hang out in library...

So what do you do when you don't have a place to hang out that you can be alone? Well, I decided the library will be the right place.
Today after lunch with a few of my friends, I went to the library with Wei Hoong. Then I bump into two of my first year friends, Hweh Fen and then Christine Mooi. 
Anyway, we took a photo in the library (more like I force her to take....haha!!)

a good friend of mine during my first year...
Well, after my 4 to 6pm class where I got my CoffeeBean Caramel Latte, I went to the library again...

 like like like!! haha!!

I did not spend the entire time studying in the library...read a bit of my friend's blog, check my mails, study a bit, chat a bit and trying to relax my brain..

Sometimes, I really think library is the best place in UM...silence, the comfortable chair and also the cool and comfortable environment. It is really a good place to be there and reflect on some of the shits, some of the laughter and joy, some of the important stuff in life....

I also go for a coffee break...(my favourite rest place) 

And I like my new hairstyle!! haha!! 

Well, i guess that's all for now...time to go 5th to watch movie with Tom and gang...as well as for my dinner...feeling real hungry now!!

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