January 27, 2010


Well, it must be funny to be reading the title of the post "OBSESSION". All the more you are reading it in a blog that talks about smartphone, staying connected on the go....and many others related to technology.

Well, I guess the title come about due to my obsession with Windows Mobile and other smartphones news lately.
But then again who wouldn't be now that the business is full of challenges and it is definitely becoming more competitive now.

Now there are actually a lot of things running through my head now with the rumour about the Windows mobile 7 coming out at the end of the year becoming more rapid and talks have been Microsoft will be the next thing if Windows Mobile 7 is as good as some proclaim it to be. But hold your anticipation there...we all know that this is also not the first time Microsoft disappoints her faithful users. But then we also remember how the company turn XBox into one of the most entertaining invention of the last decade.

Speculation has been ripe for more than a year now that Microsoft is working on a new phone, hardware to rival the Apple iPhone. Project Pink has been alive, declared dead, and then brought back to life in the space of a few months. New evidence suggests that at the very least Zune is going to play a big part in Windows Mobile 7, and at most a Zune Phone could be in the offing.
Microsoft has promised to reveal something big at the Mobile World Congress event in February, but that is assumed to be the final version of Windows Mobile 7. Those assumptions, however, could be wrong, and Microsoft may actually be preparing to reveal new hardware rather than its new mobile OS.

Well, with such excitement in the news, how can one not be obsessed with it??

And then recently, I read about an article that talks about the failure of Microsoft performing has caused the sales for HTC to gone flat despite of the hot sales in smartphones. But then I guess it's great to see how much longer HTC will wait and hold onto Microsoft. Although the company might have been the reason for HTC to be one of the strong smartphone manufacturer, there is a certain patience in their wait and with Android going strong, there might just be a change.

As a WM user, I must admit that I envy the Iphone users when they show off how they play with their toys. But I definitely given the resources and financial fundamentals of Microsoft, it is definitely the right choice to believe in the next Windows Mobile. But then again, I believe it is time and there is a great need for Microsoft to start IMAGINE again, so that they could come with something new, something that transform the smartphone industry. Maybe, just maybe they might pull this through.

Anyway, besides all the news that have been capturing my attention lately, I've downloaded the apps called "EVERNOTE". It is definitely an app that helps me to take down notes and I could easily access it through the internet. The information being stored in the "cloud" seems to be the right direction and so far, I'm enjoying it on my HTC P36ooi. Now that might have been a rather old model for a smartphone but it still entertains me.

January 25, 2010

Getting a free netbook?

With the economy not going too good even though many predict a growth trend for 2010, it is always wise to look for the cheapest and best bargain available. Now with our Budget 2010 specifying the need to offer cheap broadband to university students, Streamyx has a "Promotion" specially for university student.

It is only RM50 and you will get Streamyx 384kbps. No installation fee or activation fee will be charged. You will get FREE Wifi modem, a netbook delivered to your doorstep, and also Streamyx Zone ID which makes mobility possible.

However, only first or 2nd year students are offered this promotion. This offer is open to IPTA as well as IPTS students. There is a list of university students who are eligible to apply for this promotion. Feel free to log in Streamyx website to check out for more information about this website.

Now, we finally have some good PROMOTION that intends to help university students. Surely this will help them to manage their finance better as well as to have more cash in hand as they do not need to spend a few thousands for a laptop or computer.

January 22, 2010

A love poem for YenLeng

I am sorry,

There are times I fail to love,

There are times I fail to care,

If there were time I neglect you,

I ask that you forgive me

And teach me to love you even more

I am sorry,

Because I fail to keep my word,

Because I fail to make you smile,

If there were time I cause you to drop tears,

I ask that you forgive me,

And I will catch every drop of those tears

I am sorry,

For my arrogance,

For my ambition,

If there were time I chase after my own dream,

Forgetting that you need me too,

I ask that you hold my hands and remind me that I need to slow down

I am sorry,

If I couldn’t protect you,

If I couldn’t give you everything you wishes for,

If there were times I failed to see what you need,

I ask that you share that passion of yours,

So that I will know how happiness looks like for you.

I am not perfect,

I am not a good person either,

But what I have is this,

I promise to walk through the dark and pain with you,

No matter how far and how difficult this journey would be,

I will hold on

And stay with you till the very end.

P.S: I love you

Fall in love with Guang Liang's song again: Yi Ge Ren Zou (Walking Alone)

Well, people who know me well enough would know that I start listening to Mandarin songs only after listening to Guang Liang's song. However, it's been a while since I love any of his songs ever since "Dui Ni You Gan Jue" and "Yue Ding"...the last 2 songs that I love.

Lately, I've been listening to a duet song of his. I know it's not a really new song either but somehow or rather, I'm falling in love with that song. Lol!
It is a duet song between Guang Liang and Janice. Of course, there is a Cantonese version of this song but I prefer the Mandarin version for some reason. Well, you must understand that I'm not a pro Mandarin language.

Here is the lyrics:

Yi Ge Ren Zou
Walking Alone

J:天與地 沒有你蹤跡
tian yu di mei you ni zong ji
there are no traces of you in heaven and on earth

想你的感覺 卻近在咫尺
xiang ni de gan jue que jing zai zhi chi
yet the feeling of missing you is so near

du zi zou zai mo sheng de guo du shi
when i’m walking alone on unfamiliar borders

shi zhong bu neng zi kong xiang qi le ni
eventually i would uncontrollably think of you

G:這地方 風景太美麗
zhe di fang feng jing tai mei li
the scenery of this place is so beautiful

不可以分享 有什麽意義
bu ke yi fen xiang you shen me yi yi
what’s the point if this cannot be shared

du lai du qu zhi xiang zhao dao zhi ji
walking about alone only in hope of finding myself

er zhen shi de zi ji jiu shi bu neng shi qu ni
but the true me is the one that cannot afford to lose you

wo yi ge ren zou
i’m walking alone

G:天涯海角裡 繼續走
tian ya hai jiao li ji xu zou
continue walking within the great distance

ni hui fou ming bai wo gan shou
would you understand my feelings?

bu yao zi you
don’t want freedom

zhi yao wan ni de shou
merely desire to hold your hands

合:相信相愛多年後 你爲我守候
xiang xin xiang ai duo nian hou ni wei wo shou hou
believe that after loving for many years you would wait for me

ni mei you ting liu
you didn’t stop

he wei chang xiang si shou
what is meant by being faithful forever?

ni hao ma?
how are you?

yi lu shang mei you ni zai zuo you
a journey without you by my side

J:面對 現實一無所有
mian dui xian shi yi wu shuo you
facing that i have nothing in reality

ke xi dang tian fang kai ni de shou
it’s a pity i let go off your hands that day

zai bu neng hui tou
no longer able to return

Bold合 :我一個人走
wo yi ge ren zou
i’m walking alone

G:天涯海角裡 繼續走
tian ya hai jiao li ji xu zou
continue walking within the great distance

ni hui fou ming bai wo gan shou
would you understand my feelings?

bu yao zi you
don’t want freedom

zhi yao wan ni de shou
merely desire to hold your hands

G:知道一直往前走 永遠在我手
zhi dao yi zhi wang qian zou yong yuan zai wo shou
knowing to keep forging forth, eternity is in my hands

ni mei wei wo ting liu
you didn’t stop for me

J:何謂長廂斯守 G:跟我長廂斯守
J: he wei chang xiang si shou G: gen wo chang xiang si shou
J: what is meant by being faithful forever? G: let’s stay faithful forever

J:還記得 J:跟我我長廂斯守
J:hai ji de J: gen wo chang xiang si shou
J:still remember J: let’s stay faithful forever

J:你我在那天怎樣邂逅 G:我在左右
J: ni wo zai na tian zen yang xie hou G: wo zai zuo you
J: after that day, how would we coincidentally meet again? G: i’m by your side

J:曾經 擁有天長地久
cheng jin yong you tian chang di jiu
once had eternity

合:如果當天我們不放手 能不能回頭
ru guo dang tian wo men bu fang shou neng bu neng hui tou
if we never let go that day, would we be able to return?

J:天與地 沒有你消息
tian yu di mei you ni xiao xi
there is no news of you in heaven and on earth

走多少公里 才能忘記你
zou duo shao gong li cai neng wang ji ni
how many metres must i walk to be able to forget you?

du lai du qu shi zhong zhao bu dao ni
ultimately unable to find you while walking about alone

xi wang tong heng xia qu de ren
wishing that the person who would continue travelling with me

zui hou hai shi ni
would be you in the end

Now if you think I learned Mandarin just for this song, then it is a no. But somehow or rather, I felt a deeper meaning within this song which really capture my heart. Well, I'm not sure how others would look at this song but it's definitely a nice one for me.

To me, somehow it talks about the meaning of being faithful. What is faithfulness forever? Is it always so easy to say I love you forever?

I definitely hope I could say that and like many of those who know me, love is a verb. It is an action....a choice...Love is not about getting into Heaven...it is about going through Hell just to hold the hands and be with the person you love. Only then will Heaven brings a better meaning.

January 21, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 to be shown in Mobile World Congress??

Now there might be a lot of people who rule out Microsoft from the smartphone industry. However, it is always dangerous and stupid to forget about the biggest company in the information industry. After all, this is Microsoft we are talking about.
Even as the economy slump, the company is still very strong financially and have we forgot about how Windows 7 makes the rest of the world stand in awe again of Microsoft. Well, the smartphone industry might not be as easy as the OS especially with iphone going to go better with their version 4 for sure.

Of course, there have been rumours about the delayed of the launching of Windows Mobile 7 with some saying that it could be too late to save Microsoft. Well, the latest rumour surrounding the hype of Windows Mobile 7 is that it could be shown and mentioned of during next month Mobile World Congress which begins on the 15th of February.

There have been new rumour which says that WM7 could come into 2 different version, with one for the BUSINESS EDITION and another MEDIA EDITION. The one that many would look forward to would be the ME as much changes have been said being made to make WM7 the next HiT to revive Microsoft in competing with Iphone, Blackberry and others.

The mobile OS may come with a variety of different features including an impressive mobile version of Office, online collaboration, high-definition video, Xbox Live, and streaming TV, according to WM Experts, a Windows Mobile news site.

It is said that it is likely that Microsoft would show off part of WINDOWS MOBILE 7 during the MWC this year. Well, it is definitely something that we should look for...after all, it is the competition that set a higher level for the smartphone industry.

Glad to be hearing about Haiti's survival stories

I wonder how many of us are just glad to read and hear about the Haiti's survival stories but I'm definitely one of them. With help pouring in from everywhere, it makes me realize one thing, that despite of our differences (skin colour, religion, race, perspectives, ideologies, beliefs, etc.), we're one family and part of humanity.

Being in Malaysia should be an opportunity to learn to embrace these differences but I guess we're all too caught up with our own stories, our own beliefs, our own perspectives, our own ideologies that we neglect others. Of late, we heard about the attact towards churches in Malaysia due to the usage of the word "Allah".

While I know that word stands and gives great meaning to probably Christians and Muslims alike, we all should know better that the simple rule of loving our neighbours, loving our friends, loving people around us means more than using the word "Allah" to call on our God. I don't know if it is right to defend the usage of the word, but if I am indeed to defend the usage of the word by all Malaysians, I would rather learn from Mahatma Gandhi. Let us not respond evil with evil. While so far things have been pretty in control in the country, at times there is a longing that people would see a more important thing than "being religious".

Let us not be talking about religion and God but acting otherwise. Those who are responsible for the attack to the churches, you should be ashame of that action because that action shows you simply do not understand your own God. What kind of God would encourage the attack towards another human being?

I guess the only thing we can do is pray. Pray and learn to live a life that reflect of love so that somehow or rather along this journey, that love would be shared with others of different beliefs, cultures, religion, ideologies.

January 15, 2010

The numb and void that one must face

It was as if only a while that we talked about a NEW YEAR, a NEW HOPE...finding voices...etc. But I'm not someone who talk about things without doing. I have been doing what I felt I should....being actively part of my university life because in some ways, I felt there should be VOICES within this community that seeks to be heard.
But there is one thing that seems to haunt me daily...the numb and void within me.

I read about the Haiti tragedy....mentioned a bit of prayer. I played guitar while singing worship to God. I read the Bible. I try to be part of the lives of others...but the stories that engage along this journey seems to carry with it a weight of hopelessness. It just made me ask the questions in "THE RIDDLE" by FIVE FOR FIGHTING.

But before he died, I asked him
?Wait, what's the sense in life?
Come over me, Come over me?

Then he said, "Here's a riddle for you
Find the answer: There's a reason for the world
You and I"

There are secrets that we still have left to find
There have been mysteries from the beginning of time
There are answers we're not wise enough to see

I guess we're big and I guess we're small
If you think about it man you know we got it all
'Cause we're all we got on this bouncing ball
And I love you free, I love you freely

Yeah...the quest for the RIDDLE of life..."What's the meaning of all these?" Is there answer for us or is the answer TOO BIG for us to understand.
At times, I felt "I am alive and yet I am dead."

I wanna go for a ride,
Where I can be free from all these,
From this numb and confused feelings of mine,
Yet as I run,
These feelings run after me,
How is love supposed to be read?
Where the history of this world speak nothing of it,
So many things that I not know,
And this feeling of uncertainty is eating me up,
Maybe this is
the numb and void within
That each one must face.

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