Looking for the right rug for new house usage...

Well, for those of you who do not know, my brother and sister just bought a new house...not the super big house but I'm definitely proud of them for their achievements. Hopefully, I could be as good as them if not better when I reach their age. 

Anyway since the house is still being planned for renovation, we talked about the possibility of buying a carpet for home usage. The two type of rugs that were suggested are the bamboo rugs and the jute rugs. Since we are planning on these two materials for the rugs, we look at some of the benefits of these materials. 

When my family consider the jute rug, we thought of a few benefits that it has....first of all, these materials are environmental friendly, something that we should consider since we want to be part of a community that change the world for better. It is also recycable and biodegradable. To make things even better, it is not only environmental friendly...it is also one of the strongest fiber which makes it hardwearing and long lasting as well. The design that it has will also resist fading and thus, the jute rug will look new even after a long time...something that we really love. 

As for the bamboo rug, it has its' own benefits. It is more suitable to be used for outdoor, which makes it less useful for us since the exterior of the house is not too big and thus, we don't think there is a need for it. However, since it gives the woody feel, we think that it might be suitable as well and the best part is this: the bamboo rug makes cleaning looks simple...Dirt can simply be removed by sweeping with a broom....something that my mom will love to have as cleaning using other materials could be quite troublesome...it also helps to give the room a unique feel although the choice of colours for bamboo rug could be quite limited. 

Well, after some consideration, we decided that it is probably better to consider the jute rug but it is still too early to finalize our choices...we might consider other alternatives if better ones are available.

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