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I was just looking at some random stuff while trying to relax myself a bit with some reading before going to bed. I read about the Motorola Xoom which is pretty amazing and I'm sure it'll be a good competitor to Ipad, and even the 2nd generation of the Apple tablet. 
Anyway, I was also reading my brother's blog on The Tourist and it really bring me back to the movie and I must said the sense of humour still make me laugh even now...a big thumbs up for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie as well. 

Besides that, I also took some time to listen to Justin Bieber's song Pray. A very inspirational song...

Well, I'm feeling rather tired today...but just wanted to share something that I read from the book "A Generous Orthodoxy"....that we should be indefatigable in our attempts to live and share the gospel, resilient after failure, persevering in adversity, persistent over centuries and across generation...rather than a grim endurance, we would have an unquenchable hope, confident that God will never fail to fulfill a promise and be passionate to join God in expressing saving love for our world until every promise comes true. And really, it is more important to ask question like what should I do...most people are so caught up with the questions of Heaven and Hell that people tend to forget Jesus comes and say "Love your neighbour". Instead of asking the question who is my neighbour, I think we should ask the question: How can I love my neighbour?

I think it is really a good time to go back to prayer and say "Love me so that I could love others...bless me so that I could be a blessing to others...teach me so that I can teach others...heal me so that I can heal..." 

Well, I'm not perfect...with so many flaws and so many steps to take so that I could love better...but I must learn to take the first step...

I think my prayer today is simple: "Can you tell me how I can make a change..." Goodnite world!!

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