May 31, 2010

KianHin after recovery...

Finally recover from allergy. Haha!! Well, I couldn't believe my luck....went to KL with Addie and ate the wrong food...ended up with allergy that eventually spoiled my few days break...hehe!! (luckily I have about 2 months of holiday)

Well, today went for breakfast with mother and sister in McD at town.
Forgot to take camera to capture the snapshot of the moment. Anyway, I managed to finish 3 articles in McD...took me about 30 minutes plus.
After that, we went to settle the Celcom bill...(no more Celcom, time for Digi Internet...)
Well, I had lunch at home...

Guess what I had...


Now that I'm full, time for continuing my work...will need to clean and pack my room later...

May 29, 2010

Just watched Prince of Persia

the tickets for the movie

Just watched Prince of Persia with my family (excluding Chiew Lian, she needs to study for ACCA) and YenLeng.
Well, one thing that will always remained clear to me throughout the movie was that there was a lot of jumping scenes that are really cool! As usual, Disney movie...predictable and a happy ending but I still love how the fighting scenes and the how show progress.
For those of you who have yet to watch Prince of Persia, the movie started with how Prince Dastan was being adopted into the royal family of the Persia empire. The reason why a King will want to adopt someone into the noble family is simply because of his action, his willingness to do what is right despite of him going against someone who is more powerful than him.

Although his blood was not royal, his character was noble.
"Prince of Persia".

Well, after that, the movie fast forward to the time when Prince Dastan and his brothers are grown up. They attacked Alamut, of which unreliable intel says it’s harboring weapons of mass destruction. Again predictably, that too is a lie for all there is in the city is a gorgeous princess, Tamina, who is the guardian of a magic Dagger, which can turn back time by just one minute by releasing some of the Sand of Time. The Dagger is also the only object that can break a huge glass-like vessel underneath Alamut, which contains enough of this mythical Sand to swipe everything on Earth and bring it back to Big Bang. Understandably, all villains want the Dagger and will stop at nothing to get it, which sets the two unlike allies, Dastan and Tamina, on a terrific journey through the desert, which is as fun as it is apparently lacking real substance.

It is also interesting to see how the love relationship develop between the two main characters in the movie although I couldn't agree when they all said about the beauty of the Princess.

Well, if you are the type who like fantasy and adventure, this movie is for you. The casts of the movie have done an excellent job.

I watched the movie with YenLeng and my family...hehe!! played with PSP before that but was suck at the Fifa World Cup. Was happy to be out after sick for some time due to allergy....

May 27, 2010

A real frustration with HTC TyTn ii

Now first of all, I know that it is probably outdated to be talking about HTC TyTn ii now that the latest HTC Evo 4G is emerging. Well, just to let those of you guys who are changing new phones all the is great to be doing gadgets, tech and all that are real cool. But there is always this problem. If you keep changing phones, you are actually contributing to the pollution of the environment. (I'll be starting a blog on this soon enough)

Well, saying that doesn't mean I won't change a new smartphone but let us learn to appreciate and make full use of our phones.

Well, I'm having a hard time trying to use my sis' HTC TyTn ii. I'm still using my HTC P3600i which is my love. Although the specification of these phones are not as great as iPhone, HTC Desire, Nexus One and others, with the right applications, my phone is pretty useful for everything.

Anyway, back to HTC TyTn ii. To be honest, I'm at the point of giving up. (as I suspect that the issue with the phone is hardware, and my sis phone no longer under warranty.)
I tried flashing the ROM again with the official update from the HTC page and I even asked around people in the forum.
But none of them actually solve the problems with the phone. The HTC TyTn ii has been freezing and even crash at times. This happened almost everyday. I even find it difficult to be using the SMS function.

I'll give myself another week with the phone and if it really still don't work, I might consider giving up on this project and recycle the phone instead.
Just feel the need to release the frustration...signing off now!!

May 22, 2010

Just buy a new PSP

Well, I have bought myself a new PSP. Not really for me, but it's a gift for YenLeng.
But before I gave it to YenLeng, I already played with it...Test try...

This is the PSP when I first got it....

Since the only game that I love to play is FIFA 2010, I test try the game on the PSP.
I use the Manchester United team and it was an interesting game...I played against Tottenham and yup, I win....wakakaka!!

Well, I love to play the PSP honestly especially the FIFA 2010 but I guess it's time to give it to YenLeng. I hope that she love the game as much as I do although I believe she'll prefer other games. So my next task will probably be to look for PSP games online....

May 21, 2010

Just come back from KL

Just got back from KL.
It was quite a busy schedule during the stay there.

I am glad to be able to back home...hopefully, I'll be able to update my blog more consistently...

May 15, 2010

My new shoe, Nike Mercurial

Just the other day when I went out with my family, I saw the Nike Mercurial.
I was always a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo although I must admit I kinda hate it when he left Manchester United for Real Madrid.
Nevertheless, I still like the shoe.
Here is the snapshot of the Nike Mercurial!!

Happily presenting to you the Nike Mercurial....

Have a closer look...

May 13, 2010

Yen Leng and Tuck Yuan's bday

I always believe that in a relationship, there need to be more than just 2 person loving one another. That love needs to be beyond that. That love needs to reach out to others. I cannot said that I am doing anything big to help people but I believe a joint celebration with friends are good. That is why this year, instead of going on a date with YenLeng on her birthday, we decided to celebrate with our friends, since one of our classmate has the same birthday as her. (Tuck Yuan)

Well, we did not do anything particular special. We just go and celebrate together at Pappa Rich. It was fun to be meeting up again and there is a lot of catch up to do.
Well, here are the some of the snapshots on that night.

this is the birthday girl looking for the right food...

Teik Tzuan and Carey

I can't believe the girls take snapshots of themselves in the toilet...gross!!

some of the drinks..

the three beauties...ahem!! (haha!!)

and this is me playing with the camera...

There are more snapshots and those of you who know me could easily find it from Facebook.
Well, going for the birthday celebration together with some of these close buddies brings back wonderful memories to me.
I remembered the joy of organizing birthday celebration for people in the cell group and how there seem to be a big family together all the time.
Well, hopefully more of these would come and maybe I'll learn to give more of my time for things like this...just maybe...

May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Well, every year, we celebrate Mother's Day. Although I know that the celebration becomes more like a routine with annual celebration, I think it is important. Firstly, it is because it is the time of the year to appreciate what your mother has done for you. I think it is important to at least buy your mom dinner or buy some simple gift. It is something that you showed to your mom that you care. And that is what my siblings and I do on Mother's Day each year.

This year, we went to BlackCanyon for dinner on Saturday as a simple celebration. Then, on the actual day itself, we take away Pizza and eat at home as a family, served with a white wine. I know it probably doesn't match. Pizza and white wine....but what the heck!! It is about the time spent together that matters.

I had a great time with my siblings and my parents. Yen Leng joined us on Saturday but did not join us on Sunday as she thought it was important for her to stay with her family on that night. I think it is important too. But then again, we still managed to celebrate together on Saturday night. Before the dinner, we went for the Iron Man 2 movie. Initially, I asked my entire family to watch together but then my parents was not into the idea for the movie. So, we went for dinner instead. (still had a great time!!)

Here are some of the snapshots on Sunday. (the Saturday photo will be posted some other time later...cause the photos are in YenLeng's phone.)

the white wine we had..

May 10, 2010

the real competition in the mobile world

We have heard a lot about the iphone for the past few years. Of course, it is a normal scenario given the fact that Apple products have always manage to give us surprises and the WOW! factor.
But then just as the Apple Iphone seems to be without any competitor, we have the Droid phone coming out....Google of course is at the right track.
This then leave Microsoft helpless with their old, dull and boring Windows mobile 6.5. I mean...what the heck!! the upgrade was nothing much and people hate it.
It was then that the announcement of the Windows Phone 7 being made at the WMC, World Mobile Congress. Just as Windows 7 was a hit, the WP7 seems to be on the right track as well. The WOW! factor is back....and people are starting to talk about Microsoft getting serious in the smartphone industry.
Then it was not long after that we heard about Iphone 4G and people are starting to be amazed again...although I don't see too much a difference. (forget me for being bias here) and let us not forget about iPad...the name might be quite sissy but the sales that just hit 1 million is telling us a different story.
Well, the real competition in the mobile is beginning. We are seeing a lot of major changes.
The money that you pay for your smartphone will be worthy of its' values.
For those of you who think that 2010 is awesome with all these announcements, I can tell you, 2011 brings you even more excitement.

There are expectations to meet

There are times that YenLeng would smsed me, asking me "Why am I still busy despite being on holiday?"
Well, just in case if you are wondering if she meant I do not have enough time spend with her, I want to clarify that was not her meaning. What she felt was that I probably do not have enough time to rest. Well, that is normal because most people who are close to me would ask me the same thing. I mean after all, what is a university student who is supposedly to be on holiday doing every night right up til 2 to 3 am and waking up at 7 or 8 am every single day

There are things that I will not mention in my blog.
However, I just can said that there are certain expectations that I must meet. and I will be able to do that. At times, the road can be tough, tiring and even full of uncertainties.
But I know I am going to move forward...and be better each time...
As for now, I am blogging from McD...signing off now to send my brother to get his passport later...

May 05, 2010

Exam is finally over

The final exam has finally come to an end. I must said that I felt exhausted at times due to the long period of examination this time around. The exam started on the 20th April and only ended today. Overall, I felt that I did quite well for this examination.
Anyway now that exam is over, I am going to start busy about some other more important stuff. As for now, I just want to take a short break frome everything and sleep...zzz...

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