Something is missing

I seriously want to scream out loud saying that something is missing. And while I am not entirely sure what the heck is missing, I definitely feel it as I sit here, blogging from my laptop, hearing Linkin Park song that goes "trying to catch up, mother F###" Well, in no way I am promoting foul words in my blog but that's how the song goes...anyway, it was at this time that I sit down and ponder about some of the things that happened in 2010. 

I believe 2010 is a year that I learn a lot, about life and how to endure some of the miserable parts of it, when things don't work as you intend for them to stay focus, and be stronger. 

Somehow, even as I sit here wondering what's next, I felt that something is missing...


  1. Don't pressure yourself too much.. each year we have our good and our not so good times.. a new year is approaching... sometimes I dread going to office too, new scope of work, politics in the office, it really wears me down but have to face it somehow.. :( anyway, I think it will be alright eventually.. :)

  2. Hmm...I think u're right....and I like the way you put it, that it will be alright eventually. At least I'm going to look forward to Christmas and New Year with a positive mind.


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