November 24, 2010

Watching Movies With Handheld TV Whenever Stuck In The Traffic Jam

Movie lovers might be tempted to get a handheld TV with everything going mobile and handheld TVs are slowly getting more affordable than ever with the competition from portable media players like Ipod. However, movie lovers can still buy the handheld TV and install it in their car so that they can watch movies whenever they are stuck in the traffic jam.

November 22, 2010

The History of the Concept of Insurance

We all know that we must at least Buy Life Insurance to protect ourselves and at the same time provide coverage to our family members in case of anything goes bad. We all also know that the basis of insurance is "guarantee against loss", but how many of us really know when the concept really first started?

Way back the Babylonian times which is around 2100 B.C., the Code of Hammurabi was the first basic insurance policy. This policy was paid by the traders in the form of a loan to guarantee the safe arrival of their goods by caravan. Of course, caravans faced the same kind of perils our transportation industry faces today – like robbery, bad weather and breakdowns.

As history progressed, the needs for insurance increased. The Phoenicians and the Greeks wanted the same type of insurance with their seaborne commerce. The Romans were the first to have burial insurance – people joined burial clubs which paid funeral expenses to surviving family members. In medieval times, the guilds protected their members from loss by fire and shipwreck, paid ransoms to pirates, and provided respectable burials as well as support in times of sickness and poverty.

Of course, you can do some of your research and realize that the progress and evolution of insurance has always been the same...the need for a guarantee for protection.

Nowadays, insurance has become very organize and insurance company are coming out with new ruling that don't seems to happen in the past where Life Insurance No Exam required for understanding.

For those of you in the United States of America, 1-800-939-0710 is a toll free number where clients that are looking for Term Life Insurance in United States can get a free insurance quote.

November 13, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hotter and Smarter

Just the other day I was talking about Blackberry Torch 9800 with Addie and now I am hearing that Digi is coming out with a new offer. Honestly, I must give credit to Digi for coming out with offer that is affordable to most people...look at iPhone 4 today..almost everyone is holding one. (I'm not one of the lucky people).
Well, the Blackberry Torch 9800 plan has been revealed...pretty simple and straightforward, especially for those of you who are already well aware with the DG Smart Plan. 

For the benefits of those who have never heard about the DG Smart Plan, all you need to pay is RM68 per month and you can go online unlimited. Call usage, SMS and MMS will be based on your usage. Voice call to all networks will be RM0.15. RM0.10 for SMS to all networks and RM0.20 for MMS to all networks. Well, basically, it is smarter for those of you who are always connected to the internet to take this plan but if you prefer to use your BB to call, sms and mms, you will also get the benefit of 25%discount of the RM68 that you need to pay if your total billed is from RM100-RM199.99. and if your total billed is RM200+, you do not need to pay the RM68. 

Well, in addition to that, Blackberry Torch will cost about RM1749 under one year contract (you get to save RM550). On the other hand, if you want a longer contract of 2 years, the phone will only be at RM1499. (save RM800)

If you want Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), you will need to pay an addition of RM10. Not that cheap after all the additional add up right? 

But then, it is consider cheaper in comparison to Celcom plan. The cheapest monthly commitment would be RM118 and the phone will cost RM 1688. Generally, I think if you want to surf smart, the Digi package will be more suitable for you.

Anyway, I don't intend to compare the prices for both of these packages...just for your information. I have heard people who prefer to use the Celcom package...according to them, it will be cheaper as they need to make phone calls quite often and they feel that the package is quite cheap in comparison to Digi...I think it is very subjective but I personally feel DG SmartPlan is better. 

So, how hot and smart is the new Blackberry Torch? I have mention about some of the features of the Blackberry Torch in another blog. But then, that was before the Digi plan was revealed. I guess the easiest way for you to know if a new smartphone is hot or not is to simply compare it with the benchmark setter, the iPhone 4. 

Now, not everyone is a BB fan but here is the news for those of you who want a new smartphone, the Torch has the latest OS (Blackberry 6) and tests have shown one thing that the Torch is better at in comparison to iPhone 4 or all the others Android phones on the market at the moment...the browsing speed of the Torch is amazing and unbeatable. So, Digi online package will definitely make this smartphone an amazing one...constantly connected to the internet at a high speed...

Display quality wise, the Blackberry Torch is not as good as the Iphone 4 retina display. So, do you really care about the display? I mean how many people really look at the difference. Maybe you will spot the difference if you put both the phones side by side but if you are a professional looking for a smartphone that makes you look elegant and cool, this is the one for you. 
Some people might be cursing me...the Blackberry Torch is smarter and hotter than the iPhone 4...what the heck!! But hey, Apple has apps and that is the major difference but professional users will be more interested in the effectiveness of emailing, messaging and doing some simple work while on the go. The QWERTY keyboard in the Torch give this device an amazing advantage...

There are a lot of people who are probably looking at the lack of front camera for video chatting but I personally own a device that could use video call and what the heck! I hardly use it and I believe most people will not be doing video call while on the go. If they need it, I am sure the Blackberry fans will buy the Blackberry Playbook (I'll leave that for another post). The 5MP camera would be enough to convince professional users to use it. 

With the ability to connect to the internet all the time, you could surf for important information while on the go, check on your social networks and you could even read news via the web. And all this could be done at an amazing that's SURF SMART.

There won't be minimum usage required for you, which means you are only paying for what you are using. Sounds good? I think it's smart because I realize that with the internet available, a lot of people are looking at alternative ways to connect with one another via the web...this will definitely decrease your needs to keep making phone calls plus the discounts offered help to make you call others for cheaper. Now, that's CALL SMART!

As mentioned earlier, there will be discount for you if your total billed reach RM100 and also RM200 and above. For RM100 above, you get 25% discount of the RM68 you pay for and for RM200 and above, you save RM68 as the internet usage will be consider as this is call SAVE SMART!

We all know that when we are in the working world, there comes a need for us to travel overseas for working purposes. Both my brother and sister have been travelling due to work reasons and this is why I think the unlimited data roaming for only RM36 a day is worth it. Now this is call ROAM SMART!!

Argh...after blogging about this, I really want to get the TORCH for myself...but then, I am still studying and I guess it is important to manage my finance in a wiser manner as I have yet to work. I must learn to control myself. I guess it is not about chasing after the latest gadget but it is important to buy gadget that could help us in our daily lives...making life smarter and more convenient for us. 

So, if you want a HOT and SMART phone, the TORCH is the one for you. and Digi definitely make it cheap for most people...just as how they do it with iPhone 4. A big thumbs up to the Yellow Man. Now, I can't wait for the Yes network to be launched...hopefully, it will be as good and as competitive as Digi but then that will be another story. 

That's it folks! Go grab your TORCH especially for those who are coming into the working world soon....give me another 6 months and I will get one myself...haha!! I'm graduating soon as well...alright...gtg!! 


November 10, 2010

In the comfort of my home

Now that I'm back in Ipoh, I'm really beginning to enjoy being here. Home sweet home! I guess this is the place that gives me the strength. This is the place that builds my character and of course, this is where I find my refuge when I am tired. 
After studying for quite a while in my room, I decided to take a break...take some snapshots of my room and how they are giving me the comfort that I need. First of all, I must say that I'm beginning to enjoy sugarless coffee. I have been drinking it for quite a while at home...

No more coffee mate, no more sugar...just coffee

Well, things are definitely great with the company of the coffee...and I could easily access to my email to check on updates in blogs as well as other important stuff...not to forget about FB and twitter...ya...i prefer using mobile device to connect when I'm I could sms as well...

 mobile phones that will always be my side...

Then, I also like the surroundings in my room...with all my favourite stuff around...since I was resting, I decided to take snapshots of it and post it here...tada!! 

More updates later....haha!! ;-)

November 08, 2010

the different me...

Was supposed to be studying but then feel like playing with some of the photos I took before...muahahaha!! and blog as well...just finished blogging on the Blackberry Torch...the best Blackberry phone for now...;-)

Anyway this blog is about the different me... my new haircut? I like it lots!! muahahaha!!

Well, this is the latest one...TADA!!

Initially after I went for the haircut, everyone was like "What's wrong with you?" but then I guess I just wanna do something different. I mean...I'm graduating soon and I can't imagine myself going to work in this kind of hairstyle so if I don't do it now, when do I have the opportunity for such haircut? Well, am seriously happy with the's my birthday gift to myself...muahahaha!!

Blackberry Torch

If you are looking for a suitable smartphone, one of the best options is the Blackberry Torch. Celcom is the 1st in Malaysia to launch the smartphone and if you are interested in the package, here is it:

Monthly Commitment
Celcom Exec Packages
Device Price
(12mth contract)
CE50 +Blackberry Lite (Broadband Entry RM38 (FUP 1 GB) + Blackberry Internet Service RM30)
CE50 +Blackberry Pro (Broadband Basic RM98 (FUP 3 GB)+ Blackberry Internet Service RM30)
CE250 + Blackberry Internet Service

Monthly Commitment
Celcom Biz Packages
Device Price
(12 mth contract)
Device Price
(24 mth contract)
P48 + BIS
Professional Lite (RM68)
+ SMS Pack (RM2))
P48 + BIS
Professional (RM98)
+ SMS Pack (RM2)
P148 + BB
License (RM38)
+ SMS Pack (RM2)
Celcom BIZ 150* + BB Professional (RM98)

You will probably be able to find this from the Celcom webpage. If you are indeed a Blackberry fan, this is probably one of the must get it Blackberry as it is dubbed as the best Blackberry ever at the moment. However, it is quite a disappointing especially with reviewers from Engadgets mentioning that the best of Blackberry might not be good enough against the other top notched smartphone. However, if you are one of the professionals who need emailing, and love to get into social networking as well, this Blackberry is a must for you. 

Yes, you may be a professional but it will definitely be cool to be able to watch social media while you are resting. This is what Blackberry Torch is capable of especially since it has 8GB memory and also expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card. There is also the pinch and zoom effect. 

Well, this is also the first Blackberry phone with 5MP camera and with LED flash as well, this will definitely help you capture memorable moments. There is also the continuous auto-focus and let's not forget about the image stabilization feature. Video recording is also could easily capture spontaneous moments. 

Social network, social network...this is something that has become a trend. Young business entrepenuers and professionals would love the feature that is in the Blackberry. Integrated social feeds...facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many others...image the ability to gather and filter all the social network and RSS feeds in one view....(well, we know that this is something that iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 are capable of as well....of course, not to forget Nokia which is using the Symbian OS). Nevertheless, this feature in Blackberry is still something that makes it as competitive as the other top smartphones available in the market now. 

Browsing on the internet is smooth and enriching. This is definitely important whether you are using it for business purposes or not. 

Well, this is Blackberry we are talking the best feature as we all know is none other than the email and text messages. With the Blackberry Torch, you could enjoy on the go email. Now this is very important nowadays even if you are not working. Most university students including myself need to check email constantly for part time work updates, assignments, and many other jobs that require emailing. Well, we all know why is the email so strong in the Blackberry...the Push technology so this is something that is going to attract people. 

Other than that, we have the Voice notes available...text and sms becomes easy since the Blackberry Torch has the QWERTY keyboard as well. 
Besides the design alone, the Universal Search feature available on Blackberry Torch is making it an extraordinary and wonderful smartphone. The Blackberry that must be owned I would say.

At the moment, we have the plans from Celcom which are quite attractive especially if you are a business user. Blackberry Torch in Celcom will definitely be an interesting package given that it is launched much faster than Digi and maybe Maxis as well. 

If you are sick of the iPhone and iPhone look alike smartphones, Blackberry is definitely the one...a different and unique kind in comparison to the others. Probably another smartphone that is trying a different approach just as Blackberry RIM did is the Windows Phone 7...that will be left for another story though. Are you planning for a new smartphone?? If you are, Blackberry Torch might just be the right one for you. 
The crazy deals offered by Celcom is definitely a worthy one given that this is the smartphone intended for business, and it is at an affordable price that you could not find elsewhere (given that Digi and other Telcos have yet to offer their plans.)

If you are a lover of movies, then you will be lucky to get 2 GSC movie tickets as well if you purchase the phone from any Blue cube outlet. 

For those of you who are not keen on another contracts under another Telco, you could also buy the Blackberry Torch with a special price at RM2,188....too expensive? Well, at least it's cheaper than iPhone 4 and most of the other top Android smartphones...we have yet to hear from Maxis regarding the Windows Phone 7 packages. 

So, come on...Blackberry lovers and fans...go get the best one from among the first to own it and show it off in front of the Apple fanatics!!

November 05, 2010

gadgets...something to follow??

If you are one of those geeks who are into new gadgets, you will probably feel that there are a bit too much to follow these days. Just the other day when we heard about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, we have the Blackberry Playbook, and let us not forget about the rumour of the upcoming Ipad generation 2. Well, we also heard that Microsoft is going to launch their tablet pc based on Windows phone 7 soon. If you think that this is only the war between tablets, what about cameras? You probably be seeing new models coming out monthly. 
It is hard to imagine how young people are going to follow up with all these. Just about a month ago, we have the iPhone we are hearing about iPhone 5. and don't forget that HTC also has their own superphone coming, the HTC Desire HD. 
Well, we also have the Microsoft company rebooting their mobile OS with Windows Phone 7. Reviews have been good and it seems that each of these devices are lacking something. It probably mean that there are too much models to choose more Android smartphones are also on the rise. 
The competition is tight and more gadgets are coming up. 

The question remains is this: are these gadgets gonna make mobility a convenience or simply a cool factor? The other day I was pondering on a new phone for myself but I couldn't really make up my mind due to the vast options available. At the end of the day, it is important to know which gadgets suit you and is it worth it to buy a gadget that probably would be out of date in the coming year? 

I am considering buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab but with the heavy price tag, I might eventually opt to buy a cheaper smartphone instead. I know a lot of people have been talking about Apple products but seriously, the Apple products ain't my first options....after all, with the antenna issues, I don't think I will splash my cash on the new iphone 4....after all, there might just be something new in the coming months...are you following?? Maybe that's why the Windows Phone 7 ads are actually quite revelant these days....if you have time, go and view it...i might be blogging on that soon...

November 04, 2010

Less than one more year to go...

Well, I have less than one more year in university. Maybe about another 6 months and I am really looking forward to it. 

A lot of people have been telling me about the pressure working and how life can be so different when we get into the working world. I hope I can be as enthusiastic as I am now about working when I really do enter the working world. 

Anyway, after the MLC exam the other day, I really felt a bit emotional because I knew the possibility of passing the external paper is very low. But I read of a quotation from Bill Gates that somehow inspire me...."Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." In a way, I was probably over confident because even with the remaining 10 days, I thought I could finished the entire syllabus of 52 chapters. Anyway I did managed to finish reading and understanding most of it but there are some parts that I left behind because I don't have the time to cover all of them. Well, I guess this is a lesson to me and I'm going to learn from it. 

Alright, I knew I have talked about the things that I want to do before graduating and I've done about half of them only due to some of the problems that I face this semester. However, I guess all of these must be put into past and it's time to focus on what's important to me. My life, my career, my dream.

I am going to take the next exam P and will be taking the MLC again if I couldn't pass. It is time to learn more about financial terms. I've been reading the business news for about a week and seriously, there are things that I read about on the news and couldn't understand. Luckily, I could easily google it for me to know. I think it is also important to focus on my university exam. Some of mid semesters were very terrible while some others are quite good. I have about 2 to 3 weeks study week so I'm gonna make up for my finals for sure. 

Well, I'm also looking for a new gadget. Am thinking about the iPhone 4 but since I'm not a big Apple fan, I might consider Android instead. At the moment, the Samsung Galaxy Tab seems fun. But it's quite expensive....approximately 2.7k without contract and if I use Digi Smartplan, another RM68...or I could consider buying the Tab without using the 3G for connection. But then it would be dumb to be only able to connect in places with Wifi. It's really a headache and not to forget that the Tab is 7 inch. 
Initially, I want to work in HSBC in call centre for the night shift but with my parents' objection, I don't think I have much choice. Without a stable income coming in monthly, I couldn't spend so much at the moment so there is a need for proper consideration. 

Well, there are a few other alternatives...smartphone like HTC desire, LG Optimus 7 and some others attract me as well....Anyway, I really couldn't make up my mind for now....aiks!!

But then, I'm not gonna let these gadgets occupy all my's time to be serious and face the world...i'm looking forward to it!!

November 03, 2010

back to Ipoh for study week

Well, it's been a while since I blog. I didn't know the right words to describe my emotion but I guess I was tired. Just finished the MLC exam yesterday and I don't think I do too well. Hopefully can pass la. Anyway, after the exam, I went around with Aaron, Pok Chizn, Soon Aik and one of Aaron's friend. I only know him as Chuah. And apparently, he is a coursemate of Kong Wei Lam, my former classmate. Unbelieveable but apparently, Wei Lam is doing well in his studies now. A good news I believe. :-)

Anyway, I had a good look at some very nice sports shoe but I ain't buying a new one...:-) Well, I wanted to look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab demo version but apparently, there is no demo version and I was kinda disappointed. You have the stocks but not the demo is it possible? 
I mean how could I buy a 2000+ phone that is 7 inch without trying it. Damn!!

Well, reached home at about 12 midnight. The stupid ETS delay was really annoying...Expensive and unreliable Train is more like it. Alright...that's a short updates for what has been going on..

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