Run in the morning

Well, I think it is important to go for run in the morning...exercise after all is suppose to help us to be more be more healthy. Anyway, I hardly had the opportunity to go for run with my brother but we did eventually today. 

I go for a good 3km run and after that, I go for a normal walk with my brother and mom. We were out for about an hour, an amount of time that I think is good enough. It was also good to be up so early...the fresh air somehow give a refreshing start to the day although I must admit the lack of sleep is probably gonna make me feel lethargic later during the day but I'll probably be too busy for a break. 

I am also very happy to play with my sis' iPhone 4 for a while in the morning and yup, to get myself into Exam Probability for a while now. Am currently in Section 2 and hopefully could finished up Section 4 by this weekend. I guess that's all for now. Gonna start my day in a good mood!! A thumbs up!! :-)

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