Some of the things that you could do to make things more interesting for the week

If you feel that life is kinda boring, probably it is time for a are some of the suggestion that I think you could do to make things more lively for your week...

Ways to improve daily lives..


1)    Let the music rocks – play music with beats that are alive…this can help you to start your first work day of the week in an energetic fashion.
2)    Work out, head to gym or go for running…
3)    Instead of messaging, try to talk more by talking…this help to get rid of feeling of loneliness…a phone call would be good!!
4)    Read something that you like!!


1)    Go for stretching instead...if possible, do yoga…let yourself be more flexible!!
2)    Write about your life…this will help you to reflect on your life
3)    Eat some eggs for breakfast!!
4)    Get some nice fruit juice…
5)    Hang out with your baby!!


1)    Go for sprint…help you to reduce tension, anger and confusion!!
2)    If midweek leads to a fight with anyone, try to use the word “we” more often…try to understand…forgive and forget!!
3)    Playful flirting might be helpful!
4)    Eat some healthy food that you probably won’t eat on normal days..
5)    Read up some health magazines


1)    Milk chocolate will be good to keep it sweet and nice for you as you approach the weekend soon.
2)    Look for interesting programs to join…maintain the active lifestyle…running/jogging/workout
3)    Allow some time for meditation
4)    Work with others will keep you motivated so it’ll be good to surround yourselves with colleagues or coursemates.
5)    Take a nap! It will help to rest your brain!
6)    If you are feeling tired and exhausted from the work, you might want to consider some games…


1)    Do an extra workout! It will be good to end the week with strong motivation!!
2)    If it is possible, meet up your loved ones for lunch/dinner…if not possible, try calling her during your lunch break.
3)    Now is the time to consider salad!!
4)    Quit procrastinating…now that you have the weekend, do some of your work for preparation for Monday!!
5)    If you are going to go for a date, treat it as your first…it will help keep the relationship freshen up!!


1)    Wake up early on Saturday…if you are dozing late during the weekend, there is a higher chances of you feeling totally worn out on a Monday.
2)    Go for a walk…light exercise will be good…try to get the family involved…
3)    Walk your dog or go for a drive…release your stress while listening to soothing music in your car or enjoying the fresh environment while walking your dog.
4)    Consider taking up a sport on the evening…it will be good for social as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle


1)    You could probably enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning…with everything going at a slower pace, it will help you feel more relax
2)    Go to church..pray..this keeps you motivated and help your spiritual growth as well.
3)    Clean up the house…this will keep the family together!!
4)    Enjoy the Sunday night…do not rush and keep things simple and flexible.
5)    Before going to bed, think about some of the areas that you might be weak in…things that you should change

Well, these are some of the solutions that I’m suggesting…try to be creative about the things that you want to do each day…your workout, your dates, your meals, and even your work. Try not to stress yourself daily…set aside time for games and sports…all of these will help you to be more focus, while at the same time enjoying life…hopefully, this helps!!

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