looking forward to a working life but then again, I believe like what many have been telling me...appreciate the university life as well. Thus, I'll look forward to a working life but then, I'll definitely not neglect the learning process....and I'm blogging this from the 30 minutes break I have....

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