February 24, 2010

Seeing value

I've been talking a lot about Windows mobile and windows phone and phone. Smartphone has been the talk of this blog most of the time. Anyway I am going to write something else for a change.
I am writing this out of the excitement of seeing such offer given by an optical company. For years I've been disgusted by promotion banners and posters regarding optic products as eventually the price would be much more expensive the one offered.

With our constant engagement in the world of technology, our eyes are forced to look at the computer screen, smartphone screen and basically, our eyes are tired from all these strain. This is why optic products are of such importance even at this time.

One of the best and genuine offer that I found regarding optical products are the ones offered by Zenni Optical. The article "Cheap eyeglasses are a reality. Check out Eric's review of Zenni Optical" may sounds too good to be true but after having friends and family who go for the packages, the cool design eye glasses has helped them to save up to about 80%. The eyeglasses are also of good quality and high durability level.

In order to know why is it that the company could come out with such discounted price and yet maintain the standard and quality of their products, I google and read through Eric's reviews.
It was then that I realized that Zenni Optical uses the latest modern materials, manufacturing as well as marketing systems in order to deliver the product directly from factories to customers and. This enables the company to sells their own brand without the need to look for the services of middleman and retail overhead. The company also manage to further reduce their cost as they invest on a different advertisement strategy. Instead of paying big amount of money for advertisement company, they depend on the satisfacction of their customers and their good reviews as well as testimonials on the products.

I probably will go and get one myself soon since there's still a long wait for the Windows Phone 7 to be released. Apparently, it would be out somewhere October 2010....I might spend a bit on a new pair of eyeglasses and then start budgeting so that I could get a hand on the new phone as well. ;-)

I guess that's all for now...

February 19, 2010

The devil within

It is difficult to be blogging lately with the devil within seems to be growing larger.
Hmm...sometimes we do wonder what love is.
I am sure Christians could easily quote from a Bible verse which is very true in a lot of ways...love is patient, love is kind, love is....bla bla bla!!
And then there is this quote: Love is a verb, and I'm pretty a strong believer in it.
But then it was only lately that I come across another definition of love.

Love is nothing more than a vestigal feeling that a human race is feeling after millenia of evolution. We, humans no longer feel it in its truest sense. The only thing we feel is the virulent strain that is left among us. A feeling so subtle as the ether itself which is on the verge of extinction.
Love is only a mask.. The faces beneath the mask are people so vindictive and malicious. The kind who can be despised when masks are stripped off. Love is not a coincidence but a sheer illusion of coincidence. The Illusion of a purpose. A Purpose of conceit and selfishness which slowly consumes the people itself.

Well, I couldn't disagree entirely with what is being said here. That love is a mask...or maybe should I put it this way....our lives and actions is the mask we wear everyday. And at times, when we express love, it is only part of that mask we are wearing.

Everyone who loves art, poetry and who are artistic would easily recognize the man by the name Shakespeare, William Shakespeare. This line, taken from his work 'As you like it' probably speak a great volume of what I mean here:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

Probably we could never find a better metaphor to describe human life as the performance of actors on the stage. And looking back to an even ancient days, Plato words, attribute to the Greek philosophers, Socrates, who died in the year 399 BCE, saying "So now our argument shows that in mournings and tragedies and comedies, not merely on the stage, but in all the tragedy and comedy of life and in countless other ways, pain is mixed with pleasure”

Isn't that what life is about. A stage. And we are the actors...some play it well and better while others probably are more emotional and not as good. Life is a stage...let us play our role....that is the devil within...and we are all wearing a mask.


February 17, 2010

The phone is not a PC

The phone is not a PC. That's official now that Microsoft has unveiled their next mobile phone platform, Windows Phone 7.
And using "the phone is not a PC" as the mantra, Microsoft seems to be sure that Windows Phone 7 would be a hit.
Apparently, the company is also certain that the "web browser" on the phone would be much more advance although no statement has been made regarding the version of desktop Internet Explorer it borrows the core components.
With Windows Mobile 7, you are seeing a totally different Windows mobile. No longer do we have the old and boring UI. But if you think it's just another make up for Microsoft, then you are wrong. With strong integration with Xbox live, Zune and social network as well, we are probably looking at the next mobile platform that will stand out. And if you are thinking that Microsoft is trying to create a competitor for Iphone, then you might only guess half of it. Microsoft is playing to win with Seven.

In the congress, this is how Windows Phone 7 series were introduced: "Phones kind of look like PC...and the phone is not a PC."

And Windows Phone 7 series is giving Apple and Google everything to be afraid of. From the beginning of the introduction of Windows 7, it has only been giving the "WOW" factor.

More updates on Windows Phone 7 series will be released here.

February 16, 2010

Going back to where it all started...

This week champions' league match has been extremely interesting, as Beckham, the former No.7 of Manchester United would be returning to Old Trafford, wearing the AC Milan jersey. Well, it is interesting to see how the match would turn out to be. United, in their hot form will be looking to secure the win against the Italian club.

Well, Becks would not make it easy for the Red Devils though. But then again, AC Milan might not even be depending on David Beckham as Ronaldinho has also been finding the form that once made him the darling of Barcelona. It would be interesting to see how this match would continue.

Then again, there is also Real Madrid and Lyon. Although Benzema might not have been as sharp and as powerful as he used to be in Lyon, he seems to be finding his form at the right time again. The attention would of course involved not only him but also the All Star in Real Madrid. Indeed, it seems like it is going back to where it all started for both Benzema and Beckham..

February 12, 2010

First day of break...

Well, it's Chinese New Year and I'm definitely in the holiday mood. Today I woke up pretty early and went to the market with my mother. After that, we went to EconomySave. Gosh!! There were so many people there and these are some of the snapshots I took there while trying to get over my boredom...
The crowd were busy looking for the nicer veges...

And I was like "Yucks!!"

Is it really that cheap?
EconSave claims to be the cheapest!!

Anyway, I was pretty irritated by an old man who tried to cut queue, and he looked as though he had not shower for days...ish!!! Didn't want to spoil my camera taking his photo though...
Then, we went to other sections and I love this one...

Tada!! junk food!!

Cheaper than the one I saw in Tesco...;-)

Well, back home....and I was playing with Adobe Photoshop. Well, I tried to make something like a 3D image but then I'm still not good at it.
I also play with Microsoft Photosynth...while it's cool, it's difficult to play with...not only that, you'll also know how to take snapshots of your environment in order for the 3D image to work...
I experimented one and here is the result:
KianHin Synth
This link will lead you to the Microsfot Photosynth page where you can view even better synths by others....mine was not really that good but then again, it's my first try...hehe!!

On the other, Adobe Photoshop was nice to play with because I could also post those photos here...I only edited one photo...this is the original one:

Me, busy editing something with my notebook.

And these are my edited photos:

It wasn't like perfect but then again, I sort of like it...after all, it's my first time playing with it...for me, it's a good effort!! Yay!!

Well, I also took some snapshots of the Chinese New Year decoration at home...not a lot but pretty okay for me. At least it won't look to suffocated. And I don't really understand the cultures and how things work during the festival...I only know I can get Ang Pow...loL!!

I spent a lot of time playing with the camera and these are only some of the snapshots taken around my house....
(relaxing using camera...sounds like a good idea to me now...haha!!)

Well, I also take some snapshots of myself....pretty cooL!!

I started with black and white
And then I try taking it by changing the exposure...

And now back to normal...

And this is me pretending to be emo...

Alright....I've spent too long on this post...

February 11, 2010

Leaders Slip, Arsenal Back to Contention

A brief update on EPL's midweek match. Leaders Chelsea were beaten 2-1 at Everton, with both Everton's goals coming from Louis Saha. 10-men Manchester United only managed to salvage 1 point at Aston Villa after Nani was sent off just 30 minutes into the game. Aston Villa took lead with goal from Carlos Jimenez Cuellar before United pulling back with effort from Ryan Giggs, which was deflected back into the own net by James Collins. Arsenal took advantage of the situation and beat Liverpool 1-0 to go back into the EPL title chase.

February 09, 2010

Went for blood donation

Today I went for blood donation that was organized in my university.
Well, I also had a test in the morning and the previous night I only had slept for less than 5 hours. So, when I look at the requirement, one of it written was that to have sleep at least 5 hours.
Anyway, I did not told the guy I slept less than 5 so I passed all the other requirements.

And also because of this test, I checked on my weight and I realized that I'm now 55kg. Hmm...pretty satisfied with it though.
Alright, back to blood donation. For those of you wonder what blood type I am, then I'll tell you: type O.
The nurse and people there were very polite. Not bad for a first timer like me. I donated 300ml and there were supposed to be a lucky draw...I only managed to get normal goodies...aiks!!! bad luck!!

I took these while waiting

Well, besides going for blood donation, I went to 12th college for their performance, something related to the Chinese Community there and something about the CNY also. Alright, I'm not too Chinese when it comes to talking about the culture and all. I don't really understand much and maybe in a way, I don't give too much thoughts about it. But nevertheless, a rather interesting performance although I won't say it's too good either.

Hmm...I have another test coming on this Wednesday. Aiks!! To be honest, I'm a bit tired of work and studies. For those of you who are wondering what type of work, it would be writing and blogging at the moment. Well, I love blogging but at times I just felt like switching off everything...all the wires and SLEEP, without thinking about anything. Guess it's just me who want to be in SLEEPING mode.

Oh yah...I did use the ipod shuffle for jogging. While it is good (the music and sound), the headset probably was not too suitable for jogging. At times, I felt that it is a bit loose and when I sweat after running for quite a while, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Maybe I'll spend some time looking at the accessories and see what is suitable but then I'll probably only buy it after some time.

I guess I don't have much to update for now...would really love to go back to Ipoh...I miss HOME!!

February 06, 2010

Embrace it as the night turns into day

There rarely was the case. I was never the kind of person who would sit down or go for a walk to enjoy a beautiful morning.
However, for some reason today, despite of sleeping less than an hour during the night, I went for a morning walk, at about 6.30 and waited it til 7plus. I seldom appreciate how beautiful morning is but then as I was sitting on a chair in 12th college, I said a simple prayer. (For some reason, it was one of my shortest prayer but I felt that it was also one of the most sincere I ever said.)

I was not emotional at that time and neither am I now, but I knew that somehow despite of all the times that the whole world seem to forsake us, God sees it. Looking at the sky and seeing how the dark sky slowly turn brighter, I felt a certain warmth and strength. The weather was also encouraging with the wind blowing slowly. I heard some of those noises made by the insects and though I usually hated those noise (I found it annoying), I felt that they were happy to see another day begin as well.

I sat for a while with some thoughts going through my mind. While we start a new day, some parts of the world are only beginning to fall asleep and rest, just like most of us did in the last few hours. Such is the beauty of creation...Just looking at how the day starts, it reminds me of how precious life is. No matter how great human can be, none of us actually manage to create the creation like God did. Well, some others might think of it as a random event but still, it is beautiful, magnificent and gorgeous.

I guess sometimes, when we learn to slow down and look at life a little deeper, we might actually see God there. Today, I can said that I see God, or maybe the act of God...such simple event that we hardly took notice of...how the night slowly turns into the day, and the day and business of the other side of the world slowly turns peaceful.

February 02, 2010

What have I been doing?

For those of you who have been wondering what have I been doing lately and some of you even wonder why some of my post contents that looks weird, then I am here to tell you that those post contents are posts that I wrote for "Pay Per Post". Something that I've been doing as part-time in a way.

Anyway that aside, I've been busy with a few things...studies, workout, jogging and also reading. I also got myself an Apple product, my first ever and it is the cheapest of them all...ipod shuffle. I bought it because I want to use it when I go for jogging. Yeah...I did my run today, for about an hour and those songs, especially songs that are hyper helps to create a strong mentality and determination to run longer, further and faster. I'll be blogging about the ipod shuffle once I play with it more.

I am sorry for those who have been asking me out and yeah, I know some of you are probably used to hearing a NO from me. My apology. I hope that as friends, you guys would understand different people have different needs and at this time, to a certain extend, I need space.

Alright, that aside, I am pretty exciting about an experiment that I'm gonna run on my own body, to test my own limit. I have been reading about polyphasic sleep and the effects as well as how to stay awake for longer hours. I'm sure some of us who also read about Leonardo Da Vinci and some of the genius in the past that they probably only sleep for about 2 to 4 hours. Well, I'm not going to attempt to sleep for that little hours if I have nothing to do. I'm pretty caught up with a few things and they are really taking a lot of my time...
Anyway, I'll blog about my experiment in a form of log here in my blog later....sounds pretty cool...in fact, I actually started my new sleeping pattern today. Well, some people disagree with what I'm doing. In fact, my girlfriend is the first to object it but then at times, I felt we must be able to do something different no matter how WRONG it seems at times.

Just thought of posting this photo here. The t-shirt bought by Addie for me. Well, I didn't take the entire picture of the t-shirt. Probably it's a bit obscene to be posted here but then again, it's my blog right?

Well, I have tonnes of stuff to share actually....but got a call from girlfriend so going to stop now and I'll be sleeping soon as I need to rest my eyes and brains before I go full throttle again.

February 01, 2010

Rooney and United Run Riot at Arsenal

Manchester United swept aside title rivals Arsenal 3-1 at Emirates Stadium to move within a point of leaders Chelsea, with Chelsea having one game in hand.

Arsenal has threatened Manchester United's defense from the opening minutes before Nani opened the scoring in the 33rd minute when his chip across goal was palmed in by Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia, before in-form England striker Wayne Rooney swept home a second following a quick counter attack.

A third on the break from Park Ji-Sung at the start of the second half effectively ended the contest, although defender Thomas Vermaelen netted a consolation for the out-muscled Gunners.

Arsenal, who had started the match five points behind Chelsea ahead of their trip to Stamford Bridge next weekend, began well as Andrei Arshavin got away down the left, before cutting inside and trying to curl the ball past Edwin van der Sar from a tight angle, but his shot drifted wide.

United, though, were quick to regain possession and then cut down any space for the home side. Nani and Darren Fletcher combined as they almost played in Rooney, but William Gallas made an important blocking tackle in the six-yard box.

Alex Song - back from the African Nations Cup - then had to hack the ball clear at the far post as United again got clear down the right far too easily.

When Arshavin - who was ineligible for last season's Champions League semi-final clash between the sides - burst away again, he lacked any support in the middle.

The Russian, though, remained Arsenal's most potent attacking threat. In the 13th minute he skipped away down the left, cut back inside Wes Brown and curled another effort goalwards, which this time was only just wide of the far post.

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas suddenly burst into life with a surging run down the middle, before slipping in Arshavin, but the Russian lost his footing at the key moment and United cleared.

United - who have played a match more than Chelsea - slowly started to gain the upper hand and Gallas needed to make another timely tackle in the penalty area as Paul Scholes shaped to shoot.

Nani drilled the ball wide as Arsenal were again exposed in the right channel, before playing a key part in the goal which gave United the lead. The winger skipped easily in between two defenders then chipping the ball back across goal. Almunia pushed it inside his far post, with Park Ji-Sung ready to tap the ball into the net.

Fabregas' shot following a corner was blocked - and four minutes later United were 2-0 ahead. Again Nani was the provider, dashing clear after picking the ball up from Rooney before squaring it for the England striker to sweep home his 22nd goal of the season, low into the corner.

The Gunners faced an uphill battle to get back into the match, with Arshavin firing wide from just inside the box - as manager Arsene Wenger was left to scratch his head and looked to the heavens for inspiration.

It could have been worse on 41 minutes, but Nani blazed his shot wide after more good work from Rooney down the left.

There was a hold-up at the start of the second half as Rooney received treatment following a knock on the knee in a challenge with Bacary Sagna. The England forward, though, was soon back in the action, and tested Almunia with a fierce angled drive after cutting in from the left.

It was game over on 52 minutes, when United scored a third following another simple counter. This time is was Park who broke clear, sprinting onto Fletcher's chip into the Arsenal half and then slotting past Almunia from just inside the box.

The Gunners were also well beaten here 3-0 by Chelsea at the end of November, before a run of seven wins from nine hauled them back into title contention.

Fabregas, continued to drive his young team on, firing over and then just too close to Van der Sar, then Song volleyed wide.

Theo Walcott came on as substitute - and Arsenal pulled a goal back with 11 minutes to go when Vermaelen's volley took a deflection off Jonny Evans to wrong-foot van der Sar.

However, there was to be no grand finale as Wenger's youngsters were again found wanting when it mattered most.

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