October 19, 2010

Digi 3G Now in Kulim

It just surprise me today when I plugged my Digi 3G USB modem to my laptop and see the blue light blinking as this blue light means that I'm having 3G connection. When the Mobile Partner application loads, it is confirmed to me that Digi 3G now in Kulim as well and it means that I will have faster and stable internet connection.

First of all, I am not paid by Digi to promote the 3G service. I am writing this because I used all the broadband providers in Malaysia and Digi service satisfies me the most even when Digi has no 3G coverage in Kulim.

The first broadband service that I use is Maxis which did not last the seven days trial period last time due to lack of coverage in Kulim 2-3 years back. I still have my Streamyx service though, but sometimes when we go out of the house, we cannot use Streamyx because Streamyx is a wired Internet service, so I have no choice but to use one of those wireless broadband service that is available and that time Maxis is having promotion in my office.

Next, I switch to Celcom, which I'm quite satisfied with the service in the beginning. Slowly, the service turn from bad to worse and until I cannot bear with it anymore. Can you imagine, having HSDPA connectivity but not even successfully load a webpage while running MSN in the background or load two webpages at the same time. And if that is not bad enough, the connectivity will break like almost every few minutes and I have to keep refreshing the browser to load one webpage.

After Celcom, I decided to give Digi a try, knowing that there is no 3G coverage in Kulim. However to my surprise, the Edge connectivity that Digi has seems to be quite alright, best of all the Edge connectivity is stable compares to the HSDPA connectivity that I get from Celcom 3G. At least now I can still view few webpages and at the same time running the instant messaging in the background.

At the same time, I re-subscribe back to Maxis as one of my friend is saying that the Maxis 3G service is becoming better in Kulim recently, and yes, I can definitely tell you that I love it especially in my room where it is fast. Again, the problem that I find with Maxis is whenever I leave my room, I will be reverting back to the snail GPRS connection, unlike the Digi 3G service which I am using it to connect to the Internet now while I blogged this post. :D

If one is asking me to rate the broadband service by these three telcos, I would rate Digi the best, followed by Maxis and will advice him or her not to take up the Celcom service. In fact, I am not the only one facing problem with Celcom, my housemate is also facing the same and the move on to Maxis.

October 15, 2010

Back in Ipoh and I got Linkin Park new album from YenLeng

Feeling very tired after all the tests and assignments. I know there will be more to come next week but I'm taking a day break in Ipoh...

Was feeling very happy when I got back...and when I got the Linkin Park new album from YenLeng, it just made it perfect for me. 

Am feeling very happy and the enthusiasm for a good weekend!! 

That's it for now...

October 09, 2010

Windows Phone 7 to launch on October 21st 2010

While most people are still crazy about the new Iphone 4, let us not forget that the smartphone by Microsoft will be launch in about 2 weeks time, on the 21st of October 2010 in Europe while in the US, people will be expecting it to launch on the November 8th - unless of course if there is any major delay by Microsoft which is very unlikely as Microsoft has been very adamant in making a revolution changes to its Windows phone OS.

The bad news for Malaysian is however we still do not know when we can expect the launch of Windows Phone 7, however looking by the both launch dates in the US and in Europe, we can expect it to be between end of October to November time frame.

Several things we are still not sure about the Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft has been keeping it quite secret this time around, but one thing for sure, the new Windows Phone 7 is not the old Windows Mobile phone series where people has been complaining about the UI, and the laggy interface of Windows Mobile series phones that slowly allowed Iphone and Android phone gaining more market share that Microsoft used to dominate.

HTC HD3 will be renamed to HTC HD7 to mark the flagship OS, Windows Phone 7. Some of the details of a leaked HTC HD3 or now known as the HTC HD7 are it has a 4.3 inch screen, 1Ghz processor, 5 megapixel camera, a full complement of sensors, quad-band radio frequencies and many more. Perhaps the most disappointing specs of this HTC HD7 is the processor which could be the same as the HTC HD2 and the 5 megapixel camera.

Moving forward, I will blog more about the HTC HD7, but right now I logging off to watch I Will Always Know What You Did Last Summer....

October 06, 2010

parts of what I did...

Well, I sort of had a bad day yesterday. I woke up late, went for my first class and the aircond rosak...but the lecturer insisted on continuing with the lectures...and then, when I was on the way to the examination hall for my mid test, it rained...and to make things worse, I made careless mistakes during the test...well, guess it was just not my day. 

After that, I went to Midvalley with Aaron, Wei Hoong, Weoi Loong, and Clement. I bought the Genius G-Pen F509 instead of the Bamboo Pen and Touch. I wouldn't say it's too sensitive and it's more difficult to write compare to normal pen. I guess I should expected this. Anyway, here are some of the snapshots I took with Chin Sian's camera. 

While it's still in the box

Tada!! this is the surface for writing...

taking it out from the box...

this is the pen holder in the plastic bag.

Genius? Hmm..i prefer Bamboo though..

the pen in the box...

this is the guide for the shortcut key..

Well, those squarish boxes are the shortcut key that could be edited by me..

Here you go again..

now the pen holder is out...

This is the pen

it's easy to hold onto it...but not that easy to write on it...loL!

now this looks more like it...

I got two free CDs for some of the softwares that I could play with it...
Well, that's what I got for myself in Midvalley. On the other hand, the rest of the dudes got themselves food...sushi, maggi, eggs, 100Plus and many others..

Now this is what Weoi Loong, Clement and I ate for suppper...Aaron and Wei Hoong went back to 5th college though.

The chef is Clement...tada!!

the chef...

6 maggi, 6 eggs for 3 person...hmm...

he definitely look like he can cook...

this is what I prepared...jobs done!!

Now we're ready to eat..
Well, I guess I spent too much time playing yesterday...headache today...sucks la the feeling....then I slept until 4.30pm like that...really very san fu...wasted one day and now that I'm done with blogging, it's time to get back to studies...:-)

October 05, 2010

Nike, just do it...

Nike products have always been one of my favorite. But I guess the theme is part of what really inspires me in a way. So often, people talk about ideas, dreams and visions but without any actions, all of those will only be dreams, words, thoughts and meaningless wasted time.

I guess all of us tend to do the same at some point of our lives. We no longer have the same passion as we used to while we were younger. I guess that's what growing up means as well...you tend to slow down, look at things in a more detailed manner before venturing into it. 

While there is definitely nothing wrong with all that because being adult also means being responsible to our ever actions but we must not pause at the thought and thinking...there is also a great need for us to learn to say I want to do it and I do it...the kind of passion that differs the outliers and the ordinary. 

There is still a long road ahead but I guess I'll just stick with the theme...just do it. At least then I could see the results...and it was with that thought that I'm taking the MLC paper. I want to do well and I think it requires more than words and boastful speech...it's really time to do more.

October 04, 2010

The first essay written ever since Form 6.

This is an essay that I wrote regarding the challenge that Asia face in the coming decade. I guess in reality, it applies to almost everyone. As we try and struggle to move forward, so often, we are being pulled down by our inner self and stagnant perspective that refused to change and grow. I guess as Joker from Batman Dark Knight, mentioned, "madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!"
Hopefully, it will make some sense for you if you have the free time to read.


Asia is the region that contained approximately 60% of the world population, which accounts for about 4 billion people. Over the last decade, the economic growth in Asia has been fantastic. This is partly due to the macroeconomic and structural reforms and management as well as the growth seen in emerging China. On average, Asia has recorded a growth of 6% per year. This is quite a remarkable feat as Asia’s share in the global economy is now one third. This economic growth has helped to lift a lot of people out of poverty and improve their livelihood. Today, the leading region in the economic recovery is Asia. All of these are because of the strong fundamentals and quick and forceful policy responses to the crisis implemented by the leaders of the countries. The ability of most Asian countries to respond to the recent crisis is due to the significant structural changes made in Asia’s financial sectors after the 1997/98 crisis. 
However, there is still a lot for Asia to learn before emerging as the leader for the post-global crisis economic world. Here are some of the crises that Asia will face in the near future. The rising standard of livings in China and India will eventually lead to a slow down as both the countries are currently providing cheap and amply labour in the region. There are also political issues between countries such as Pakistan and India that constantly pose threat to one another which prompt the government to invest heavily on military force. Japan is also another country that is finding it difficult to find new innovation and move beyond stagnation. The Dubai debt problems is also another warning and indication that more changes are needed. You could actually feel that each country face a different challenges in the days to come and emergent Asia needs to move beyond modernity into postmodern world to face these challenges.
Postmodernism in this context does not mean that Asian countries to linger around the uncertainties of the world but it means the need to deconstruct the old thoughts before constructing new ideas and image of the future for the world. As mentioned above, there might be a lot of different challenges faced by different countries in Asian countries but the biggest challenge faced by countries in this region over the next decade is the need to emerge into a new mindset. This is why Asia must learn to move beyond modernity into postmodernism. The old thinking needs to be replaced with new ideas, visions and stories just as no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. The new era has come and we could not contain growth and development with old perspective. This is an important part of growth because there is a need for transformation in adapting to the new challenges. With new risks within and across borders, it is necessary for Asia to maintain a strong supervisory regime going forward, including by building up risk assessment capabilities and adopting a macro-prudential approach to supervision.

October 02, 2010

breakfast in Foh San...

Hmm...sometimes, people wonder what is so good about Ipoh. I guess one of the main reasons is because I'm from Ipoh so I feel much more comfortable every time I go back to my hometown...everything is familiar to me and this is where I take refuge.

Well, today, I went to the famous Foh San for dim sum as breakfast. My baby, YenLeng treat us makan...hahaha!!

Here are some of the food I ate...:-) 

Bla bla bla...it's blogging after all...

Couldn't think of the right title...so simply bla something out of nothing. 
Anyway, just want to update a bit of the previous blogs. Initially, I was thinking about trying my luck with the Nuffnang and Digi offer to win the iPhone 4 but the final challenge was something that I couldn't do...taking photo and telling the world about how much I want the iPhone...Well, guess I'm not that crazy over the Apple smartphone. Hehe...

Well, thought of going to buy the Bamboo Pen and Touch but couldn't find it in Ipoh. Was a bit disappointed because I thought of using it to study so I could transfer everything into soft copy instead of always using paper and pen. Anyway, I'm going have to put this on hold for a while. 

Am still waiting for my GE scholarship money for this semester...am a bit desperate actually but then, I guess it's something good...I'll learn to save money.

Today, I went for running...wouldn't call it jogging because I felt I was running at a pace that could be quite competitive. Anyway, I ran for 1.8km and it took me about 9 minutes. I could actually push myself faster during the last 800metres but I thought it might be better to take it step by step. After all, it has been quite a long time since I push myself in run like this. Before this, I could take about 6minutes plus plus for 1.5km. Well, I guess it's good to start somewhere this speed. 

I have been doing a lot of sit ups and probably it might not be enough for work out but this is the little time that I could give away for exercise. I want myself to remain fit when I come out into the working world. Finding it tough to focus on my studies. SPC is quite boring...SPC stands for Statistical Process Control. 
Anyway, I am going back to studies as soon as I finished this blog.

One more important changes is the email that I will be using. I will focus on the hotmail instead now that Microsoft has done a lot of things to upgrade MSN Live and hotmail. 

Guess that's all the bla I have for today....

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