June 29, 2010

Random stuff for the day

Surprisingly, I am still playing with the phone my sis bought...it's small and cute...lOL!! I'm loving it more now..

Anyway, I went and get my car to the mechanic to see what's wrong with the brake...apparently, nothing serious. Initially there was some sound each time I pressed at the brake...didn't know how the mechanic helped solve the problem and it's free of charge...so happy after that!!

Then, I head for breakfast with Evon and Teiz Tzuan...I couldn't believed this but I was back in OLDTOWN Kopitiam...and I'm okay even after I ate the noodles there...we had our lunch in McD and yah...we actually talked until it was about 4++....
Although we just had casual chat, I'm kinda enjoying the small company with them....

Well, I had my dinner with my mom in the restaurant just outside my house...simple dinner because just the two of us. At the moment, my bro is in US, second sis in KL, dad in Penang and eldest sister was out eating with friends.

Now that I'm back at home, I'm looking at blogs, reading articles and chatting with Yenleng and friends as well as others...;-)

iphone 4

the new iphone 4

I have not really blog about iphone 4 despite of the hype and talks about the latest gadget by Apple. From ipod classic to ipod touch, and then the iphone generations and then the ipad...finally now the iphone 4....so far, all of these gadgets have been very popular and a lot of positive feedbacks given to them.

The iphone 4 has been designed in such a way that it is the world's thinnest smartphone at the moment. Well, apparently, Apple claimed that it has retina display....and if you think that it is too far-fetched, then you might have to argue with a lot of people who seem to be impressed by it. It also has the Apple A4 Processor....which makes it possible for multitasking and Facetime calls now....impressive enough??
Well, and Apple which has always been good in the touch screen era will boast about the improved gyro and accelerometer in the new iphone. Better motion gestures and greater precision...making gaming experience a joy and satisfaction!!

For those of you who are looking to buy iphone 4 from Malaysia, you might have to wait until August, September or even until the end of the year....hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to see the offer from Digi or Maxis...

playing with Neonode N2 phone...

Well, my sis bought this phone because of the eagerness to get an extremely small phone.
I'll be playing with it for a while...wakaka!!

First of all, one of the greatest benefit is the design of the phone. Seriously, the phone is super cute!!
It is very light and very small...it's even smaller than your credit card...so you could probably imagine it...

Secondly, the phone is quite fast and simple to be used...although I need some time to get used to it...

Thirdly, it's really suitable to be used as my MP3....haha!!

I'll probably be playing with the phone for quite a while now since I'm still wide awake..

June 26, 2010

My life at this point...

It is funny to look at my life and wonder how so much have changed...because I've seen how I've done stupid things, encouraging stuff, brilliant stuff and also things that required a heart big enough to bear certain challenges.

when the Italians won the World Cup in 2006..

when they were on the verge of going out...
But I truly believe the team tried...that's all that counts!!

Well, I would love to start with the World Cup. Every 4 years, it would either be heartache or jubbiliant joy. 4 years ago, when Italy finally clinched the World Cup in all the years I followed the World Cup, I was full of joy and pride. Some people wondered what is the buzz all over World Cup. While there are so many others out there that talk about making money during this season...some talking about football gambling...some talk about England winning their 2nd World Cup (ya right?)...and still many others talk about a lot of stuff...everything about football. But when it comes to football, it was about love for me. Italy was my first love. Probably it was because my brother told me about 1994 World Cup game where Italy lost to Brazil. The thought of Roberto Baggio missing the penalty somehow hit me...and ever since then, I've loved no other countries in the World Cup other than Italy. This World Cup, just as it had bring pain to me in 1998 and 2002, I felt that something was missing in the team that was playing with such spirit in the last 10 minutes. People may argued that the Italians were old and totally not in the form like Brazil, Argentina and all the other big guns. A lot of the media mentioned about the shameful exit. But it was a team that tried to stand together to defend the World Cup in my eyes. A lot of people talked about Fabio Cannavaro being too old to do anything spectacular but he still played with a lot of characteristics....I wonder how many saw him defending the balls with his heart but I did. And what about the coach? Who could have blamed the coach that helped Italy into the World Cup in 2006. Well, the truth is that a lot actually blamed Lippi. I couldn't...if only you saw the changes he made in the game and how effective it was actually. All the goals...so close and yet so far...(at least you could see that in the last 10 minutes of the game...such passion...such desire to say we want to be there...) I know that a lot of people would disagreed with me but this is me with World Cup...the team that was said and criticized to be old and ugly was my favourite and it will always remain that way....Italy, might have lost but just as when they lost in 2002, they were strong enough to be back in 2006 and I believed they will be strong enough for the next one...and til then, my World Cup chapter is over for this time around... Maybe some people might wonder what is World Cup related to my life at this point...but this is my life...football is not entirely everything to me...it was the heart that I have for Italy...and it will remain true in that way.

Besides World Cup, I'm at the point of waiting for the university to start....have been spending a lot of times in a lot of other stuff....friends, family, rest and all....and I'm going to officially start my MLC journey (meaning start studying for MLC).

Before this, I mentioned about going back to music...I did but not enough...guess I was too busy for such enjoyable stuff...but I'm learning to reject invitations and do things that I loved....recently, I even bought a CD....
A lot of oldies songs....but then I loved it lots!! I knew there are some who imagined me only liking love songs but it's a no...I enjoyed a lot of different types....sentimental, oldies, jazz, rock, pop...generally everything that is good...haha!! But I'm a very sentimental person....but I pledged never to cry...MAN OF STEEL....I won't be defeated by emotion because emotion and feelings are something that are temporary and brings little benefits.

my favourite hero!!

I wanted to enjoy and allow the music to keep my mind at rest...it's really something that is fantastic....AWESOME!! haha!!

Still about 10+ days before uni starts...am I looking forward to it? Well, as for now, I missed lectures...where I get to fall asleep in a few minutes...but I believed once the new semester starts, it will be an entirely different story for me. I knew what would my 3rd year look like...it will be similar to my first year...somehow I knew it at the bottom of my heart...

i'm growing older...i really am...

What is next in the menu of life??

June 22, 2010

The repeat of 1982?

Now we all know that the Italians have struggled in their first two games....where the team only managed a draw. It is also important to take note that the Italians have failed to produce the solid defending that they did in 2006 when they won the World Cup. However, for those of you who have lost faith in the current World Cup winner, there is a need for us to be reminded of 1982, where Italian who was one foot out of the competition when they played their last group game but eventually went on to win the World Cup.

While things might not always be as simple as history tells us, it is important to take note that the Italians did make a come back in both games....where they had a sluggish start to the game. Well, after all, the Italians have always been said to be a slow starter to the World Cup.

Screaming with frustration...

The Italians need to boost their defence even without Buffon

This is the situation that the Italians are in...while it is possible for a repeat of 1982, but if you are not careful, you might also have to head home earlier....so which is it for the Italians?? Marcello Lippi will need to get his plan right for the next game against Slovakia to make sure the Italian proceed to the next round.

all the new phones out there but I'm sticking to my old one...

I know...there are so many new phones around...and all of them come with great features.
The temptation to buy one is too great but nevertheless, if you start to think with your brain, you will realize it doesn't worth the money.

I am still using my old HTC P3600i (trinity) and for those of you who have been bored of me telling how awesome my phone is, I want you to take your time and think about the advantage that the new iphone4 has that my HTC don't have.

First of all, iphone 4 is coming up with video call (finally, thank goodness!!) but my HTC P3600i has been able to go for video call for a long time. Of course, I must give credit to the Apple mega popular phone for having a nicer camera and video...HD apparently. Here is one area that my HTC is beaten flat. Talking about other ability....multitasking...it's something that is in HTC for quite a long time. And I could even do switchprogam (similar to our desktop Alt-Tab) with my HTC P3600i thanks to the Spb PocketPlus feature.

There is still a need for the usage of stylus and I must admit messaging is not as easy as iphone probably but if you are good at using stylus, it might be quite easy for messaging as well. Battery wise, HTC P3600i has one of the best and the only time I need to be charging it consistently is when I am using it to go online all the time. (But isn't that the same for all the other phones...)
Speed wise...yah...I know...I'm way behind the latest technology but what difference does that make? Don't tell me you are going to use your smartphone to do something important that requires a fantastically fast speed. I wouldn't boast about the speed of my HTC Trinity but it definitely is good enough for daily usage.

Social networking...there are plenty of applications out there...and I could go for Facebook and Twitter as easily as one could go for it using iphone. Well, I have my Office...probably not the new one but then, it works magic....and if I get myself an external keyboard, I could work on my articles and blogs easily using my smartphone.

So, why the need for a new phone? Well, the only reason could be the cool factor and I ain't gonna dump my money in for the sake of cool...there are so many other things that might be worth the money...maybe the new Xbox and Kinect? and don't forget about the new Nintendo DS...so think before you buy.

You might be buying yourself something better with the money you save from all the unnecessary ones...connection is important but let's use it wisely. Think before you buy the new phone...don't be tricked and manipulated by the hype all around the HTC Evo 4G and iphone 4.

Ready to roll..

After taking into some consideration, my friend was right about delaying the World Vision thing. Although I'm enthusiastic about it, I know I must take into consideration the continuous flow of income, which I don't have at the moment.
Well, university is going to start soon. And for the first time, I'm looking forward towards it. Well, let's said it's my final year and I wanna end it as soon as possible.

Anyway, for now, I wanna enjoy my holiday a bit....am in Penang now. Drinking coffee while blogging here...will be on the roll for shopping later with my mom.

I saw this baby girl next to me who is crying and all...with the father trying to comfort her. Well, it makes me wonder what family life would look like. Anyway, there is a season for everything. For now, I want to live my life to the fullest. There are aims and goals that I must achieve and I am ready to roll...but for now, I must surpress the excitement and take things one at a time.

June 21, 2010

KianHin blogging from airport in Penang...

Well, my brother will be leaving to Singapore today and from there, fly to US. Well, as expected, he's the first to fly to our dream country. At times, I wish I could do something significant like this as well. Seeing friends talking about trip to oversea countries....yeah...all those just made you feel all the more out of place.

Anyway, I know I'll get my chance and I'll make sure I do it with my own capability, just as my bro do it today.

It's a bit bored waiting in the airport....with my brother being especially quiet today. Anyway, I'll miss him while he's in US. As for now, I'm gonna work on what I can...for a better future.

Blogging from htc...

We're basically stuck in a jam while on the way to penang...seriously boring..Well I must said that broadband is very useful at this time...I'm basically playing wf my phone the whole trip. although i'm sure it'll be dead cool to hv an iphone bt I did nt regret saving my money on phone...My htc trinity rocks!!
Anyway I really should look for a more suitable blogging app fr the phone...As fr nw I wanna enjoy my penang trip....Hehe!!

June 18, 2010

Some of the good things that we can do...

Surprisingly, I am in the mood to blog today. There are some good things that we all ought to do.
So many of us are too preoccupied with our own "Agendas" that we neglect the importance of others. The other day, I was feeling very tired....(out of breath and steam). There are times we ask the questions like "why on Earth is this happening?" or "why am I so unlucky?" and if we focus on our way of saying things, it has always been about us.

Some of the good things that we can do. If you are studying, you could probably help by spending quality time with your family. Hear their stories. People need their voices to be heard, not just you or me.
Make drinks for your family...clean the house....save electricity...read and have the awareness about the people who are less fortunate than you. Maybe website like World Vision could help...

I'm still thinking bout it myself??

Well, there are still a lot of simple ways that one can do to make this world a better place...are you ready to do your part?

Think before you buy

I blog about this before in my brother's blog. Anyway, some of you might be wondering how could someone who spent money on two different shoes in a month talk about savings.
Well, first of all, I must made sure that people understand the importance of having the right shoes for certain occasion. Before this, I only had one shoe at a time. And this cause my shoe to be get worn out easily because I wear shoes very often and I run a lot. (jogging/walk) Thus, it is important to make sure that I buy shoes that can last for longer time. Anyway I am sure Nike Mercurial and Nike free Run can last for a long time. (alright...enough of justifying myself).

Some of the things that I am doing to cut on spending. I bought a new battery to replace the old and almost rosak battery of my HTC P3600i. Initially, was really tempted to get HTC Legend (especially my cousin, Ben already had it in UK) or the new HTC Evo 4G or Iphone 4 (cause my brother will be going to US...could get it for slightly cheaper) but then I decided not to waste my money on it. So, I'll make sure my current HTC P3600i is in good condition and I will probably use it for a few more years to come. (see, I am saving here...) I also bought a new stylus because the old one also spoilt.

the new battery...already inserted in the phone.

Some of you might probably be wondering why the sudden blog about thinking before buying.

Well, I am actually reading a lot about going green although I'm not doing too much to save the environment myself but I guess one of the most important things that we must learn is to reduce, reuse and recycle.
I am trying to make sense of a lot of things that I could use again...papers and a lot of other stuff.
I am still a long way from making an impact to the world but I am learning.

Was just looking at WorldVision site and thinking about the possibility of playing a part in supporting a child. Give me some time to think about it....if I'm keen about doing something, I'll do it but then, I'll need to work more...means less time for enjoyment and there goes my plan for DigiBroadband...

June 17, 2010

Fully recover....

Hey peeps...i'm back and fully recover!!
Gosh...the terrible feeling of having going to the toilet so many times....(stupid food poisoning!!) ban OLD TOWN food from now on...no more!!

Anyway, just wanna thank those people who send me wishes and all...

Well, I have a lot to blog about because got a lot of happening stuff in my life...lOL!
Okay okay...while I was sick, I received a postcard from Catherine...she promised to send to me a long time ago...got it adi...very happy!!

P.S: For those of you who want to send me postcard or gifts, feel free to ask for my address....haha!!

Definitely is a good gift for me since I was sick when I got this...hehe!!

Well, I went to KL for a Facilitator camp...has a day off before that and I went and buy myself another pair of Nike shoe...introducing:


I know...i know...it's beautiful...it's my new "darling"!!

Alright...ever since I started my recovery process from the stupid "FOOD POISON" experience, I started to look at fruit juice...

Here is what I do:

Tada!! my apple juice!!

Anyway, I'm supposed to be busy studying for my MLC but somehow, I don't have the mood yet. Yeah yeah...I know some people will start complaining but I'll give my best...no worries!!
After all, it's at the end of the year although once the 3rd year starts, it'll be quite a busy schedule for me. Hopefully, I could manage....

Well, was a bit disappointed with the World cup game...Italy was held 1-1 against Paraguay...chi!!laka!! Luckily a lot of my friend's England also draw...haha!!
Hopefully, more luck will be on my team...hehe!!

Nothing much from the World Cup finals...

For those of you who think that you've missed a lot from South Africa, the answer is no.
So far, only Germany has been on fire when they score 4 goals against Australia without a respond from the opposing team. Such is the dominance of the Germans.

Well, in Group A...

The South African has proven that they are a team to fight for when they lead Mexico 1-0 with a superb shot. The celebration does not last too long because the Mexican fighting spirit was good enough to help them get back on level ground with South Africa. The French is still very uncertain with their performance and a goalless draw against Uruguay might send an alarm to coach Domenech and the team. All the teams are level with 1 point.

In Group B,

The Koreans are proving to be the leading power among the Asian teams and all of them except maybe for Australia are doing better than expected. The South Koreans beat Greece 2 goals to nil with goals from Lee Jung-Soo and Park Ji-Sung enough to finish off the Greeks. On the other hand, the Argentina although boasts with a lot of talent stars especially the magical Messi could only scored 1 goal against Nigeria despite dominating the entire game and it was a goal by Heinze in the 5th minute. This could be a warning for Maradona and the team.

As for Group C,

While the expectation is high on England, the goalkeeper fumble and blunder...and it's United States of America that steal the point from England....1-1 the final score.
As for Slovenia, they managed to get all 3 points to be ahead in the group after beating 1-0 against Algeria.

Group D saw Ghana beating the Serbs with 1 goal while Germany with their outstanding performance, probably the best in the World Cup at the moment when 4 goals went into the Australian net without much response from the Australian...

In Group E, we have Netherlands winning 2-0 against Denmark, partly thanks to an own goal by Daniel Agger and a 85th minute strike by Kuyt. Japan has a surprise win when Honda scored the only goal against Cameroon. A lot of response is expected from Eto'o but we have yet to seen the prolific striker at his best.

In Group F, all the team are level at 1 point with 1-1 the final result. Paraguay led against the Italians. The defending champion responded well in the second half to earn a draw and much is expected from Lippi to change his line-up so that more goals will come in for the Italian. It is even more worrying since Buffon apparently injured himself in the game. New Zealand and Slovakia were stalemate and it would be interesting to see how this group will continue to progress.

In Group G, apparently the group of death....Brazil only managed a 2-1 win against North Korea. Definitely a strong and discipline performance by the Asian. Dunga will need to consider his line up given that Kaka is yet to be at his best. Portugal were held 0-0 and many are starting to question the ability of Cristiano Ronaldo on the world stage.

Just as you thought Spain was the red hot favourite, Switzerland tell another story by beating 1-0. Despite Spain's dominance, Switzerland has the last laugh when they get all the 3 points. Chile on the other hand is too hot for Honduras and Chile only need Jean Beausejour 33rd minute goal to earn the 3 points in Group H.

So, that sums up the first game for all the team in each group....

June 15, 2010

A series of UNFORTUNATE Events...

Well, there are some people who wonder why is it that Kianhin is M.I.A....well, I mean really Missing In Action...no where to be seen on Facebook, Twitter, MSN...no updates from blog...

Alright, sorry peeps...I went to a camp known as the Facilitator. Well, it was a camp under one of the course in University Malaya. I was hoping that I could blog more about this camp once my camp had over but instead, I had food poisoning. (I couldn't believe that it happened but it was extremely painful, up to a point that I don't have the appetite to eat).

Anyway, the likely cause of my unfortunate condition would be the OldTown Kopitiam....ish!! I pledge never to go there again....not even for gatherings among my friends.

Well, back to the camp, it was pretty interesting especially since the lecturer is good at making jokes...a lot of photos have been taken but I'll only be able to post those photos during the mid of July when my university starts because only then can we take the CD from the university SKET department.

My friends and I went to KL a day earlier because the camp will start at 8.00 am the next day. (no public transport can reach KL so early the next day) Well, the initial plan was to wait for Ming Yee at KL Sentral and then take KTM to meet up with Chin Sian at Salak South KTM station. Well, I was there at 12.00pm...(supposedly the earliest) but then Ming Yee had to wait for the pengesahan course in UM(she did it for all of us, so no complaints...hehe). I waited until about 1.00pm...gosh!! 1 hour wait...luckily I ate my lunch in McD first. Then, when I wanted to check the KTM station, then i realized that all train is not operating...

I asked the guy and he told me, "Kabel putus.". And I was like, "OMG!!" So, change of plan...Chin Sian already reached KTM Salak South so Weoi loong and Aaron already fetched him go makan...Ming Yee took the cab from UM to KTM Salak South and I took the cab from KL Sentral and the fare was unbelievable....RM13.

Well, you wouldn't believe our luck...we thought of going for karaoke but then Weoi loong's power window suddenly got problem...so instead of singing karaoke, we went to Mamak for a drink while waiting for the car to be fixed...once the car is fixed, we got about an hour before it's time to fetch Weoi Loong's mom back. Thus, we walked around in LOWYAT...(nothing interesting to buy or maybe because I was on budget...hehe!!)

That night, we went out again...I bought a new shoe...Nike Free Run...(no photos at the moment, peeps!!) and then we went yum cha (with Naruto along). After that we sing K during midnight...Ooh lala....and by 5am...we're all zzz....zzz.... at Weoi Loong's house.

Then off we go for the camp the next day...updates on the camp will be together with the photos...(don't have any at the moment...)
And on Friday, that's when I was so eager to watch the first match of the World Cup....and it was that day that I got food poisoning...and I slept for a few days.....without doing much...

Anyway all of these will be in the past...this holiday has been a bit unlucky...the other day allergy, this time food poisoning...I must be more careful at my choice of food..

June 12, 2010

World Cup Kick off Today

The first World Cup ever held in Africa opened Friday in a dazzling burst of joy, color and noise - and just a tinge of sadness, well because of the news that Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter was killed in a car crash on the way home from Thursday night's World Cup concert and he decided not to attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

After the opening ceremony, it is the first match of the World Cup 2010 edition. The match featured the host South Africa facing Mexico. On paper, Mexico has the upper hand over the host.

It was an exciting match between the two teams and Mexico should have taken the lead with a header from Vela but it was ruled offside. Then both teams have equally fair chances of breaking the deadlock but the first half ended scoreless.

Come 2nd half, Mexico could not break the deadlock and after 10 minutes into second half, the host taken the lead through Tshabalala. Mexico leave far too much room in defence once more, this time on their right-hand side, and Tshabalala has enough room to burst through and open the scoring with a thunderous strike, leaving Perez no chance.

Giovani come close to equalize, but Khune produces an excellent save to deny the equalizer. Mexico continue to come forward but could not produce any clear chances for an equalizer and 12 minutes before full time, the host defense loses concentration and Marquez is left completely unmarked at the far post from Guardado's cross and is given all the time he needs to slot into the net to make it 1-1.

The host keep moving forward and then in the closing stage Mphela burst through the Mexican defense and tries a shot, but he hits the woodwork - should he score, the host would have taken all three points. But final score stay at 1-1.

June 08, 2010

3 Days to World Cup 2010 Kick-Off

With three days to World Cup 2010 kick off, I'm putting a poll for people to choose their potential WC2010 winner.

Spain is the red-hot favourite to win the World Cup and has been given 1/4 odds win Group H according to the online sports book Sportsbook.com. Other odds to win are Chile (9/2), Switzerland (17/2), and Honduras (33/1).

Spain has never won the World Cup but it has reached the round of 16 in five of the last six World Cups. Spain has won 15 of its last 16 games with its lone loss coming against the United States. Spain will open play against Switzerland.

England, as usual will be one of the favourite to win the World Cup so as Brazil, Italy and Netherlands.

Can these favourites lift up to their expectation? We shall see in one month time.

June 07, 2010

kianhin with his random stuff...

First of all, I wanna wished those of my friends taking ACCA papers (including my own sister, Chiew Lian)...All the Best in their exam!! For Jian Yao and Vemal especially...

Anyway, back to my own stuff...what has been happening? I had made a lot of changes with my room...here's the new addition.

And this is what I used it for:

I'll be putting more things into the new cabinet...hehe!!
Well, this is the process of completing the furniture...

Well, besides the additional cabinet in my room, my next 'treasure' would be a speaker or amplifier (not going to buy those extremely expensive but gonna buy those averagely good one). Then I'll just lie down in my room, with my toys and treasures helping me to relax....imagine, the music softly playing at the background while you lying down, allowing your brain to absorb the POWER OF MUSIC!!

And this is what I'll do in the dark....

Let the music heal your soul!!

Well, I wanna get back to playing guitar...hehe!! (need some time to start getting used to it again).

Before this, I bought the Time and Fortune magazines...they are coming to an expiry date and I won't be having any more of them delivered to my doorstep...the next thing that I want is the National Geographic magazine...hehe!! (can't wait to send in the application for the magazine)

And of course, hanging out with frenz...

Will be posting more photos of other people soon...for now, I wanna fetch my sis to take her ACCA paper...all the best to her!!

June 05, 2010


Well, if you do not know about it, HTC EVO 4G is out and it is gaining a lot of popularity.
If you need any proof of these, the sales of HTC Evo 4G on its' release date is the proof of it. All of the devices disappear from the shelf in no time.
This is definitely good news for HTC and also Android....Google OS for mobile.

And there are a lot of people who opt for the HTC Evo 4G and chose not to wait for iphone 4G. Well, this is something that Apple must take note of.
Also, let's not forget about Microsoft.

Will Iphone 4G be able to attract the consumers like its' previous generation did? And can Microsoft be making a strong comeback with Windows Phone 7?

The sales definitely show that a lot of people are confident with Android platform and people love the high speed connectivity. A lot of people also know about the issues and problems Evo 4G has...the storage card bug issues and the battery issues. But knowing all these issues, people are still buying them.

It is hard to see if it's all just hype or is it because the Android phone is really that cooL??
We're all waiting to find out!!

5 HTC Windows Phone 7 on the way?

Just when everyone is busy talking about Android and iphone, Windows is trying to play catch up with their latest Windows Phone 7.
Apparently, there will be 5 HTC phones running in Windows Phone 7 platform coming.

There is the HTC Gold_W (with the "W" indicating it's a CDMA + GSM world phone) headed for Sprint.
The HTC Schubert headed to Telus
HTC Mondrian for Telus and Rogers
The HTC Spark_W headed for Bell Mobility and Verizon
HTC Scorpio reaching Verizon and Bell.

There are not a lot of details on these phones at the moment but many are looking forward to see how Windows Phone 7 will develope. Although there have been a lot of criticism on these latest effort by Microsoft on mobile products, many are hoping that Steve Ballmer will finally get it right this time.

Will Windows Phone 7 help Microsoft fight back in the smartphone industry? That's something that we will be seeing at the end of the year....

June 04, 2010

7 days to World Cup kick off

Well, the clock is ticking and we are drawing closer to the kick off for World Cup 2010.

I am excited about the World Cup and am glad that I am on holiday. Something really exciting in this semester break will definitely be the World Cup. I am a supporter for the Italian team and was surprised at the omission of Rossi from the team.

Anyway, I'll be blogging about the different groups for the World Cup soon...as for now, stay tune for more updates...

I like what I do...and I do what I like..

I was a bit tired today but there is this need to go to Starbucks for some reasons.
It was just one of those days when I felt like drinking Starbucks coffee...this time, I drink Latte!!

Well, my sisters and mom eventually decide to accompany me along. I was happy just being there with the drink and online. I know it was pretty lame....but then I like what I do, and I do what I like.

I am thinking about a story to write...it actually came into my mind...but I'm not good at writing stories...sucks!! Will try to update in Fabula...

I know that I'm not a good writer...neither am I good at blogging...but then I enjoyed doing this stuff...it's fun to be able to put my thoughts into words. (although I have stopped expressing so much about myself) Sometimes YenLeng will ask me where is it that I got all the strength to do the things I do...I guess it's because of the passion...

Alright, I wanna do something else...so will post more updates here some other time.

June 02, 2010

22 Inch LCD TV

With LCD TVs are getting cheaper each day, it is quite normal to have at least a minimum size of 22 inch lcd tv in the family room. Not only 22 inch LCD TV is affordable, but 22 inch LCD TV has decent viewing size which makes it more comfortable for the whole family to sit together and enjoy their favourite movie together.

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