September 30, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 Real

So, we all know that almost everyone love Apple products and who can deny that it feels good to be playing with the iPhone 4 wherever we go. With our favorite apps running, we could also be listening to our favorite music or we might want to capture photos and special moments using the iPhone 4 camera. If you want High Definition moment, you could also record it. Well, sounds cool? But the question remains to be seen on the price that you have to pay for this smartphone. 

Well, a lot of people say that Apple products are overprice and I agreed to a certain extend. This is probably due to the brand and Steve Jobs deserve all the credits for making Apple what it is today and most importantly, the iPhone. 
Anyway, with the announcement by both Maxis and Digi, one couldn't help but to agree that Digi has the better offer. After all, it has the lowest iPhone plan which is very important. In fact, iPhone 4 plan has one of the best plan in comparison to other smartphones offered by either Digi, Maxis or Celcom.

Digi's plan for iPhone 4
There are some important factor that Digi has that attracted me more than Maxis. First of all, the cheapest plan offered by Digi is RM58, which is what around the price of most postpaid plan. Well, although the talk time, sms and mms available might not be a lot and the internet usage is up to only 1GB before the speed slown down but I find it reasonable given that we are only paying RM58. One must also take into consideration that you still get to have free calls, SMS and MMS to your supplementary lines and there could be up to 6DG family lines. You could also enjoy a cheaper calls to friends and family. 

One of the most attractive offer by Digi is the internet package that comes with it as well as the benefits of free calls, SMS and MMS to supplementary lines. 
For the internet usage, even though you might have reach the quota of the month, Digi won't charge any extra amount of money but instead, Digi will slow down your speed only. This is important because the iPhone needs the data package to stay alive. Without the data plan, there are a lot of things that you will be missing out such as using some of the apps that require you to go online. While the phone price remains at RM2290 for 16GB and RM2690 for 32GB, it is stil worth it given that you could pay using Easy payment. Of course, I must also salute Digi for giving the Auto billing rebate of RM5. First of all, it helps to make payment being done easily. Secondly, you get discounted price. I think the Digi iPhone 4 plan is the best so far in Malaysia and it is here for real...thank goodness for that!!

Digi iPhone 4 Play

Well, one of the best part about Apple iPhone is the apps that come with it. With iPhone 4, you could have easily buy so many applications from iTunes. There are so many useful apps out there that one could use to help manage one's time. 

it definitely feel good to play some app game when you're bored..

After all, there are about 250,000 apps and still counting for usage. 
Some of the example of such apps include those you could find in the apps for students such as the National Geographic World Atlas, iStudiez Pro that help you manage your school life and time. 
Then, there is the app for those of you who are into work out such as the Nikewomen Training Club, Men's Health workouts, Couch to 5k and many others that keep you on the right track for a good fitness level. 
There are also other social networking apps such as the Twitter, Facebook and many others. 
Being a blogger, having app for blogging is also very convenient. 

However, the best app that I find so far is "Whats App"

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts without having to pay for SMS.

This is because Whats App utilizes the existing smartphone internet data plan such as 3G or EDGE. If you are not willing to spend on a data plan, then you could make use of the app in places that have Wifi available. 

Probably, there are some people who might argued about the importance of having this app since we could exchange messages via SMS but it has actually become an important tool to help us connected with our friends from other countries. While some people might said that we could easily use Skype or MSN messenger but using Whats App, it is much more convenient as there will be a notification for you whenever you received a message from your friends regardless of which countries they are in even though the app was not turn on at that time. The function of Whats App works exactly like how SMS works. The only difference is that it is making use of the data plan instead. I definitely think that Whats App is the favourite and most useful application. 

After all, when you are tired and bored, it is important to play some games on your iPhone but it is even more important to have company with you. People who care about you could easily message you even though they might be away in other countries. All of these could be done without worrying expensive phone bills. You could also discuss on some emergency matters regarding works with your friends through Whats App. From there, you could plan the right time to video call for discussion of your work if the two of you are from different countries. The possibility and functionality of Whats App definitely help you to stay connected with the world in a convenient, cheap and cool manner. 

September 29, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 Me

It has finally arrived. Digi iPhone 4 is now selling like hot cakes in the country and no doubt about that, everyone would want to get one for themselves. When iPhone 4 comes calling, thousands waited eagerly for the plan to decide for themselves whether the Yellow Man has the better offer or Maxis. 
I'm one of those who look out for the plan as well and some of my friends talked to me about the plan as well and no doubt about that, Digi offer the most affordable plan in Malaysia. 
Nevertheless, while some of my friends are buying it, I could only envy them when they show off the cool, elegant style, sleek design and the latest feature of their iPhone 4. 
I wanted it but I couldn't have it as i'm dead broke at the moment.

I wouldn't say I'm an Apple fan, why I always wanted the iPhone 4...

Well, I am a social network freak...and I'll love too twit and update my status in FB using the coolest phone in town and say: "Oh my gosh!! I got free iphone 4 from Digi..." It's so totally cool because I'm the kind of person who travels and on the move very often. 

Then, I'm also a blogger. I blog almost everyday...with or without special stuff happening in my life because i think it helps to create a great perspective for me when i look back at my own blog some day...and it's gonna be awesome to have the ability to blog wherever I am...I would love to see myself blogging in the train using the iPhone'll be freaking cooL!!

Besides blogging, there's one thing that I like about Apple all along...the itune...the ability to buy music that you love and listen to,it'll be really nice to listen to my favourite music while on the go.

It'll be great...imagine...taking the iPhone 4 to Mamak with my friends, entering Starbucks while playing with some of the iPhone 4 games, listening to lectures in class while recording the lecture...checking the emails while waiting for my friends...all of those are just gonna happen, and who could deny the fact that iPhone 4 is a "chick magnet"...and all the girls probably couldn't resist the awesomeness of the phone...

even starbucks love Apple.

I still have tonnes of reasons for the iPhone 4...the apps, the capability to do work while I'm on the go and stay connected all the time. I even have a blog that talks about the importance of staying connected to the internet world. Come on...we're in the new era...iPhone 4 just make all of that happen. 

Hopefully, my dream will come true...haha!!

September 27, 2010

Iphone 4 Fever In Malaysia

As I was writing this, many Iphone fans have already rushed to subscribe to either Maxis or Digi Iphone plan. Both launched the latest Iphone from Apple nearing last weekend and it is believed that the Iphone can help boost the subscribers of both Maxis and Digi. Both telcos are offering equally competitive plans to attract existing Iphone users and new potential subscribers that are bound to join the Iphone 4 fever.

Maxis is offering four different iValue plans ranging from RM100 to RM375 for the Iphone fans to choose from. These iValue plans are actually a combination of internet plus voice plus messaging plan into one, and what is more important is that Maxis is offering competitive discount for the Iphone 4. Best of all, Maxis is also offering 24 months contract iValue 4 subscribers free Iphone 4. This means that if heavy users can actually get their Iphone for free.

iValue plans by Maxis

For existing Maxis Value Plus plan subscribers, they can just top up iData plans and then get the Iphone at a discount as well, should they feel the need to keep to their Value Plus plan.

iData plans by Digi

For Digi, the plan is pretty much simple and straight forward compares to what is offered by Maxis. Note that Digi only offers RM200 for the Iphone 4, no matter which plan that a subscriber chooses - but the plans are a lot more affordable compares to Maxis iValue plan. The lowest plan for Digi actually starts at RM63, although one can use auto-debit and then get additional RM5 discount on top of the current RM63 plan which already having RM25 discount.

Digi iPhone plans

Both Maxis and Digi are definitely pushing all out to gain more market share with Iphone fever in Malaysia. Which plans really suit you? Well, it really depends on how individual feels as both Maxis and Digi plans have slight advantage over each plan.

To understand more on Maxis iPhone 4 plan, click Maxis iPhone 4
To understand more on Digi iPhone 4 plan, click Digi iPhone 4

September 24, 2010

My company nowadays...

Well, today Carey came over my house to do her assignment. She came at 2plus in the afternoon and is still in the house while I'm blogging now at 11.05pm. 
Here is the one snapshot that I took of her...she hate it!! even though couldn't see her face at all. 

Carey and her Korean book...
Anyway I did not do much today either. Just spent time studying and doing some MLC questions, fb, read articles, blog and now blogging. 
Well, I must admit that at times, life could be pretty boring especially when there are so many things to do. It's pretty sickening at times with all the tests, exams and assignments coming along but I'm glad that I have some very good company.

Neonode phone is a good company and it's small in size...

The netbook that has been a constant company and it keeps me updated!!

Well, of course I have the HTC that entertain me with games although I must said that I'm getting bored of it already. (time to change the smartphone?? money.)

I guess that's it for now....will have more updates soon...

run the extra mile....mooncake festival...souvenir...

Today I received the email on the confirmation of the MLC paper that I'll be taking on November 2nd. Honestly, I'm feeling a bit scared because I'm not well prepared at the moment. Today, I did quite badly for the "Foundation of Mathematics". Kinda regret for not spending time on papers that could easily get A. Anyway I am going to go the extra mile and I'm glad that regardless of some of the ups and downs in life, I am able to look at the bright side of things and try to work things out. Hopefully, this will continue. 

Anyway, there are other things that are coming up soon...the assignment for SPC and Stochastic need to be done as soon as possible and it will be a matter of time before the presentation. I have two tests coming in the following 2 weeks, which is good in a way because it helps me to keep track on my university studies. 

Sometimes, I do feel a bit stress because of the inability to give each of these subjects the sufficient time and concentration. The first thing I will need to do now is to get all the notes that I need and start doing the tutorials. 

Then, there are some other things that I need to do. Among them include blogging (something that I neglected due to the busy schedule), writing articles, emailing and keeping in touch with friends, reading and understanding some of the financial terms as well as economic system. Honestly, sometimes, I feel I am far behind many and it probably will take a lot of effort to be better. I guess I'll start small...I'll probably learn a bit at a time. 

I'm also making sure that I'm in good fitness level. Ever since my friend told me about the Korean artist,Tae Yang and how his body shape is awesome, I wanna be somewhere there. Well, I don't need the big muscles, just want to maintain my body fitness and shape. Wait til I work, then I'll consider learning kickboxing...hahaha!!

I guess there are so many other things that need to be done more often but everything need to start from somewhere. I did not want to make a giant leap of efforts that will eventually wear me down but I'm gonna do it one at a time, and I know that I can make be better each day.

Well, enough of what is gonna be coming in the days ahead...I wanna talk about some of the things that happened in the last few days or weeks. Well, probably it will be good to talk about Mooncake...I celebrated it on last Saturday with my family (since I won't be going back during the weekdays) and YenLeng also went there as well. 

Then, I celebrated it with my housemates and some of their friends on Tuesday. We played with Tanglung and also some candles. There are some happy moments that I will cherish with me. 

Am also very happy to have souvenirs from BabaHo. :-) She went Sabah and played during the sem break and came back with a gastric pain...lemah betul...haha!! anyway will keep her in prayer for speedy's the souvenirs I got from her...not one but two...wakaka!!
guitar from Sabah...a mini one...:-)

Sabah pen!!!

Well, guess that's all for now...waiting for the next thing that is coming my way.

Whatever comes next, I'll be ready...

September 19, 2010

back to KL in the right mood...

It has been only on several occassion that I got back to KL in the right mood and I believe this time is the one and I seriously need it if I want to do well in my MLC paper. I've already submitted the application form and feeling rather nervous about it. Anyway, now that I'm back in KL, I'm feeling the right mood is there...everything seems right this time around and I'm gonna do it.

Things have yet to change much for me but I believe I'm going to make the right decision and do things in a better way. I want to focus on my dreams and I'll make it a reality. 

Well, the photo was taken while on the way to KL with my housemate, Wai Ping...a very quiet but brilliant girl. A good friend to mix with. In a way, I thank God for the people that are around my life because these people have been a constant inspiration. 

The journey ahead is a long one but I'm back here in the right mood and I'm going to make it right!!

September 07, 2010

Apple iphone 4

If you are a fan of Apple's products, you will probably be proud of the new additional features in the iPhone 4 but with recent complaints on the antenna and proximity issues, the reputation of the loved brand might not be as strong as it used to be. Nevertheless, a lot of people love to talk about iPhone 4, including myself because it's cool.

Well, here are the addition to the coolest smartphone at the moment.

It helps you to video call with people who also have an iPhone. This is of course thanks to the new front camera, a new addition that many embrace and look forward to.

Although I personally feel that this is over hyped by Apple's marketing team, the 3.5 inch screen of the 960 by 640 resolution definitely make graphics look extremely awesome...but really, why use retina display? it's far-fetched...

This is definitely something that is good for those who want to make use of a smartphone for proper usage besides games, cool and musics...well, Apple definitely is good at bringing things up slowly but in the right a thumbs up for them here!!

Well, if you notice, everything is about High Definition now...HD this and HD it's not a surprise to know about the HD Video. With the ability to record and edit stunning video, many will be using it for video...

Well, seriously, this is one of the best smartphone available at the moment, if not the best...and you might probably wanna get a hand of it...however, I'll prefer to sit back and see if Windows Phone 7 will be able to challenge the new iPhone 4 although given the fact that there is no copy and paste functionality, Windows Phone 7 might be a generation behind. 

Anyway, iPhone 4 definitely has hit the market in the right way despite of some minor issues...

September 03, 2010

Get ready for the iPhone 4 with Maxis

Well, I was expecting either Maxis would be the first or both Maxis and Digi would be offering the iPhone 4 at the same time. Well, Maxis seems to be the first though and they are already announcing their micro-sim for iPhone 4....

the e-mail received from Maxis.

If you are interested to receive information from the telco company, you should register your interest in the website. 
Well, it will be interesting to see how much it will cost in Malaysia.

September 02, 2010

Sem break...I am lookin' forward to it...

Well, after today, there will not be any classes and I'll have 2 weeks break although I'll only be going back to Ipoh on Saturday. Anyway, it has been such a long time (at least I feel that it has been such a long time...) that I actually have enough rest, sleep and just relax and do nothing.
Probably it was just me who is trying to go beyond my limits and I do hope that people around me that felt neglected will learn to understand that everyone can only have 24 hours in their lives. 

However, I must admit that it was not all work over in KL. In fact, I have a lot of time to do things that I wanna try doing and learn. For example, ice-skating. 
Anyway, I went there because there was an offer...only 5bucks and I couldn't resist the offer although I spent another RM8 on the gloves. Well, at least I had some fun. I'm also glad that I went there because I always wonder if I could ice-skate. Well, I could but I think there's still a lot to learn if I really wanna be good at it.
Group photo...;-)
Mine is with the watch...;-) 
Clement and I, feeling freaking tired...what a day!!

Besides that, I also wanna post a bit about my housemates and roommates. First of all, I'm glad to be in the same room as Soon Aik and Kwai Kiek. They're both very quiet in comparison to the normal group of buddies of mine but seriously, they're both very friendly and helps me to relax a lot!!
Then, there is the always reliable Weoi Loong when it comes to important matters and others as well in the house. 

The newest people in the group is Lee Fong and Wai Ping. Both of them are funny and also glad to have these people as my housemates. So for those of you who are wondering how life is for me at the moment, it's pretty great with great people around my life.

I am also playing basketball around my neighbourhood...on my own though as I'm not good yet. I wanna train first...haha!! And I also go for jogging quite often lately. I even jogged in the rain. (luckily I didn't fall sick).

Well, as mentioned in my previous blogs, I was really busy with studies and all...sometimes, it's freaking tired because I don't have the mood to study as well. (it takes longer time when you're not emotionally stable) but I'm trying to put the past behind me and move forward because I knew that the second half of the semester will be the real deal!! 

I'm looking forward for this semester break though despite of all the things that are happening in my life. I wanna meet up with some close friends, listen to some of their stories, and maybe start to get my life back on track as well. This is definitely the holiday and break that I need and I'm sure it will help me be a BETTER PERSON. 

Happy holiday!!!


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