April 13, 2010

Microsoft "Pink" is the beginning of a new mobile direction?

Well, it is not a surprise to be hearing about Microsoft "Pink". After all, this was supposed to be one of the top secret under Microsoft project. Well, when Microsoft chose instead to talk about Windows Phone 7 during the MWC, it was rather a huge surprise and a big question mark on where would that leave "Pink".
That question mark is about to be answered because in less than 15 minutes, Microsoft will introduce two phones, codenamed "Turtle" and "Pure".
We have yet to know about the name of these phones and rumours about the specifications have yet to be confirmed...

April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Liang HiN!!

I will always remembered the first day I went to Canning Garden Baptist Church (CGBC) because that was the day God bless with me a wonderful friend, teacher, mentor and brother, Liang Hin.
Although things are very much different now as in we don't spend time for breakfast, lunch or hang out every week. All of these wonderful outings no longer exist because we're both moving on to a new phase of life.
But in my heart, I will always remembered a friend that remains faithful, strong and be by my side despite of my flaws, selfish ambitions and mistakes.
Liang Hin, I am sorry I couldn't celebrate birthday with you like how we used to have those celebrations together but I want you to know you'll always be a brother close to my heart.

Happy Birthday!
Love, Kian Hin.

April 09, 2010

Being selfish is part of life??

A friend of mine who read my blog recently told me something: "Your blog lost that substance it used to have." Well, I am sorry if my blog brings no more meaning to my readers because I guess at the end of the day, this is the place where I voice out thoughts, stories and random snapshots to the world.

To be honest, I was a bit surprise. What do you mean by substance? I thought sharing stories of mine should be strong substance enough than debating about the existence of God, because at least it is a conviction that I live...not mere words, and yet there are those who would prefer to read intellectual notes, thoughts, words and dreams of others. If you are my friend, my brothers and the people who understand me, surely things that bring joy to me would have some meaning to you. If that is not substance, what is it then?

Anyway, I'm totally okay with the comment because I too agree with her statement if the definition "substance" simply means intellectual thoughts and words.
Recently, I read a lot from other people's blogs. I couldn't really write down mine because I think a lot of these big dreams and words are nothing but "bullshits".
I have read about people talking about their dreams..about becoming big and achieving great things. Surely all of these are good things and yet, it hit me again and again when I think about making more money and achieving more great things.

There are those out there who aim and strive to be "outliers" and yet we forget that so many of the others that lack the advantages we have to achieve that aim. Even as I am writing all of these, I too am guilty like everyone of these people because I failed to see beyond success. I failed to understand the pain and misery that others have to go through. Maybe it is pointless to be feeling sorry for others if I could not even take good care of myself.

And maybe this is part of life. When you want to help others, you will also need to learn to be selfish. That is the system in it. Look at the rich and the poor. While the poor is always living for themselves, the rich could have extras to do charity and yet, how many of these rich people actually live a selfless life to be successful?
To be honest, I am out of words. I used to think it'll be cool to be a SUPERMAN kind of person, but I've seen so many superachievers who have thoughts only for themselves that I think sometimes, what makes a SUPERMAN is "selfish" ambitions...

With these thoughts in my head, I am sure you will understand why is it so hard for me to write about anything regarding my conviction at this moment...maybe being selfish is part of life, and I need to do things that I must do, for my own sake at times...

YenLeng second trip to KL

Well, what do you do if your girlfriend is going to your varsity to take examination?

I am not sure if any of you have these types of experience but well, like I mentioned in my previous post, she was here last Friday as she had to take the CCP examination in University Malaya Bangunan Peperiksaan.

Being a good boyfriend, (loL! perasan case!!) I book a room in University House for both her and her friend who is also taking the exam with her. Since the University House is only next to the Bangunan Peperiksaan, this will be extremely convenient for her. I spent some time with her on Friday (not much though as I want her to prepare for her exam) and we went out together after her exam.

We went for a movie, CLASH OF THE TITANS and we watch it in GOLD CLASS, Midvalley. That cost me quite a lot of money...RM80 for two persons...but then again, I felt the environment and seats were very comfortable. Well, for me, it's worth the money.

both of us sit on 1 seat and it still fit nicely!!
But then since I already bought two tickets, we sit on our own seats la...more comfortable!!

we took this photo in the lounge..

we got ourselves two can of cokes, a popcorn and a plate of nuggets...

Well, the CLASH OF THE TITANS was okay...not too bad and definitely worth the money.
After the movie, we went for "jalan-jalan" in Midvalley and seriously, I was damn tired from all those shopping...wonder how YenLeng managed to walk with excitement the whole time...

I play with the camera while we jalan-jalan..

She was always asking me if there is any chocolate shops....and well, after walking for a few hours, we managed to find one...

The Cocoa Trees!!

Finally we had our dinner in Kim Gary together with her friend before we go back to IPOH!!

while waiting for food, she play PSP with her friend...

April 08, 2010

2010 holds a lot of excitement for the mobile world

It has been quite some time since I blog. I was busy with my studies, assignment and also helping YenLeng to prepare for her exam. Well, I also need to write a lot of articles but then it is good as it helps me to make some extra money as I have yet to receive my scholarship money.

Well, 2010 indeed holds a lot of excitement for the mobile world. First, we have the MWC that release the details about Windows Phone 7 (apparently, the series has been deleted from the name), then we have the release of Ipad (although the buzz and hype about this is not that WOW!!).
Anyway, APPLE still manage to hold something exciting for us this year with their best product, the iPhone....and it's the 4G. There are a lot of rumours about the launch of the iPhone 4G around the mid of the year.

Now, the question that is running through my head is whether Microsoft could finally beat the Apple. Well, there have been a lot of questions about the strategy to promote their products and apparently, Apple still has the edge as the Itunes provide a lot of different applications that could be very useful in our community today. Of course, Microsoft boast about the integration of ZunePlayer, Xbox Live, and apparently, the company is taking advantage of this to attract more gamers.

Well, it will still be a long way before we know who will be the NEXT thing...but one thing for sure, the date of the decisive battle between Microsoft and Apple is drawing closer...indeed, 2010 holds a lot of excitement for the mobile world!!

April 03, 2010

The long absence from my blog...

It has been some time since I blog about anything here. There are a few reasons for that. One of it is that I am running of inspiration on what to write. This is of course due to the hectic stuff that is going on both in university and at home.

For some reasons, there are so many mid-semester tests and assignments for the subjects I am taking. Anyway, so far I have been doing average for most of the subjects and there is about 2 weeks from now before the final exam. Well, then there is YenLeng and her preparation for her exam, CCP. She's in KL today and is now staying in University House. I'll be going to find her tomorrow by 8.30am before her exam starting at 9am.

I had bought 2 tickets for the two of us to watch CLASH OF THE TITANS in GSC in Midvalley. I bought the Gold Class tickets and it cost RM40 per ticket. I felt that it was a bit too expensive but then again, it is not like she's going to come up to KL all the time.

Well, it's already 4.12am now and I couldn't sleep yet. I'll probably update more about life in the next few days. Sorry for the long absence from my blog...aiks!!

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