HTC Desire HD is in Malaysia

Well, if you are one of the Android fanatics, you are about to see the greatest Android smartphone available in the market at the moment coming from Digi...the HTC Desire HD.
And the offer is quite attractive as well. This is probably one of the must get it product, especially since Christmas is coming and most of you are probably looking forward for a new gadget during this holiday season.

HTC Desire HD on Dg Smart Plan, and the plan cost you about RM63. It is a monthly unlimited internet usage for you, something that you must have if you want to enjoy the usage of a smartphone.

The DG Smart Plan from Digi

If you are a fan of Android and prefer the HTC Sense than the Samsung TouchWiz, this should be the offer that you wouldn't want to miss. Of course, you could also get the Samsung Galaxy S for about RM2200 in SenQ and pay using ezpayment for 3 years. But it's really a fair fight between this two devices.

One thing for sure...if you love web browsing, Android, HTC sense, and the many apps available on your smartphone, then HTC Desire HD is your choice. I will blog more on the comparison between these two giants...but for now, it's great to see another good offer by Digi. Just the other day we were talking about Blackberry Torch, the best Blackberry smartphone on the market now and today, we are talking about the Android giant here, offer by Digi once again....definitely a big thumbs up!! Wondering when will Digi be bringing in Windows Phone 7 as well...

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