Reflection on the first week of uni

Well, it is not too difficult to take time for reflection for the first week of university. There ain't any tutorial classes yet and most tutorial questions will only be given next week onwards. I took some time to reflect on the courses that I should be taking and also to plan the professional papers that I intend to take. I am not sure if I'm ready for the semester because a big part of me is still distracted. Well, I try to learn from 2010 to make 2011 better. 
Anyway, it is a painful process but I believe it is necessary to help me grow. 

I was thinking about going to work and I wonder if I could be like LiangHin, becoming a mentor and inspire many. While the likelihood of me joining Youth or church activities is rare, I would really hope to inspire young people, teenagers who need the support as I used to. Somehow, these reflection reminded me of the strength and youthful energy that LiangHin somehow showed me while I was still just a 14 years old lad.

It has been a long time since and I'm no longer young and no longer the naive and innocent youth. I'm 23 this year and there are many dreams and hopes that I have...hopefully I could run the race with energy and enthusiasm. 

Well, back to the courses that I'll be taking for this semester...I have made up my mind...I might opt to take 16 to 20 credit hours only instead so that I could focus on the external paper. Well, the semester starts now...a new season kick off!!

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