Stop by in Klang before heading back to Ipoh

Well, there are many people who have been wondering "where the hell is Kian Hin?". Anyway, I'm back to Ipoh and would love to appreciate my one week plus break before I'm heading back to KL for a new semester on the 3rd of January. 
Anyway, before I went back to Ipoh, I went to Klang and would love to share this little journey with my friends. 

Here was where my journey started: 

While waiting for the KTM train.

The two bags that i bring Nike bag and laptop bag...

And here comes the train...I took it...very nice!! LOL!

 While in the train...taking some snapshots due to the 1 hr journey...hate it!!

Upon arrival, I make sure I took it as proof of my visit...lOL! 

Well, when I reached Klang, a new friend of mine (after being coursemate for 2 years, I finally know her at the end of my 3rd year, 1st semester), Meng Hui fetched me with another friend of hers.

As promised, she made the cheesecake and here is it. Although from the look of it, you might not want to make it but it was really quite, this must be true since it is coming from someone who don't like to eat cake...haha!!


Next, we head for makan session....lunch time and we go for Bak Kut Teh...
I forgot the name of the place but it was quite nice and Meng Hui also belanja makan...that's the best part...haha!!

The one in pink is my friend, Meng Hui and the other girl is her friend.

 Tada!! and this is the Bak Kut Teh...

After that, she fetched me back to KTM to take train back to KL sentral and then took the ETS back to Ipoh...gosh!! a whole day trip...and I did it after my Microsoft Office Project examination...and of course, I pass the exam...lOL!! damn happy...was the first to finish it and I got 983/1000...haha!! impressive?? loL! well, the exam was not that tough though...hehehe!!
That will add to another professional certificate for me but I doubt it'll be of much use though...

Anyway, would really love to thank MengHui for the Bak Kut Teh and cheesecake...appreciate it least it won't be about studies the whole time when I'm in KL...;-)

the train ticket back to Ipoh...

Well, I'm done with blogging for today...will blog about Christmas soon but for now, I guess it's going to be good to exercise a bit...:-) 

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