August 19, 2010

Busy, tired and lazy...

It has been a while since I blog. It has also been a while since I contact any of my friends. To say that I was only busy would be a lie because I do have time to do things that are useless, such as watching movie...Shutter Island for example, and then playing some ProEvolutionSoccer(PES) with my housemates.

I guess I was tired and lazy to do anything meaningful at the moment. I just want to focus on my studies, read some important stuff, sleep and live my own life for a while.

I am blogging this as I wait for my class, which is about to start in an hour in KDK. Feeling rather sleepy (only slept 1hour plus) and tired, I feel like blogging and writing this. I am sorry and I promise I'll be back in blogosphere in no time.

August 09, 2010

A pleasant surprise by Carey...

Well, I was feeling very tired when Carey called me at night. She was thinking of calling me out for a drink and then I explained that I was in Section 17 house, the place where I stayed in KL now. 
Then, her immediate respond was that she was nearby and she asked for the direction and within a few minutes, she was right in front of my house.
She was in the house for a while and I showed her my room, introduced to my housemates and after a few minutes, we went for yum cha in the mamak nearby. 
We had a great time talking and I really do enjoy those moment. 
Appreciate the friendship much and I was even more happy with Manchester United winning 3-1 against Chelsea during the Charity Shield game.
Such a satisfying night...definitely a pleasant surprise given by Carey...maybe I should just use the word that she said, "spontaneous"!!

August 01, 2010

another book to read...

I finished reading 2 books, both written by the same author, Paulo Coelho. According to my friend, whatever that he wrote is known as the "metaphysics". Anyway I like the first 2 books that I read so far, the Alchemist and Like the Flowing River. Both books have manage to set a different perspectives at some of the things in life.
Am reading the book "Brida" now and will move on to the "the winner stands alone". 

I know I got a lot of books and notes to study but I think it's important to take time for all these readings...

After reading these books, I google about metaphysics and have a better understanding on the term itself. 
When I read the books, I felt that the author is very much into philosophical thoughts. So, when my friend told me about metaphysics, I google and found that it is actually a branch of philosophy. 
The word metaphysics came from Greek words, with meta meaning "beyond" or "after". The term physics refer to the works on matter by Aristotle. 
It is not easy to clearly define the term metaphysics but generally, metaphysics is an attempt to try to understand the world in terms of existence, objecthood, property, space, time, causality and possibility. 

Probably will blog more about the thoughts that I have from reading these books.

iphone 4 coming to Malaysia

If you have been following on the news regarding the latest iphone 4, you have probably be reading about the "death grip".
Well, this could be a heavy blow to the Apple brand as most people expect the latest iphone 4 to be the coolest. With such flaw, it could be quite inconvenient to most people.
Regardless of the issues faced, a lot of people are anticipating the arrival of iphone 4. Luckily for most people, we are seeing it coming in Maxis and Digi Malaysia. Both companies have asked people to register their interest for the iphone 4 in their websites. This could be an indication that the new iphone 4 is coming soon...stay tune!!

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